This year, we have created the A-Z of the Best Companies – almost 50 of our favourite companies for internationals looking for jobs in Israel…

Artlist 🎞️

 20 Ahad Ha’Am St, Tel Aviv | Founded 2016 | Music Licensing Tech | Private Company | 537 Employees of which 339 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Artlist, founded in 2016, stands as a leading Creative Technology company founded by filmmakers for filmmakers. Specializing in providing filmmakers with original, high-quality music, sound effects (SFX), and footage, Artlist has revolutionized the industry by offering subscription-based products with a comprehensive license, covering every video project from personal use to commercial ventures. As the go-to licensing provider for content creators in over 160 countries, Artlist continues to grow and innovate, dedicated to simplifying the workflow of filmmakers and creators, ensuring they can focus on producing quality content.

Job seekers will find Artlist to be an exceptional workplace that aligns with their creative aspirations. This dynamic company fosters a collaborative environment where a diverse team of contributors from around the world collaborates to maintain a consistently high standard of quality across its media and platforms. Joining Artlist means becoming part of a company that values innovation, creativity, and growth, providing an ideal setting for individuals who are passionate about contributing to the transformative landscape of the filmmaking industry. Read More

AppsFlyer 🦄

14 Maskit St, Herzliya | Founded 2011 | AdTech | Private Company, Unicorn | 1600 Employees of which 511 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

AppsFlyer started over a decade ago, recognizing the mobile marketing industry’s need for accurate measurement and trustworthy customer relationships. Built on four core principles – privacy, insights, customer focus, and innovation – AppsFlyer has evolved to become the world leader in marketing measurement, analytics, and engagement. Today, more than 80,000 companies, from startups to established brands, rely on AppsFlyer to build better products, create exceptional customer experiences, and maintain privacy

The company prides itself on its talented team, offering competitive perks like employee stock options, ongoing education opportunities, a global exchange program, community involvement initiatives, health and wellness benefits, generous health insurance, vegan-friendly options, and the flexibility to work from anywhere. Read More


Derech Menachem Begin 52, Tel Aviv | Founded 2018 | Disability Tech | Private Company | 225 Employees (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

accessiBe is a passionate company leading the charge in making the internet accessible for everyone. They believe accessibility isn’t just a service, but a crucial cultural shift towards inclusivity. Their goal is a win-win: an accessible internet benefiting both businesses and users with disabilities. Founded in 2018, accessiBe utilizes cutting-edge AI to develop affordable and scalable accessibility solutions. They understand the challenges businesses face, especially smaller ones without large coding teams, and strive to bridge the web accessibility gap for over 200 million websites.

If you’re driven by excellence, determination, and a desire to make a positive impact, accessiBe wants you. Their culture thrives on resourcefulness, sincerity, and a focus on achieving goals. It’s more than a job, it’s a chance to be part of something bigger than yourself, building a future where the internet is accessible to all. Read More


Rehov Jabotinsky 5, Ramat Gan | Founded 2018 | Cyber | Private Company | 297 Employees (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

ActiveFence is a company dedicated to keeping online platforms and their users safe by providing a comprehensive Trust & Safety solution. They understand that conventional tools often fall short, offering only partial protection with limited context and high false-positive rates. Their mission is to prevent online harm on a global scale, empowering Trust & Safety teams to be proactive and gain complete visibility into potential threats across languages, formats, and abuse areas

ActiveFence boasts a diverse team of experts, including engineers, data scientists, intelligence analysts, and thought leaders, all working together to make the internet a safer place. They foster a culture of transparency, collaboration, and well-being, valuing individual growth and inclusion. Read More

Bringg 🦄

132 Derech Menachem Begin, Tel Aviv | Founded 2013 | Logistics Tech | Private Company, Unicorn | 242 Employees of which 239 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Bringg is a global delivery management platform that helps businesses streamline last-mile delivery, reduce costs, optimize operations, and enhance the customer experience. They have over 800 customers in 50+ countries and manage over 200 million annual deliveries. Bringg’s cloud-based platform connects, automates, and orchestrates supply chain technology, people, and providers. This allows businesses to offer a variety of delivery options, whether using internal drivers or external delivery providers.

