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Tel Aviv-Yafo

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Art Tours Israel connects you with the cultural gems this country has to offer. They plan every visit according to your needs; from exploring the cutting edge contemporary art of South Tel Aviv, to the more established upscale art galleries. We visit museums, and artist studios, learning about the local art scene.

They are also able to plan and provide art workshops; painting and drawing in “plain air” in great and exciting locations around Israel.

This are some examples of their tours:

Unique Jaffa

Explore Jaffa, its quaint alleys, local galleries and new and experimental cultural spaces.

The old & new of Rothschild Blvd

Walk Rothschild Boulevard, visiting the established contemporary art galleries on and around this culturally rich historical area.

Museum Tours

Visit the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, learn it’s history and explore the permanent and new contemporary art exhibitions.

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