Last updated September 28th 2023

Looking for cool things to do in Tel Aviv and Israel during Sukkot? Here are some of our favourites…

Sukkot starts this year on Friday evening September 29th. In Israel it is a seven day holiday, with loads of great events, parties and festivals happening throughout the week.

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SUKKOT MARKET – Four Species Market @ Sarona

Sarona | 27-29th September | FREE

This year’s Tel Aviv Four Species Market takes place at Sarona. It’s a great place to buy your lulav and etrog, and also a sukkah and sukkah decoration. Read more.

Thursday 28th September – Pre-Sukkot

RAVE – Journey to Pettra @ Hangar 11

Hangar 11, Tel Aviv Port | 10.30pm | 250 NIS

Salamtak prod. present ✵Journey to Pettra New Album launch✵ – A whole night of live electronic performances and lots of new music. Read more.

CONCERT – Infected Mushroom @ Barby

Barby, Kibbutz Galiyot 52 | 9.30pm | 259 NIS

The international Israeli ensemble returns with a live band show for two nights at the Barby Club, Tel Aviv, where they will perform the electro-exotic show Converting Vegetarians. Read more.

CONCERT – Live Jazz Show @ Yaffa Port

Jaffa Port | 7pm | Free

Every Thursday we welcome the sunset with a special jazz show in the most beautiful spot in the city, international musicians in changing lineups. Read More

PARTY – Lava Dome & Hectik @ Rafi

Teder | 11.30pm | Free

Shake your booty to a mix of club, afrobeat, dancehall, and hip-hop music at free party. Read More

MIDBURN – Sunrise Kingdom – Big in Japan @ Gagarin

Gagarin Club, Kibbutz Galiyot 13 | 11pm | 120 NIS

At night, surrounded by colorful lights and exciting sounds, we open doors to a heart hidden in a magical city, and enter through glowing gates into an atmosphere that is felt in every memory and movement. Read more.

Friday 29th September – First night of Sukkot

SEDER – TLV’s Gourmet Community Dinner in the Garden Sukkah! @ Tel Aviv International Synagogue

Tel Aviv International Synagogue, Frishman 23 | 6:30 pm | 221 NIS

The Tel Aviv International Synagogue is one of our favourite synagogues in Tel Aviv with services in English. They are led by the amazing Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn and he has created a warm and welcoming community. Join them for a delicious, gourmet Sukkot Dinner in the gorgeous Shomron Garden Sukkah of The Tel Aviv International Synagogue on the First Night of Sukkot! Read More.

JTLV Sukkot Under The Stars @ Allenby 22

Allenby 22 | 7.30pm | 159 NIS

Come on up to the JTLV Rooftop Sukkah seating to accommodate up to 100 individuals, including yourself. Read More


Ben Yehuda 86 | 7.30pm | 170 NIS 

Come and experience a traditional Kabbalat Shabbat service, followed by Shabbat dinner in the Sukkah with a great family and a community atmosphere. Read More

Saturday 30th September

RAVE IN CAESAREA – Renaissance @ Caesarea Harbour

Caesarea | 3.30pm | 399 NIS

The international ‘Renaissance’ production together with the Israeli production company are heading towards an event that has not yet been seen in our country. This holiday – we decided to shatter every glass ceiling and bring you a carefully selected musical lineup that will include the best artists in the world. For this evening, in a unique location between the waves and the old city, the port of Caesarea will be covered with a setting that has not yet been seen in our country. Read more.

RAVE IN THE DESERT – No Name Festival @ Shitim

Shitim | 30 September – 1 October | 480 NIS

In general, it is a three-day festival with endless art, content, workshops, stalls, hugs, kisses and that’s it. Read More

PARTY – DJ Skazi @ Capella

Capella, HaArba’a St 28 | 9pm | 60 NIS

Excited to host the biggest of them all. The man and the legend and one of the leading DJs in Israel and the world, who is responsible for the big hits that rock the dance floor. Read more.

CONCERT – Brazilian Music – Sambadobom @ Yaffo Port

Jaffa Port | 7.30pm | Free

Local Brazilian band Sambadobom have a free show at Jaffa Port. Read More

CONCERT – Jane Bordeaux Free concert at Mozaika @ Kikar Kdumim

Kikar Kdumim | 8.30pm | Free

Israeli folk and contemporary band Jane Bordeaux have a free concert at Kikar Kdumim. Read More

CONCERT – Blues&Booz / Born in the USA @ Jimmy Who?