Bringg is a great place to work for people who are passionate about solving complex problems. Bringgsters are smart, innovative, and creative, and they make a real impact on the industry. Read More

Check Point

5 Shlomo Kaplan Street, Tel Aviv | Founded 1993 | Cyber | NASDAQ | 7478 Employees of which 7300 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Check Point Software is a global cybersecurity powerhouse, protecting over 100,000 organizations from evolving cyber threats. Their flagship product, Infinity, boasts an industry-leading catch rate for malware, ransomware, and advanced attacks. Infinity’s three pillars – Harmony (remote users), CloudGuard (cloud security), and Quantum (network & data centers) – are controlled by the intuitive Horizon security management suite.

If you’re passionate about making the digital world a safer place, Check Point offers a dynamic and rewarding environment where your talent can make a real difference. Their global team of over 7,000 employees collaborates in a culture of creativity and innovation, united by a common goal: protecting the world from cyber threats. Read More

Cross River 🦄

Kiryat HaMada St 3, Jerusalem | Founded 2008 | FinTech | Private company, Unicorn | 1477 Employees of which 115 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Cross River burst onto the scene in 2008, amid the ashes of the Great Recession, with a mission: provide financial access to businesses and consumers abandoned by traditional banks. Born with a clean slate and a tech-driven approach, Cross River quickly carved its niche by partnering with fintech platforms like Affirm and Rocket Loans, originating and underwriting loans while ensuring compliance and consumer protection.

Cross River is a company driven by values. They foster a collaborative environment where employees are empowered to make a difference. Recognized as a “Best Place to Work in Financial Technology” for five consecutive years, they prioritize employee well-being and give back to the community. Read More


Maskit St 33, Herzliya | Founded 2020 | Cyber | NASDAQ | 1358 Employees of which 431 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Cognyte isn’t just another software company. They’re a global leader in investigative analytics, empowering governments and organizations with the tools to tackle complex security threats. Their mission is clear: ignite AI and analytics to generate actionable intelligence that helps connect the dots and accelerate investigations.

If you’re a curious mind driven to make a difference, Cognyte might be the place for you. They’re not just looking for employees, they’re seeking partners in their mission to empower organizations and secure a safer world. Read More


Harokmim 26, Holon| Founded 2014 | Sales Tech | Private company | 264 Employees of which 144 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

DealHub is a company passionate about transforming the sales landscape through innovative technology. Founded by seasoned sales leaders, they understand the crucial role technology plays in empowering revenue teams and enhancing the buyer experience. Their vision is to create a comprehensive end-to-end Revenue Platform, encompassing every sales engagement touchpoint. This platform aims to streamline the sales process, boost efficiency and productivity, and ultimately differentiate sales teams through an intuitive and engaging buyer experience.

They foster a vibrant company culture that thrives on collaboration, excellence, and personal growth. By prioritizing internal promotions and nurturing career development paths, they empower their team to reach their full potential. Inclusivity and well-being are central to their philosophy, creating a supportive environment where employees can flourish both professionally and personally, all while enjoying the camaraderie of working together towards a shared vision. Read More


Tuval 40, Ramat Gan | Founded 2016 | Website builder | Private company | 378 Employees of which 219 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Founded in 2016, Elementor saw the limitations of traditional WordPress web design and set out to democratize the process. Their mission is clear: empower web creators with everything they need to succeed. And they’re succeeding at a staggering pace. Every 10 seconds, a new website springs to life on the Elementor platform, with over 15 million websites powered by it across 180+ countries. That’s over 9% of the world’s websites!

At Elementor, they believe in empowering both employees and users, fostering a culture of growth and innovation. Creativity, professionalism, curiosity, and friendship are the cornerstones of their journey, guiding the company’s constant evolution. Read More

Forter 🦄

Menachem Begin 156, Tel Aviv | Founded 2013 | FinTech | Private company, Unicorn | 612 Employees of which 276 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Forter wasn’t born out of a Silicon Valley pitch deck or a billion-dollar venture capital round. It was born from frustration. Frustration with a system that flagged Michael and Liron, two childhood friends and Israelis navigating the complexities of online life in the US, as potential fraudsters when they simply wanted to buy something. It’s a platform built on the belief that everyone deserves a seamless, trustworthy eCommerce experience. Their mission is fueled by six core values – IMPACT – that weave a tapestry of inclusivity, purpose, integrity, attentiveness, courage, and transparency.

