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If you were to walk down Shenkin Street in the 1980’s, you would be among crowds of Tel Avivis squeezing into clothing stores to buy the latest drops. Along with Allenby and Dizengoff, Shenkin was the street to spend your day. Come the 90’s, though, the hype for the chain clothing shops and for Shenkin Street as a whole died.

However, it seems to be the generation of resurrection for Shenkin Street. Within the last year, food shops have been popping up along the street, opened and owned by local residents who live on or near Shenkin. The street’s popularity like we enjoyed in the 80’s seems to be returning, but this time with something new – a community atmosphere.

Keep scrolling to check out our favorite Shenkin food spots. We are sure they will turn into your favorites as well!

Written by Jake Pemberton. Photos by Steven Ross and Facebook.

Katsavia B’Shenkin

Shenkin 56 | Butcher Deli Shop | Opened 2020

[Photo taken from Facebook]

‘The Butcher Shop on Shenkin.’ Celebrity chef Yisrael Aharoni opened the shop at the start of 2020, providing fresh, aged and tasty meat of all kinds. From ground beef to schnitzel to Uzbek food such as Samsa and Pelmeni, Kastavia B’Shenkin is the go-to butcher deli of not only Shenkin Street, but of the wider-Tel Aviv area as well.

Son of Chef Aharoni, Uri, is confident about the rising local-feel of the street.

Shenkin has become a place for locals. Once it was full of clothing shops and people came from all over. The street died, now the new places are for people who live on or around the street.

The hipster butchery also has a deli section with amazing products from around the world – Italian handmade pasta, French butter, various oils and Asian spices, and local cheeses. “There is community energy,” Uri describes, “the butchery has cool, exotic stuff, and now Shenkin is the most fun Friday-street.”

Don’t miss the Friday Kebabs with Aharoni’s special spices, which people queue around the block for, as well as the occasional Chef Aharoni appearance offering exclusive cooking tips!

Be on the lookout for a Rotisserie Chicken shop from Chef Aharoni opening on the street in the near future as well…

The Fish Shop

Shenkin 49 | Fish Grocery Store | Opened 2020

How do fish get high? Seaweed. How do locals satisfy their fish-cravings? The Shenkin Street Fish Shop!

Located across the street from Katsavia B’Shenkin, and owned by Nimrod, business partner to Chef Aharoni, The Fish Shop offers a wide selection of local fresh fish. Opened in September 2020, Nimrod realized a dire need for local fish in the area, and has since offered exotic cuts such as ceviche, sushi, fish and shrimp kebabs, oysters, and other local or wild fish.

The fishery provides fish bowls freshly made everyday, ready-to-go sushi bowls, and last but not least local mussels that go for 100 shekel per kilogram.

Mano Vino

Shenkin 53 | Wine Boutique | Opened 2016

Since 2016, Mano Vino has provided locals with a vast variety of Israeli and international wine and spirits. More recently, the wine market acted as a vital lifeline for the community during lock-down when bars were closed.

The owner Emmanuel, along with business partner Adin who runs the cheese market Adina down the street, has created a space for wine and spirit-lovers to choose from wine, sake and hard liquor from around the world, with the help of wine experts.

With deals such as 3 wine bottles for 100 shekel, 2/100 or 3/120, you are likely to enjoy whatever you get from Mano Vino.


Shenkin 43 | Deli and Fromagerie | Opened 2020

Adina, partner to Mano Vino’s Emmanuel, opened Adina in October 2020, acting as the first and only fromagerie shop on Shenkin Street. The traditional French deli is complete with the French vibe – The Wheel Wall of Cheese, baguettes, wine and a variety of luxury treats, alongside French speakers and music.

Fresh local produce is also available for customers, from homemade salads, delicious sandwiches, and juicy olives. Shop owner Adin agrees with the other local shop owners about the renewed street vibe.

I feel like the street is picking up. This neighborhood is unique, and Shenkin won’t be like it used to be. It is a food destination now.

Don’t forget to ask for their staple of exquisite butter on a fresh baguette!

Simple Happy Market

Rothschild Blvd 99 | Vegan Deli | Opened 2020

[Photo taken from Facebook]

The inspiration behind the vegan deli comes from an illustrative book authored by Miki Mottes, of which he published as a Kickstarter, first in English then translated in Hebrew. Mottes realized the need for a vegan presence within Tel Aviv, and along with his business partner Elad, opened Simple Happy Market in March 2020.

