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Atir Yeda Street 1, Kfar Sava

Meet Sodastream

We are revolutionary streamers!

We are transforming the way the world drinks while protecting the environment by reducing the global need for single-use plastic bottles.

We are global and we scale fast– operating in 18 markets and sold in over 46 countries. As a manufacturing company, we are redefining innovation daily and set inspiring goals for ourselves. As an “Island of Peace”, we embrace variety and pledge to defeat inequality with tangible actions daily.

We follow six basic principles that are anchored in our corporate culture – they are our “What Counts” factors. These factors are the basis of our work and have a significant impact on the day-to-day business at SodaStream. Together they form our SodaSoul mission statement – Join the Revolution – which is the benchmark for our actions and our success.

We are looking for talented and driven people with different perspectives and experiences to imagine the unimaginable and continue our journey of a world with fewer single-use plastic bottles.

Working at Sodastream

Because we are in the revolution business and we’re moving mountains! Because for us EVERY BUBBLE COUNTS and #it’s all about the people are not just a statement but experience. Because we’re crazy and creative. Because we act very quickly and with great urgency. Because we do something magical and we do it with excellence. Because despite our sparkling differences, we believe we are all one and act as one.

Being a streamer means getting everyone caught up in your energetic positive vibe to make a great revolution.

This company is featured in Secret Tel Aviv’s Prestigious Guide to ‘Best Companies to Work for in Israel 2020’.

Check out open positions

Check out open positions

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