Their culture reflects this commitment. Forter Week brings the entire company together to celebrate, learn, and align. They prioritize well-being with 4.5 day weeks and a hybrid work environment that fosters collaboration while embracing flexibility. Ultimately, Forter strives to empower everyone to experience the true potential of online commerce, free from the worry of fraud and abuse. Read More

Fireblocks 🦄

Yigal Alon, 94, Tel Aviv | Founded 2018 | Blockchain | Private company, Unicorn | 655 Employees of which 297 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Fireblocks emerged in 2018 as a SaaS platform, offering a user-friendly solution for companies to build on the blockchain and manage their crypto operations. Their game-changer? Breakthrough MPC technology and patent-pending chip isolation, keeping private keys, API credentials, and even deposit addresses safe from prying eyes.

Fireblocks’ mission is ambitious: to make digital assets accessible and secure for everyone. They believe this starts with a diverse and inclusive workforce, mirroring the variety of their clients across the globe. From their offices in New York, London, Tel Aviv, and Singapore, they continue to expand, reaching new customers and shaping the future of finance, one secure transaction at a time. Read More


Derech Agudat Sport HaPo’el 1, Jerusalem | Founded 2012 | Blockchain | NASDAQ | 189 Employees (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

They move the world – literally. Freightos is transforming the $1.6 trillion global freight industry, the invisible backbone behind everything we use, wear, and eat. But until now, navigating this complex world meant offline chaos, inflated prices, and unpredictable delays.

This is where Freightos steps in. They’re the digital freight booking platform, making international shipping faster, cheaper, and more reliable. Their platform connects thousands of global players – logistics providers, importers, airlines, and tech giants – in a seamless digital ecosystem. Read More


Eliezer Kaplan 2, Tel Aviv | Founded 2013 | Tourism Tech | Private company | Employees of which Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Guesty is a hospitality game-changer, using technology to bridge the gap between hosts and guests in today’s complex landscape. They understand that the heart of hospitality lies in genuine connection, and their mission is to empower businesses to deliver exceptional experiences with less effort.

Their team of over 200 dedicated engineers, constantly fueled by the belief that the right tools can empower anyone, builds innovative solutions to streamline operations and elevate guest experiences. Whether you’re a solo host or a large-scale business, Guesty tailors its all-in-one platform to your needs, helping you stay ahead of the curve. Read More


3 Hanechoshet Street Tel-Aviv | Founded 2010 | AdTech | Private company | 70 Employees of which 49 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

GeoEdge, a cybersecurity company with its roots in Tel Aviv, stands as a protector in the often-murky world of online and mobile advertising. They boast over a decade of experience safeguarding the online experience for both users and businesses alike. Their mission? To shield the digital advertising ecosystem from malicious threats, ensuring a clean, safe, and engaging experience for everyone involved.

GeoEdge is more than just tech, though. They’re a team of people who care about building trust in the digital world. They’re the quiet heroes working behind the scenes to make sure your online interactions are free from harm. So next time you see an ad without a glitch or a hint of malware, remember the folks at GeoEdge, keeping the web safe, one ad at a time. Read More

Headline Media

Soncino 3, Tel Aviv | Founded 2020 | PR | Private company | 48 Employees of which 36 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Headline Media is a public relations and strategic communications agency that specializes in technology and innovation. The company was founded by former frontline journalists from CNN and ABC News, and it is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with an office in London. Headline Media helps high-growth companies achieve market leadership and positions emerging tech ecosystems around the world.

