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Who are StageOne Ventures?

Across three decades of experience, we have backed visionary founders that hold the power to disrupt global markets. 

We are an experienced, cohesive unit of six based in both Israel and the US, experts in different fields from investing, technology, financing, marketing, HR and more. Our passion, strong commitment, extensive industry experience and vast personal networks allow us to offer our portfolio companies the best possible support.

We build powerful partnerships that propel seed-stage entrepreneurs forward, from the initial innovation concept through additional quality rounds of funding to market leadership and impact. These companies have impacted entire ecosystems and redefine their industries with lasting change 

Our approach is beyond just funding, we create market access that young companies need, connecting them with technical expertise and honing their business skills with impactful insights. 

We have had deep passion for technology. We believe that startups overcoming meaningful technological barriers can lead change and impact global economies. We bet strong on embracing trailblazing innovation, putting first money in companies at inception stage and taking calculated risks on technology trends that reap rewards.

We focus on a variety of sectors and technology domains that have transformative effects on the enterprise-technology ecosystem, from Cloud Computing and Software infrastructure, Deep Compute, Big Data and AI, Cyber Security, DevOps, Next Generation Storage and Data Center and connected Everything.

The fund has developed a wealth of experience and experience in early stage venture capital investments (SEED), with an impressive ability to identify early breakthrough technology trends and promising entrepreneurs in their field. 

The fund manages $221 million across three funds with six investment managers, including three managing partners: Yuval Cohen, Yoav Samet and Tal Slobodkin. With managing partners on both sides of the Atlantic, our dual DNA actively bridges Tel Aviv with Silicon Valley, and we empower seed-stage companies to take the leap from vision to reality.

Quick Facts:

  • Established: 2001
  • HQ: Herzliya, Israel
  • Size of Fund: $221 million across three funds. We are currently investing out of Fund III ($110M)
  • Notable Exits: Octalica (2006),Trivnet (2010), Guardium (2009), Traffix (2012), Oversi (2012), Cvidya  (2016), SafeDK (2019), Apprente (2019)
  • Partners: Yuval Cohen, Yoav Samet and Tal Slobodkin
  • Focus: 
    • Early-stage, First check in
    • Israeli Founders in Israel and around the Globe
    • Deep Tech Startups, solving complex Enterprise Challenge

Find Jobs in StageOne’s Portfolio Companies: 

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