The book, titled “Simple Happy Kitchen,’ is an illustrative vegan guide for long-time vegans or those thinking about making the dietary-switch, and is on sale within Simple Happy Market. “The deli brings the book to life,” Mottes explains, “even the stuffed vegetables that are for sale now began as characters in the book.” When asked about the revitalization of the street, Mottes was visibly excited.

It makes me very happy. Shenkin was a big deal in the 80’s and early-90’s. But it stopped so suddenly. So it is very nice to see it coming back to life with local stores.

Simple Happy Kitchen is located on the corner of Rothschild and Shenkin, acting as a lively and healthy starting-line for our trip down the resurrected Shenkin Street. From a hot-and-ready soup bar, to local vegan products such as wine, cheese, chocolates, and even beer named after the local cat Mitzi, the deli has built a great reputation among the vegan community.

Dror B’Shenkin

Shenkin 58 | Fruit & Vegetable Market | Opened 1980

Our next stop down Shenkin Street is the fruit & vegetable market Dror B’Shenkin. For 40 years and counting, Dror and his sons have been providing Tel Aviv locals with the best and freshest products no matter the season.

Frequented by the top Israeli celebrity chefs, the family-run business offers a wide variety of produce, most notably their amazing avocados throughout the year. Founder and owner Dror senses a shift in the right direction for Shenkin.

It’s starting again. You can feel something.

The produce shop also provides the initial community atmosphere of the street. Your are likely to find local owners socializing with Dror, such Eyal, owner of the local dry cleaning spot across the street, where chefs visit to clean their kitchen gear while picking out their favorite fruits and vegetables.

Cardinal Chocolaterie

Shenkin 27 | Chocolate Boutique | Opened 2020

[Photo taken from Facebook]

Brother-sister owners Eli and Tali Tarov opened the boutique Cardinal Chocolaterie in 2020 as the Shenkin Street spot for luxury chocolates. Using ingredients from around the world, especially from France and Italy, the varied sweets are made fresh everyday.

The options are seemingly endless, from their signature English toffee to assorted butter chocolate, as well as chocolate bark of different flavors – orange, hazelnut, salted, and more. Even chocolate artisans of the shop can feel the shift of Shenkin.

There is a different vibe. From clothing and chain stores to local food shops.

Liza Deli

Shenkin 44 | Israeli Deli | Opened 2021

Amid the lock-downs and absence of homemade food to buy, Liza Deli opened in January 2021 as a life-line for locals to choose among a variety of Israeli home-food.

Shop owner Aviv is proud to be stocking mainly local produce, and to provide a variety of meals such as shakshuka, chicken with spices, shawarma, rice and more. From wine to sauces and spices, to hot-and-ready or even frozen meals for later, everything is Israeli.

Friday’s are especially special as Liza Deli offers Moussaka, couscous and other specials, all hot and freshly-made the day of!

Refreshment Spots

Yoav Pizza

Shenkin 51 | Pizza & Gelateria | Opened 2015

Opened as an ice cream shop in 2015, the owner Yoav realized the lack of pizza on Shenkin Street. “In the beginning, everyone told me I can’t put pepperoni or bacon as toppings because of religion,” Yoav expalins. “I said ‘f*ck it’, people in the neighborhood want that.”

Yoav Pizza began to offer good pizza at a low cost, making ingredients in the shop while keeping ice cream on the menu. Being a resident of Shenkin, the shop also encouraged the community energy.

The new shops bring in more business, and many of the shop owners live on the street. We barter for ingredients are products, and even help each other in case of emergencies. There is a friendly atmosphere. It’s the start of the Shenkin revolution.

If you are craving a tasty slice of pizza or need to satisfy your sweet tooth, even during Shabbat, Yoav Pizza is your place!

Boutique Central

Shenkin 53 | Cafe | Opened 2005

Although a popular chain across Tel Aviv, owner Ofer Gal stays true to the community feel of Shenkin Street, providing the go-to coffee and pastry spot for locals for the past 15 years.

The Shenkin Boutique Central is most-known for their crunch chocolate cake as well as their giant, chocolate soft-pretzels. Oh, and the coffee too…

Acram Hummus

Shenkin 59 | Hummus Restaurant | Opened 1996

Acram, owner of the hummus spot, helps to establish the community vibe of Shenkin Street acting as the hummus establishment off the local scene for the past 25 years.

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