Headline Media is a great place to work for smart and driven people who want to be part of a dynamic and exciting work environment. The company offers a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends in technology and to work with some of the most innovative companies in the world. Read More


Lilienblim 25, Tel Aviv| Founded 2012 | HR Tech | Private company | 163 Employees of which 126 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

HiredScore is a mission-driven company on a quest to revolutionize hiring. They empower a future where finding the right talent is both efficient and fair, leveraging the power of explainable AI to streamline processes and drive deeper insights. Their core values underpin this vision: Focus on ambitious goals, Transparency in open communication and collaboration, Trust built through ethical practices and quality delivery, Simplicity in using cutting-edge technologies to solve complex problems, and Passion for tackling bold challenges.

If you’re looking for a company that’s passionate about making a difference in the world, HiredScore is a great place to start. They’re always looking for talented people to join their team and help them build the future of work. Read More


132 Begin Rd, Tel-Aviv| Founded 2002 | Coding Tech | Private company | 182 Employees of which 145 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Incredibuild isn’t just a software company, it’s a rocket engine for developers. Their platform empowers programmers to build software at breakneck speed, slashing build times and accelerating release cycles. This isn’t just about efficiency, it’s about winning. In today’s lightning-fast tech landscape, time to market is everything, and Incredibuild gives its clients a crucial head start.

They’re in hypergrowth mode, expanding globally and constantly innovating. Their team, spread across continents from Israel to Japan, is passionate about pushing boundaries and building the future of software development. Read More

Simply (ex Joytunes) 🦄

Isserles 22, Tel Aviv | Founded 2011 | B2C App | Private company, Unicorn | 210 Employees of which 186 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Simply is a global force for good, weaving everyday moments of creative joy into millions of homes around the world. They’re the friendly hero in the background, empowering families and individuals to unlock hidden talents and embrace the transformative power of learning.

Their secret sauce? A potent blend of cutting-edge technology and unwavering dedication to the learner. They listen, they analyze, they champion – every step guided by the desire to make learning as effortless and fun as it is transformative. Read More

Juno Journey

Menorat HaMa’or Street 3, Tel Aviv | Founded 2017 | HR Tech | Private company | 64 Employees of which 59 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Juno Journey is an all-in-one solution for companies’ employee development. It takes the entire life cycle of every employee in the company and creates a visual learning and development journey they can take, from onboarding to enablement for their day-to-day job to preparing them for their next role and responsibility. With Juno Journey, companies like, Rapid, and WalkMe are already changing their employees’ experience completely.

The company’s innovative approach has been recognized by industry leaders and placed them in prestigious lists such as G2’s One of the Best HR Products for 2023 and Craig Weiss’s Top 10 Learning Systems in the World for 2023. Read More


Ha-Yarkon 2, Bnei Brak | Founded 2006 | Video Platform | NASDAQ | 774 Employees of which 402 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Kaltura, a global leader in video solutions, empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of video experiences. Founded in 2006 with the belief that video would revolutionize communication, collaboration, and learning, Kaltura boasts a diverse team of over 700 employees across Tel Aviv, New York, London, and Singapore. Their technology, however, remains firmly in the cloud, reaching millions of viewers daily through its SaaS offerings.

So, if you’re passionate about video, thrive in a collaborative environment, and seek a career with endless possibilities, Kaltura might just be the perfect stage for you to shine. Come, join them in their mission to make any video experience a reality, and witness the power of video to transform the world, one click at a time. Read More

Lightricks 🦄

Professor Racah St, Building 5.4, Jerusalem | Founded 2013 |B2C App | Private Company, Unicorn | 555 Employees of which 407 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Lightricks, a trailblazer in creative technology, seamlessly bridges the gap between imagination and reality. Fueled by AI and a vision to empower creators, they’ve built a platform that breathes life into visual storytelling. Their state-of-the-art tools, brimming with groundbreaking facial recognition and generative AI, weave magic into photos and videos, igniting endless possibilities for creators and brands alike.

They embrace fun, seeing it as the fuel that drives innovation. They champion change, recognizing that the creative landscape is constantly evolving. They get things done, transforming ideas into action. They invest in their people, knowing that talent is their greatest asset. And they encourage strong opinions, loosely held, because they know that the next big idea could come from anyone. Read More


Dubnov 7, Tel Aviv | Founded 2015 | FinTech| NASDAQ | 1200 Employees of which 301 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Lemonade is a tech-driven insurance company dedicated to reinventing the insurance experience. They offer hassle-free policies for renters, homeowners, cars, pets, and life in the US and Europe. Unlike traditional carriers, Lemonade operates as a Public Benefit Corporation, prioritizing giving back to the community and environmental impact alongside business success.