Rothschild 24 | 9.30pm | 40 NIS

With the legandry Blues&Booz Band in a tribute to the greatest American rocknroll bands. Read More

CONCERT – Yasmin Jazz @ Kuli Alma

Mikve Yisrael 10 | 10pm | Free

Come along, lift it up and be part of the social-musical revolution known as Yasmin Lasselrot – Jazz. Read More

PRIDE – Offer Nissim Sukkot 2023 @ Park Hayarkon

Park Hayarkon | 4pm | 399 NIS

Come start the year with us at a party that has become a tradition: Ofer Nissim, a long set with previously unheard material. Exciting and classic performances that everyone loves. Read more.

PARTY – Sukkot Festival @ Noho Club

Tversky 14 | 11.30pm | 199 NIS

In the heart of Tel Aviv we made sure to provide the best festive content that Israel has ever known, we will host the best of our favorite DJs who will win the festive evening where everyone is dressed in white and spreading love. Read More

PRIDE – Shufi Sukkot Women’s Party @ Collabo

Collabo, Ben Zvi 47 | 6pm | 90 NIS

Special event to celebrate women and Sukkot! Read more.

TEDER – Pan Africa Enkutatash Festival @ Teder

Teder, Derech Yafo 9 | 4pm | FREE

Excited to present – Enkutatash! Celebrations of the Ethiopian new year with performances, receptions in Beit Romano Square and after at Rafi. Read more.

ARGENTINEAN CONCERT – Babasonicos @ Barby

Barby, Kibbutz Galiytot 52 | 8.30pm | 250 NIS

The super band from Argentina for the first time in Israel! Read More

SHOPPING – Yard Sale @ Abraham Hostel

Abraham Hostel, Levonton 21 | 12pm | FREE

Join our huge second-hand fair, in Abraham Tel Aviv. The second-hand fair is happening once a month! Clothes, accessories, jewelry and tons of style! All items are sold up to 100 ILS. Read more.

SHOPPING – Vintage & Records Fair @ Sputnik

Sputnik Bar, Allenby 122 | 1pm | 10 NIS

A vintage fair for you where you will find everything from everything >> In the program 🎷 a variety of booths absolutely worthy of vintage and second-hand clothes, an entire room dedicated to special records from record collectors, jewelry, art and a stand of tattoos for a quick decision. Pleasant music all over, chasers for NIS 10 until 18:00 to make you dizzy, and cool and sweet cocktails for a good mood. Read more.

Sunday 1st October

CHARITY – Comedy for Koby @ Beit Hachayal

Beit HaChayal, Weizmann 60 | 8pm | 150 NIS

The Koby Mandell Foundation proudly presents Comedy for Koby – Sukkot 2023 featuring MODI hosted by AVI LIBERMAN. Read More.

CONCERT – Musical Hafla @ Barby

Barby, Kibbutz Galyot 52 | 8.30pm

20 musicians, cool guests and especially beautiful and happy music. Read More.

Monday 2nd October


Gagarin, Kibbutz Galuyot 13 | 8pm | 100 NIS

PLOHO is a post-punk / new-wave band formed in 2013 in Novosibirsk, a major industrial center of Siberia. Read More.

CONCERT – Musical Hafla @ Barby

Barby, Kibbutz Galyot 52 | 8.30pm

20 musicians, cool guests and especially beautiful and happy music. Read More.

EILAT – Redmoon the Moon Edition @ Eilat

Eilat | 11pm | 120 NIS

Celebrate Sukkot under the sky in a crazy event in one of the most beautiful complexes in Israel. Read More

MASADA – Tamar Music Festival 2023 @ Masada (runs until Friday 6th October)

Masada | 2nd October to 6th October

A five-day celebration of some of Israel’s most loved musicians, including Mosh Ben Ari, Berry Sahkarov, Aviv Gefen, Yasmin Moallem, Omer Adam, Noga Erez, Tuna and lots more. Read more.

