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What is JoyTunes

JoyTunes is reinventing the way we learn, play and experience music, making it possible for anyone to play a musical instrument. To do so, we use cutting-edge technology to help millions worldwide learn piano, guitar, singing, or any instrument they always dreamed of playing. Our current piano learning apps are seeing fast user and revenue growth, chosen as one of the best apps by Apple and Google.

What makes JoyTunes a great place to work

Working at JoyTunes means surrounding yourself with like minded, talented individuals in a growing, do-good startup. You will work closely in a multi-disciplinary team alongside developers, product, musicians, designers and marketing. All of us are committed to changing people’s lives by empowering people with the gift of music. We make work life fun with weekly happy hours, collaborative ninja (hackathon) weeks, and plenty of jam sessions (we have a grand piano with lots of other instruments!).

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Quick Facts

  • We’re helping millions fulfil their musical dreams – from cancer patients finding some peace in their music learning, through to autistic children as a new way to express themselves and millions of others that just never thought it was possible.
  • Our oldest piano learner is 88 years old! You’re never too old to learn:)
  • We have 1 million music learners a week. That’s a whole lot of music making! Yeah to making the world more musical.
  • Simply Piano is preloaded on iPads in Apple Stores around the world.
  • We achieved $20 ARR in 2018 with just a team of 24. 2019 is going to kick ass even more.
  • We work in a very cool open space in Sarona with a musical stage in the heart of our office for fun jamming sessions.
  • 10% of US teachers use our apps in their music lessons.
  • Collaborations with the largest piano makers such as Yamaha, Kawai and Casio.
  • Well funded, backed by leading VCs including Aleph, Genesis Partners and Insight Venture Partners
  • We’re growing and looking for internationals specifically for acquisition, developers, BI, analysts, and product.

Check out open positions

Check out open positions

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