Last updated June 17th 2021

Be PROUD of who YOU are! This year is not only about celebrating all the colors of our beautiful selves, but also raising awareness of the prejudice and violence towards the LGBTQ+ community. Events and marches will be centered around pushing against hatred and standing for inclusivity and equality – but don’t forget to celebrate the love we already have for each other! Cover photo by Niv Glazman.


Ramat Gan Pride Parade 2021 – Ramat Gay

Stock Center | David Ben Gurion 38, Ramat Gan | 20:30

Prepare the flags and take the shimmering dresses out of the closet because you are about to get acquainted with one of the biggest pride events that are going to take place in the country this year – Ramat Gay 2021! A colorful event that is all a symbol of tolerance and equality in the city of Ramat Gan. Read More.

Be’er Sheva Pride Parade 2021 – It’s All of Us

Be’er Sheva Municipality, Be’er Sheva | 17:00-20:00

Be’er Sheva is marching! Since the 2018 revolution and the first Pride Parade in the capital of the Negev, this year continues the tradition with a march welcome to anyone and everyone! A sense of unity accompanies us like never before, as we gather to march for human rights, equality and love of difference. No more injustice and violence, only acceptance and love! Read More.

When Priscilla Met Rocky

Lev Cinema – Dizengoff Center | 7.45pm

Welcome to a magical evening of movies, music, laughter, fun and pride! Priscilla Queen of the Desert + Rocky Horror Picture Show – One Evening June 17 – Lev Dizengoff Center Cinema. You can buy a ticket for each film separately as well as for a combined screening. Read more.

Love Parade @ Art Club

Art Club | Lilienblum 23, Tel Aviv | 23:00

The month of pride and love is finally here and there is no one to bother it – The city will wear colors, the dresses will sparkle and a sense of pride will fill us all! A super special event of Off Rader in two spaces with a hysterical lineup that includes several urban legends who swept parades in Israel and around the world. There is room for anyone and everyone! Read More.

Forever’s Playground in Wonderland

HaSharon 10, Tel Aviv | 23:00

Play in wonderland! We are Forever United, so come together to celebrate being the best we can ever be – ourselves! Read More.


Haifa Pride Parade 2021 – We Are Haifa

Carmel Center, Haifa | 10:00-16:00

Haifa is marching! Bring the rainbow to the northern streets to stand for equality, freedom and safety, and the reminder that there is a place for every color on the spectrum. Despite our differences, whether they are colors, faiths or cultures, we are interlinked with each other. So join the Pride and Tolerance March to be a part of the uncompromising struggle for fellowship, solidarity, diversity and inclusion! Read More.

Pride in Nahala

Shpagat, Nahalat Binyamin 43, Tel Aviv | 11am

A street party for the ages! Make your way to the poppin’ gay bar Shpagat for a day of partying with nothing but love (+ some inflatable pools, so bring your swimsuit)!!! Read More.

Pride Party – Queer in the East of the City

South City Youth Center, Vard’iel 17, Tel Aviv | 12pm

A pride party like no other. Twinkle, flourish, solidify, and come together to show the stunning colors of the East Tel Aviv community! Read More.


Pride Families Picnic

Gan Meir, King George Street, Tel Aviv | 10:00-14:00

A traditional Pride event for families of all kinds and colors! For nine years this has been a great opportunity to meet new friends from all kinds of families, all over the country. Game tables, arts and crafts, story hour and a gymboree all around a buffet dinner! Read More.

Let’s Get Physical

Gordon Pool, Eliezer Peri 14, Tel Aviv | 18:00-22:30

LGBTQ Community Sports Organizations, the Gay Sports Club and She Sports come together at Gordon Pool where the best fitness instructors will teach a variety of sport classes and hold workshops, before competitions and tournaments!! Read More.


Wigstock 2021

Gan Meir | King George Street, Tel Aviv | 19:30-23:00

The biggest glittering drag show of the year, in which well-known artists in the drag field will take part. The event has been a major milestone in the creation of the LGBTQ culture since its inception in 1998, and is held collaboration with the Committee on the war on AIDS! Read More.


BiSi Pride Party @ Ozen Bar

King George 48, Tel Aviv | 11.30pm | 50 NIS

To the infinity and beyond 🦹‍♀️ In the coming pride – jump in the Ozen Bar!  The whole country is marching and the BiSi is also returning to Ozen Bar for a celebration of one-time multi-dimensional bisexual three-dimensional as we like. Adi Degani straight from the legends will play Pop Trash Kitchen that makes joy in the heart into the night. Read more.


Tel Aviv Pride Parade 2021

Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv | 11:00-17:00

Pride Now! Shine on! We are compelled to return to the streets of Tel Aviv, demand security and fight for our rights. In the face of hatred, we will demonstrate love and pride! When regression is apparent; while prejudice and hatred are rising; as we are threatened with laws and regulations… A call to everyone who cares about an inclusive, just, tolerant Israeli society and humanity – join the masses in this protest. Spread light and love to change reality! Read More.

LGBT Olim March

Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv | 11:00-17:00

A Tel Aviv Pride March for LGBTQ+ Olim and English-speakers! Olim and English-speakers will be marching for equal rights and invite anyone to join! Read More.

For fun parties on Friday night check out Beef and Forever party lines on Facebook.


3/6 – Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance

Liberty Bell Park, Keren HaYesod St, Jerusalem | 14:30-18:00

The Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance has become the largest and most significant civil rights movement in Jerusalem, and maybe even in Israel. For the past 15 years it has symbolized a persistent struggle – especially in the city of Jerusalem – for equal rights, liberty, personal security and protection. Bring a hat and water to this midday march for equality! Read More.

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