Tuesday 3rd October

VINTAGE MARKET – Vulvalle Market – Vintage and Second Hand Market @ Jaffa Port (till Wednesday 4/10)

Jaffa Port| 3-4th October | 10 NIS

We will meet for a fiery celebration of fashion, sustainability and spectacular art at the container house, sustainability and innovation located at the port in the renewed Jaffa port. Read more.

Join the Vulvalle Market Whatsapp Group for all the best updates.

SCIFI – Icon Scifi Conference @ Cinematheque (till Thursday 5/10)

Cinematheque, HaArba’a St 5, Tel Aviv | 3rd to 5th October | FREE

The Icon Festival for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Role-Playing is an annual festival which takes place on October 3-5 for the 27th time. Icon is a red-letter day for fans of the SF&F (both literature and cinema) and RPGs, and its 3-day diverse program attracts people of all ages. This year’s festival theme is “Antiquities”. Read more.

CONCERT – Ron Asael and Bubble Wrap Trap @ Barby

Barby, Kibbutz Galiyot 52 | 8.30pm | 85 NIS

Ron Asael and Bubble Wrap Trap are coming with new music. Read More.

CONCERT – Gal Tidhar and Tal @ Tarab

Rabbi Akiva 3 | 8.30pm | Free

Gad Tidhar, one of the wonderful oud players that our country has to offer, comes together with Tal Yam to Tarab for a performance that will bring us deep and resonant music, straight from the desert of Mitzpe Ramon. Read More

KIDS FRIEDNLY – Sukkot Festival @ Jaffa Port

Jaffa Port | 10.30pm | Free

On the day of Sukkot, a wide variety of events and activities will be held at the port of Jaffa at no cost. Among other things, children’s games, construction games and tracks, a sensory complex, gagging games, soap bubbles, as well as rhythm and juggler shows and the show ‘The City Mouse and the Village Mouse’ by the Orna Forat Theater. Read More

Wednesday 4th October

GLOBAL SUPERSTAR – Bruno Mars @ Park HaYarkon

Park Hayarkon | 6pm | SOLD OUT

For the first time in Israel, international pop star Bruno Mars has a huge concert at Park Hayarkon! Over 200 million singles he sold worldwide, 14 times he won the Grammy Award and 30 times he was nominated, gave him the status of a global superstar and put him in the same line as the leading pop stars in the world. Read More.

CHARITY – Comedy for Koby @ Beit Hachayal

Beit HaChayal, Weizmann 60 | 8pm | 150 NIS

The Koby Mandell Foundation proudly presents Comedy for Koby – Sukkot 2023 featuring MODI hosted by AVI LIBERMAN. Read More.

RELIGIOUS – Sukkah Party under the stars with The Tribe @ Ichud Olam 

Bne Yehuda 86 | 7pm | 50 NIS

The Tribe is hosting a Sukkot Party with live music and an open wine bar. Read More

MIDBURN – Sushi Burn Night @ Night Shift

Vital 7 | 8pm | 100 NIS

A fine sushi event with beautiful people, crazy music, the challenge wheel that will set you a particularly kinky challenge, a make-up station, and more surprises. Read More

Thursday 5th October

TOP DJS – Maddix and Yves V Sukkot Rave @ Barby

Barby, Kibbutz Galiyot 52 | 11.59pm | 169 NIS

Israel’s Raver Community is excited to continue the New Year’s celebrations and bring you a Sukkot rave in the Tomorrowland atmosphere! And this time we step up: With 2 of the hottest artists in the electronic scene on one stage: MADDIX + YVES V. Read more.

PARTY – Frenkel’s Ushpizin II @ Gagarin

Kibbutz Galuyot 13 | 11.30pm | 150NIS

Among all the commotion and panic to celebrate we bring you a solid event in the heart of Tel Aviv the way we like it. Read More

SHOPPING – T:Market 2023 Sukkot @ Dubnov 8 (till Saturday 7/10)

Dubnov 8 | 10am | Free

T Market Sukkot is here again with clothes, brands, vintage, accessories, jewelry, tattoos and many other special things that you can only find here. Read More

JAZZ FESTIVAL – YafoJazz Festival @ ZOA House, Tel Aviv (till Saturday 7/10)

Beit Zioni America, 1 Daniel Frish St | 5th October to 7th October

Dozens of jazz musicians from the USA, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Austria, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Latvia, Romania and Israel. And plenty of performances of exciting and exciting jazz performances to the immortal songs of the greatest duos and duets of all time. Read More.