At Lemonade, you’ll find a team of like-minded “Makers” passionate about delivering delightful insurance experiences with smart, instant technology. This fast-paced, meritocratic environment thrives on positive energy, collaboration, and a shared commitment to social impact. If you’re an ambitious, self-motivated individual who values boldness, flexibility, and building real value, Lemonade might be the perfect place to unleash your potential. Read More

Lusha 🦄

Azrieli Towers, 132 Menachem Begin, Tel Aviv | Founded 2016 | Sales Tech | Private Company, Unicorn | 337 Employees of which 253 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

In the bustling world of B2B sales, a smiling cartoon woman navigates the intricate terrain. This is Lusha, not just a name, but a force of efficiency and delight for over 670,000 salespeople and 223,000 sales organizations, including giants like Zendesk, Google, and Yotpo. Founded in 2016 by data enthusiasts Assaf Eisenstein and Yoni Tserruya, Lusha envisioned itself as a “Waze for salespeople,” a crowdsourced map to guide professionals towards hidden treasures: accurate and accessible prospect data.

Through its self-service platform, web extension, and API, Lusha empowers salespeople to identify, engage, and close deals with remarkable ease. Think of it as your B2B personal assistant, living on your LinkedIn, B2B websites, Gmail, and more. It smiles as you effortlessly find qualified leads and their accurate contact details, whispering thank you’s with every successful connection. Read More

Yitzhak Sadeh St 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo | Founded 2012 | Task Management Tech | NASDAQ | 2000 Employees of which 1100 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)’s story began with a desire for a work experience that was both collaborative and transparent, where people could thrive in a rapidly scaling environment. Fueled by this vision, they built a platform that integrated and automated workflows, fostering a community that went beyond their wildest expectations. This journey culminated in the birth of the Work OS, a powerful tool empowering individuals, teams, and entire companies to turn their work visions into reality. is an invitation to join the future of work. It’s a chance to be part of a movement that redefines collaboration, empowers individuals, and propels teams towards achieving their full potential. It’s a call to action to be the change you want to see in the world, one project, one workflow, one team at a time. Read More


Ariel Sharon 3, Or Yehuda | Founded 2003 | B2C Geneology | Private Company | 530 Employees of which 420 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

MyHeritage is a global company that empowers millions to discover their past and shape their future. Founded as a small startup, it has grown into a leading platform for family history exploration. Driven by innovation, compassion, and diversity, MyHeritage offers a meaningful journey that connects users to their roots through sophisticated matching technology, billions of historical records, and at-home DNA tests.

Beyond its impressive tech prowess, MyHeritage fosters a vibrant, inclusive culture where 520 employees across Israel, North America, and Europe channel their skills towards a higher purpose: enriching lives and bridging the gap between generations. More than just another high-tech company, MyHeritage offers a chance to make a real difference, pioneer groundbreaking products, and contribute to a noble cause. Read More

Moon Active 🦄

Derech Menachem Begin 23, Tel Aviv | Founded 2011 | B2C App – Gaming | Private Company, Unicorn | 1897 Employees of which 1200 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Moon Active is a powerhouse in the mobile gaming industry, captivating millions of users worldwide with its engaging and high-quality casual games. As one of the fastest-growing mobile game companies, Moon Active has achieved unicorn status, boasting a valuation of over $1 billion.

Their passion lies in creating experiences that not only entertain but also foster a sense of community. Their games are more than just pixels on a screen; they’re vibrant worlds where players can interact, collaborate, and forge meaningful connections. Read More

Natural Intelligence

ToHa, Totseret ha-Arets St 6-8, Tel Aviv | Founded 2009 | Website reviews | Private Company | 482 Employees of which 421 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Natural Intelligence, a seasoned leader in the world of intent media, bridges the gap between consumers, brands, and publishers through their intuitive comparison websites and trusted editorial partnerships. Their mission is simple yet profound: to simplify online decision-making by empowering consumers with clarity and confidence.

