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The inspiration behind the vegan deli comes from an illustrative book authored by Miki Mottes, of which he published as a Kickstarter, first in English then translated in Hebrew. Mottes realized the need for a vegan presence within Tel Aviv, and along with his business partner Elad, opened Simple Happy Market in March 2020.

The book, titled “Simple Happy Kitchen,’ is an illustrative vegan guide for long-time vegans or those thinking about making the dietary-switch, and is on sale within Simple Happy Market. “The deli brings the book to life,” Mottes explains, “even the stuffed vegetables that are for sale now began as characters in the book.” When asked about the revitalization of the street, Mottes was visibly excited.

It makes me very happy. Shenkin was a big deal in the 80’s and early-90’s. But it stopped so suddenly. So it is very nice to see it coming back to life with local stores.

Simple Happy Kitchen is located on the corner of Rothschild and Shenkin, acting as a lively and healthy starting-line for our trip down the resurrected Shenkin Street. From a hot-and-ready soup bar, to local vegan products such as wine, cheese, chocolates, and even beer named after the local cat Mitzi, the deli has built a great reputation among the vegan community.

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