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Derech Menachem Begin 121

Similarweb cover

What is SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb’s market intelligence solutions provide customers with insights to help them understand, track and grow their digital market share.

With our insights businesses, agencies, marketers and analysts can benchmark performance against competitors, reveal competitors online strategy, discover new opportunities, identify emerging trends and understand consumer intent and journey.

SimilarWeb has thousands of customers and works with some of the largest global brands including Google, L’Oreal, AirBnb and eBay. Our team is spread across 7 global offices and includes over 350 employees and counting.

You can check out Secret Tel Aviv on SimilarWeb here.

Working at SimilarWeb

  • A flexible work environment (hey, some of us are parents too)
  • Amazing offices and company culture (we only have 12 kinds of cornflakes…sorry)
  • You become better at what you do every day
  • Contribute to building the future of market intelligence
  • Lots of activities – we just celebrated the international waffle day in the office!
  • SimilarWeb has thousands of customers and works with some of the largest global companies including Google, L’Oreal, AirBnb and eBay.

SimilarWeb at a Glance

  • Year founded 2009
  • Number of employees 350, 7 offices globally
  • Jobs for internationals include Customer Success, Sales, and Marketing
  • Check out SimilarWeb on Crunchbase.

This company is featured in Secret Tel Aviv’s Prestigious Guide to ‘Best Companies to Work for in Israel – 2018 Edition’.

Check out open positions

Check out open positions


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