Their bedrock lies in their six core values, collectively known as DNI, These guiding principles – Come As You Are, Come Together, Shine Bright Like a Diamond, Imagine, Che Che Changes, and Whatever It Takes – define their culture, communication, and business conduct. They foster an environment of inclusivity, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence. This vibrant culture is their biggest asset, attracting and retaining the brightest minds in the industry. Read More


5 Jabotinsky St, Ramat Gan | Founded 2010 | AdTech | Private Company | 179 Employees of which 129 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Overwolf, a guild for passionate in-game creators, champions the power of user-generated content (UGC) to elevate gaming experiences. Founded in 2010 by a band of gamer-creators, this leading UGC ecosystem empowers thousands of artists to turn their passion into a profession, enriching the games we all love.

Driven by the mission to unlock creativity in gaming, Overwolf provides a robust infrastructure for creators to build, share, and monetize their in-game masterpieces. Whether it’s crafting overlay apps that enhance gameplay, designing mods that breathe new life into classic titles, or running private servers with monetization solutions, Overwolf offers the tools and support to fuel the creator’s journey. Read More


Ha-Yetsira St 13, Petah Tikva | Founded 2005 | FinTech | NASDAQ | 2500 Employees of which 1400 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Payoneer, established in 2005, envisions a world where global commerce isn’t limited by size or location. They’ve empowered millions of small and medium businesses through their financial platform, connecting them across borders seamlessly.

For businesses yearning to expand, Payoneer removes the complexities of cross-border trade. With their services, managing multiple currencies, targeting new markets, and securing working capital becomes effortless. They’ve levelled the playing field, allowing businesses of all sizes to trade securely, conveniently, and cost-effectively across the globe. Read More


Hahoshlim St 8, Herzliya | Founded 2010 | B2C App – Gaming | NASDAQ | 3585 Employees of which 1200 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Playtika, a pioneer in the gaming industry since 2010, has carved its name as a leader in interactive entertainment. From its humble beginnings as a small Israeli mobile games company, it has blossomed into a publicly traded powerhouse, boasting over 3.7 thousand employees and offices in 19 locations worldwide.

Fuelled by a passion for creating “infinite ways to play,” Playtika thrives on innovation. Its daily data processing exceeds 9 terabytes, informing the development of immersive experiences that connect, inspire, and entertain over 34 million monthly active users. Their portfolio boasts award-winning games, including nine of the top 100 highest-grossing mobile titles in the US, setting the bar for excellence in both casual and social casino genres. Read More


Sderot Sha’ul HaMelech 37, Tel Aviv | Founded 2012 | FinTech | NASDAQ | 755 Employees of which 498 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Riskified is a company on a mission to make eCommerce safe, accessible, and frictionless for everyone. They believe that everyone should be able to participate in the transformative power of online shopping, but outdated systems and unreliable solutions create uncertainty and risk.

Through their innovative technology and commitment to customer success, Riskified has empowered merchants across virtually all industries, including some of the world’s largest. They are constantly evolving and looking for bright minds to join their team, so if you’re a naturally curious and driven individual ready to grow with a company that’s making a real difference in the world of eCommerce, then Riskified might be the perfect place for you. Read More

Dizengoff 266, Tel Aviv | Founded 2019 | Podcast Platform | Private Company | 197 Employees of which 101 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Born from the vision of two Amsterdam brothers, Gideon and Nadav, Riverside emerged in 2020 from the heart of Tel-Aviv. It wasn’t just a platform; it was a revolution. Recognizing content as the currency of our times, the brothers envisioned a world where anyone could craft studio-quality podcasts and video interviews, regardless of location or budget. Today, Disney, Marvel, Mark Zuckerberg, Gary Vaynerchuk, and even Apple trust Riverside to amplify their voices.

