A new year is a new opportunity to set goals for yourself and think about where you want to be standing in your life. We’ve put together a list of 10 most common resolutions for internationals living in Tel Aviv, like learning Hebrew, meeting friends and exploring the country. 

1. Learn Hebrew

Whether it’s to chat up girls and/or guys, argue with Hot and Cellcom, or avoid being ripped off in a Tel Aviv taxi, mastering Hebrew is essential to surviving in this crazy city! Check out our Best Ulpans in Tel Aviv guide to start on the right track, and for more awesome ways to learn some slang, check out this video (below) by Renee Greenspan and הישראליות

2. Meet Some Cool New People

There is so much going on in this city – from cool parties to diverse meetups. Whatever your interest, check out our Guide to Meeting New People, and find some more awesome people just like you, and our Events Calendar to stay up to date with Tel Aviv’s top events.


3. Go to a Festival

Did you know Israel has one of the World’s Best Festival Scenes? From the psytrance nature parties in the North, to the shanty shanty festivals in the Ashram Desert, to the incredible Midburn Festival (Israel’s Burning Man), there’s amazing festivals going on all year round! Read our Best Festivals in Israel guide for the best festivals and constantly check the Music Festivals page in our Events Calendar to stay up to date with new festivals coming up.

4. Upgrade Your Job

Make the most of the Startup Nation! There are so many cool companies looking for internationals all the time. Check out our guide to the Best Companies to Work for in Israel and check the Secret Tel Aviv Jobs Board for the most comprehensive up-to-date list of open jobs for internationals in Israel.

5. See Some Israeli Bands

As well as the classics like Shlomo Artzi, Idan Raichel, and Ehud Banai, Tel Aviv now has an excellent up-and-coming indie rock music scene (Dennis Lloyd, TheAngelcy, Asaf Avidan, Garden City Movement, Vaadat Charigim), hip hop scene (Balkan Beat Box, Lucille Crew, Tuna, Red Band), and Middle Eastern scene (A-WA, Riff Cohen, Yemen Blues)… plus loads more! Check the Secret Tel Aviv Events Calendar for a list of up-coming concerts.

6. Explore More of Israel

Leaving Tel Aviv is hard, but there are so many more amazing things to see in our beautiful little country… isolated beaches, enchanting desert, green countryside, biblical sites, we even have a ski resort in the winter! Plus some world class hotels to get a weekend away and awesome tours to explore every corner of the country. Want to escape from Hebrew and hummus? Read our guide for Low Cost Flights from Tel Aviv! Check our Tourist Guide to whet your appetite!


7. Learn some New Skills, like Art or Cooking

There are some really great courses going on in Tel Aviv all the time! We’ve got guides on Art Classes, Cooking Classes, and Dance Classes and loads more! Plus over 50 more courses on our website!

8. Study a program in a top university

Whether you want to study a BA/BSc or a Master, with over 200 courses in English in every field possible, Israel’s top universities have got you covered. Check out our guide for the Best Places to Study in English in Israel to learn more.

9. Make a Difference

Volunteering is one of the best ways to give back to the community, plus it is fun and you get to meet awesome people in the process! There are loads of great organizations and charities that need your help in Tel Aviv. Check out our Volunteering in Israel guide for the best ways to give back. Another great way of making a difference in looking after our environment – check out Plastic Free Israel and Straw Free Israel for cool initiatives.

10. Look good and feel great

We all thought it was just a boom, but now its pretty evident that fitness, health and exercise are part of everyone’s every day life, and it is no surprise to anyone that Tel Aviv adopted the fitness trend very fast! Check out our Fitness guides to get in shape in fun ways and feel great!

Secret Tel Aviv wishes all our amazing community a happy, healthy, and fruitful New Year! Thank you for being so awesome!

– The Secret Tel Aviv Team

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