PARTY – Polenta @ Ben Avigor 15

Ben Avigor 15 | 11.59pm | 90 NIS

Get ready to dance the night away to the hottest beats in town, brought to you by top DJs from around the world. Read More

PARTY – Yarkons Soul Sukkot Festival @ Rokach

Rokach Blvd 75 | 11pm | 179 NIS

In the most special location in the city of Tel Aviv we will stay among the trees under the sky and enter together into positive vibes, festively dressed and smiling amid the right music sounds next to the beautiful people we will find ourselves in love until morning. Read More

COCKTAIL FESTIVAL – Tel Aviv Cocktail Festival 2023 @ Mitav 13 (till Friday 6/10)

Mitav 13 | 4pm | 200 NIS

The Alchemist and the Vineyard Company present! Tel Aviv Cocktail Festival 2023 at Meitav 13! Come experience and taste a variety of over 20 special and classic cocktails + workshops + party. Read More!

CONCERT – Atar Mayner @ Barby

Barby, Kibbutz Galuyot 52 | 8.30pm | 100 NIS

Atar Mayner, the best show in Israel returns to Barby. Read More.

DESERT RAVE – Rising Spirit Festival by Unity @ Desert (till Friday 6/10)

On the upcoming Sukkot holiday, we will all come together for 24 hours of a real psychedelic experience that will lift our spirits. We especially chose Chul HaMoed, which is the perfect time between holy and holy to reunite with our loved ones and have a bonding experience. We’ve been planning this journey for a long time and it’s building more and more tendons, step by step, vision after reality and complete faith that moves us towards the goal. Read more.

DESERT FESTIVAL – Balance festival by Miri in the Desert @ The Gamaliya, Outside of Tel Aviv (till Saturday 7/10)

The Gamaliya | 5pm | 520 NIS

On the upcoming Sukkot holiday, the first festival of Miri in the desert will take place, 3 days and 2 nights of music and love in Khan Gamaliya. Read More

MUSIC FESTIVAL – Rock’n’Rolla Festival @ Achziv Beach (North Israel)

Achziv Beach (near Nahariya) | 6pm | 285 NIS

Legendary Israeli rock band Mashina have teamed up with Zappa to organize this huge Festival in the Northern border of Israel near Nahariyya. The all-star lineup includes Eifo HaYeled, Hila Ruach and more! Read more.

Friday 6th October – Day

MIDBURN – MidBar camp Shower Party @ Kalat Hayam, Jaffa

Kalat Hayam, Shtei ha-Akhayot St 2 | 12pm | 150 NIS

There is going to be a real celebration, and as with any celebration, you have to put on make-up, dress up, take care of yourself and of course… take a shower. Read More.

Friday 6th October – Night (Simchat Torah)

CHABAD – Simchat Torah Live @ Khevron 16

Chabad on the Coast, Khevron 16 | 6pm | 100 NIS

We prayed. We fasted. And now its time to party! Join the Simchat Torah celebrations at Chabad on the Coast! Read More.

Simchat Torah! Dancing! Open Bar & Hot Cholent Kiddush! @ Tel Aviv International Synagogue

Frishman 23 | 6.30pm | Free

Singing and Dancing is what we do at TAIS and Simchat Torah is a special time to celebrate! Read More

Saturday 7th October

GLOBAL SUPERSTAR – Bruno Mars @ Park HaYarkon

Park Hayarkon | 6pm | SOLD OUT

For the first time in Israel, international pop star Bruno Mars has a huge concert at Park Hayarkon! Over 200 million singles he sold worldwide, 14 times he won the Grammy Award and 30 times he was nominated, gave him the status of a global superstar and put him in the same line as the leading pop stars in the world. Read More.

PARTY OUTSIDE TEL AVIV – Twilight @ HaSharon

HaSharon | 4pm | 130 NIS

We will meet under the sky from dusk until the wee hours of the night, at events like this there is no need to talk, the line already says it all! Read More

Monday 9th October – Secret Tel Aviv Date Night

October 9th –

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