ZoomInfo Technologies LLC

HaSheizaf St 4, Ra’anana

ZoomInfo: Where growth hunters unite. More than just data, they’re your secret weapon for finding, landing, and loving your customers. Imagine sales and marketing teams


35 HaMasger St, Tel Aviv

Yotpo: Born from a bad case of fake reviews, this e-commerce champion equips brands with the tools to build epic customer journeys. From trust-boosting reviews

XM Cyber

7 Sapir St., Herzliya

XM Cyber, a rising star in the cybersecurity realm, is redefining how organizations approach cyber threats. Their award-winning Exposure Management platform flips the script, allowing

WSC Sports

21 Abba Hillel Silver, Ramat Gan

WSC Sports, fueled by the desire to personalize the experience for every fan, utilizes cutting-edge AI to automate sports content creation and distribution at lightning


HaMada St 1, Herzliya

Driven by the urgency of an energy revolution, SolarEdge positions itself as a key player in the fight against climate change. Recognizing renewable energy and


Hahoshlim St 8, Herzliya

Playtika, a pioneer in the gaming industry since 2010, has carved its name as a leader in interactive entertainment. From its humble beginnings as a


5 Jabotinsky St, Ramat Gan

Overwolf, a guild for passionate in-game creators, champions the power of user-generated content (UGC) to elevate gaming experiences. Founded in 2010 by a band of

Natural Intelligence

ToHa, Totseret ha-Arets St 6-8, Tel Aviv

Natural Intelligence, a seasoned leader in the world of intent media, bridges the gap between consumers, brands, and publishers through their intuitive comparison websites and

Juno Journey

Menorat HaMa’or Street 3, Tel Aviv

Juno Journey is an all-in-one solution for companies’ employee development. It takes the entire life cycle of every employee in the company and creates a


Lilienblim 25, Tel Aviv

HiredScore is a mission-driven company on a quest to revolutionize hiring. They empower a future where finding the right talent is both efficient and fair,


Derech Agudat Sport HaPo’el 1, Jerusalem

They move the world – literally.Freightos is transforming the $1.6 trillion global freight industry, the invisible backbone behind everything we use, wear, and eat. But


Yigal Alon, 94, Tel Aviv

Fireblocks emerged in 2018 as a SaaS platform, offering a user-friendly solution for companies to build on the blockchain and manage their crypto operations. Their