Riverside’s magic lies in its effortless simplicity. It bridges the gap between imagination and execution, allowing creators to capture professional audio and video remotely, all within a single platform. But its reach extends beyond the studio. Their engineering team weaves its magic through real-time communication, seamlessly blending text, voice, and video into one seamless experience. Read More


Atir Yeda St 1, Kfar Saba | Founded 1991 | Fizzy Drinks | Private Company | 1200 Employees of which 508 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

A global leader in sparkling water, SodaStream empowers individuals to transform everyday tap into bubbly beverages with a simple touch of a button. Their innovative machines, available in over 80,000 stores across 45 countries, offer a delightful and eco-friendly alternative to bottled and canned drinks. Each reusable SodaStream bottle eliminates the need for up to 3,000 single-use plastics, making them a champion of sustainability.

Beyond fizzy fun, SodaStream fosters a diverse and inclusive workforce, where people from various ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds work side-by-side in their Israeli factory. They believe that corporations have a responsibility to create positive change, and their commitment to equal opportunity extends beyond the workplace; they actively partner with local communities to promote environmental awareness and social well-being. Read More


HaMada St 1, Herzliya | Founded 2006 | Solar Panels | NASDAQ | 3261 Employees of which 1900 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Driven by the urgency of an energy revolution, SolarEdge positions itself as a key player in the fight against climate change. Recognizing renewable energy and innovative technologies as the cornerstones of this revolution, the company envisions a future powered by clean and sustainable solutions. Their mission: to develop and scale technologies that not only improve energy generation, storage, and management, but also integrate seamlessly into our everyday lives.

At the core of SolarEdge lies a commitment to leading the energy transition towards a sustainable future. Through unwavering dedication to innovation, operational excellence, and a passionate team, the company strives to decarbonize and electrify energy behaviors. Read More


Derech Yitshak Rabin 33, Giv’atayim | Founded 2007 | AdTech | NASDAQ | 1132 Employees of which 607 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Similarweb, a publicly traded company boasting over 4,300 global clients like Google and eBay, empowers businesses to conquer the digital world through data-driven insights and strategic analysis. Recognized as the #1 reason employees choose to grow their careers here, Similarweb’s digital intelligence platform unlocks unparalleled levels of knowledge for its “Similarwebbers.”

With a mission to fuel businesses with the best digital data, Similarweb delivers comprehensive and actionable insights across 100 million websites, 4.7 million mobile apps, and a staggering 5 billion keywords monthly. Their vision extends beyond mere data, fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where individuals can be their authentic selves and flourish alongside 1,000 colleagues across six continents. Read More


Atrium Tower, 2 Jabotinsky St., 32nd fl., Ramat Gan | Founded 2007 | AdTech | NASDAQ | 1800 Employees of which 722 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Taboola is a discovery platform that helps people find content they’re interested in, whether it’s news, topical information or advice, a new product or service, or something entertaining. For advertisers, Taboola helps promote their brands to audiences who are most receptive to new messages, products, and services. And for publishers, mobile carriers, and other digital properties, Taboola is a powerful engine that provides relevant, interesting, and new content to their audiences, resulting in increased engagement and monetization opportunities.

It’s a company driven by a passion for helping people find what they’re looking for, even when they don’t know what it is yet. It’s a place where employees are encouraged to explore their potential and learn from a talented community. And it’s a trusted partner for some of the biggest names in the world, from Yahoo and BuzzFeed to Honda and Expedia. Read More

Unity (ironsource)

121 Menachem Begin Street, Tel Aviv | Founded 2010 | AdTech | NYSE | 721 Employees of which 599 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

ironSource is a global force in the app economy, empowering mobile creators to turn their passions into successful businesses. Born from the founders’ own struggles with user growth and revenue in their early consumer web apps, ironSource was established in 2010 with a singular mission: to help developers scale and prosper.

Fast forward to today, and ironSource has become the industry leader, boasting a platform used by 87% of the top 100 games. More than just tools, ironSource offers a comprehensive ecosystem that supports creators throughout their entire journey, from building immersive experiences to optimizing monetization and reaching massive audiences. Read More


40 Namal Tel Aviv Street, Tel Aviv | Founded 2006 | Website builder | NASDAQ | 6800 Employees of which 2900 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Wix is a global leader in website creation, making it possible for anyone, regardless of technical skill or experience, to build a professional and personalized web presence. Their mission is to democratize website creation, allowing everyone to have a voice and a space online. Wix is more than just a website builder; it’s a vibrant ecosystem that fosters creativity and collaboration. Their open SDK allows developers and designers to create their own apps and services, while their Wix Studio platform empowers agencies and freelancers to deliver exceptional client work at scale.

