Amir Cohen – Sports Therapist and Medical Massage Therapist

Gush Etsyon 8, Tel Aviv

My name is Amir Cohen and I am a Sport Therapist and Medical Massage Therapist  since 2012 I also work with professional athletes and football

Massage & Pain Therapy

Y.L. Perets St 29

Highly experienced massage therapist. The treatments, developed over years in varied coursework and in hands-on practice, are particularly professional. The massage is suitable as routine

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Spa Treatments by Sharon

Hei be-Iyar Street

I offer holistic medical massage using many techniques, such as deep tissue, reiki healing and aromatherapy oils to bring harmony, balance and well being. I

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Ruth Massage and Pain Therapy

Arania Street

I offer a Therapeutic Massage at Clients home or in my clinic. Therapeutic Massage is based on Deep Tissue massage and includes a combination of

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Art of Movements by Rosita Menda

HaYarkon St 10

Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Private - Group Pilates Class  Private- Group Yoga Class Zumba Class Personal Functional Training Looking for more ideas?

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Dubnov St 7

Masü provides certified, experienced and insured top quality massage therapists on-demand to your home, office or hotel. We can be anywhere you need us in


I am travelling since 2012, learning new ways of living and healing, I have learned on my way the traditional art of Thai Massage (Chiang


טיפולים רב-תחומיים אלטרנטבעים בהתאמה אישית Women's workshops קבלה נשית Therapeutic TCM Bodywork treatments VIP ENGLISH COACH תיווך נכון Gayle Reality    Looking for more ideas?   

Holistic Healing

Greg Boudy, shaman in Tel Aviv I belong to the lineage of the Curanderos from Mexico - an ancient tribe of shamans whose roots go

Tzahi Lederman Grinberg Practitioner

HaCarmel St 20, Tel Aviv

היי, ברוכים הבאים לדף הפייסבוק שלי! כאן תוכלו תוכלו למצוא מידע עלי כמטפל בשיטת גרינברג ובנוסף מידע על השיטה עצמה.. אז מה בעצם שיטת גרינברג?

Xenia Mikhailov Massage Therapy

Massage therapy for women with Xenia Mikhailov, certified massage therapist (24 years experience). Medical massage, trigger point therapy, acupressure, lymphatic drainage massage, Swedish (classic) massage,

Rotem Bittan Massage

היי, אני רותם. בחמש השנים האחרונות עסקתי בין היתר בעיסוי, אך לפני כשנתיים גיליתי את המטפלת שבי. כשראיתי אדם שבור ומפורק מגיע לסף דלתי ולאחר