Their team is passionate about their mission and driven by a desire to make a positive impact on the world. They offer a dynamic and supportive work environment where employees are encouraged to learn, grow, and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Read More


Walter Moses St. 1, Tel Aviv | Founded 2011 | Website Customization | NASDAQ | 1000 Employees of which 398 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

WalkMe, the world’s leading digital adoption platform, stands as a champion against digital friction, empowering businesses to transform their tech stack into a true competitive advantage.

Built on a foundation of robust, adaptable technology, WalkMe is no ordinary DAP. Its patented AI technology, impervious to software changes, continuously scans for roadblocks and recommends friction-busting solutions. No more wrestling with outdated interfaces or cryptic workflows – WalkMe smooths the path, guiding users with intuitive prompts and personalized assistance. Read More

WSC Sports

21 Abba Hillel Silver, Ramat Gan | Founded 2011 | Video Platform | Private Company | 444 Employees of which 370 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

WSC Sports, fueled by the desire to personalize the experience for every fan, utilizes cutting-edge AI to automate sports content creation and distribution at lightning speed. As the world’s fastest-growing sports technology company, they partner with over 200 organizations globally, empowering them to maximize their video assets, expand their reach, and unlock novel monetization opportunities.

Forget stale, generic highlights. WSC Sports is about immediacy, personalization, and fan connection. It’s about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in sports media, and it’s an opportunity to be part of something truly revolutionary. Read More

XM Cyber

7 Sapir St., Herzliya | Founded 2016 | Cyber | Private Company | 299 Employees of which 209 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

XM Cyber, a rising star in the cybersecurity realm, is redefining how organizations approach cyber threats. Their award-winning Exposure Management platform flips the script, allowing companies to see their networks through the eyes of an attacker, proactively identifying vulnerabilities before they’re exploited. This innovative approach goes beyond siloed data, prioritizing critical risks and mapping out potential attack paths across both on-premises and cloud environments.

Fueled by a deep understanding of attacker tactics, XM Cyber empowers organizations to eliminate security gaps efficiently and cost-effectively. Gone are the days of drowning in data without context; XM Cyber provides a clear, comprehensive view of your security posture, revealing not just the tools you have but their true impact on your overall defense. Read More

Yotpo 🦄

35 HaMasger St, Tel Aviv | Founded 2011 | Website Customization | Private Company, Unicorn | 873 Employees of which 396 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

Yotpo: Born from a bad case of fake reviews, this e-commerce champion equips brands with the tools to build epic customer journeys. From trust-boosting reviews and loyalty programs to engaging emails and social proof, Yotpo empowers brands to turn shoppers into lifelong fans. With a mission to make online shopping a dream, Yotpo’s growing team of 650+ renegades is on a quest to rewrite the rules of e-commerce, one click at a time.

Founded in 2011, Yotpo has raised $406M and is backed by some of the coolest investors in the game. So, if you’re passionate about building the future of e-commerce, get ready to jump on board this rocket ship! Read More

ZoomInfo Technologies LLC

HaSheizaf St 4, Ra’anana | Founded 2000 | Sales Tech | NASDAQ | 3900 Employees of which 458 Employees in Israel (LinkedIn Jan 2024)

ZoomInfo: Where growth hunters unite. More than just data, they’re your secret weapon for finding, landing, and loving your customers. Imagine sales and marketing teams singing in perfect harmony, powered by a single source of truth so accurate, it practically predicts the future. Automate tedious tasks, unleash your GTM beast, and watch your tech stack shrink like a superhero’s suit.

This isn’t just a company, it’s a movement. ZoomInfo empowers professionals to become difference makers, both at work and in the community. Join a team that lives, breathes, and dreams growth. Read More

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