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Attention all South Tel Aviv history buffs, and others who simply love the thought of discovering an utterly charming and keyword: “shaded” outdoor cafe! This exceptionally pretty two-year-old bistro was an overnight success when it opened. And not only because of its location on a winsome row of shops and studios in irresistibly beautiful Neve Tzedek. Kiosk Est 1920 also carries a heartwarming story of preservation that offers a special angle on Tel Aviv history. Take a glance at the photo gallery on their Facebook page for a visual tale of how, with loving care and vision, owner Bar Levi and his fellow partners rescued a significant White City artifact—the last authentically original food and drink kiosk of the 100 or so that populated Tel Aviv in the 1920s—restoring it to new life and usefulness. (This kiosk originally served customers frequenting the city’s first cinema, the Eden, which patiently bears up across the street awaiting its own hoped-for restoration.)

Even if you are not into admiring urban architectural gems, come anyway for the great coffee and drink selection, as well as their menu of diverse yet consistently well-crafted food options. Whether you’re picking up your morning espresso on the way to the office, or lunching under the benevolent shelter provided by Kiosk Est 1920’s beautiful, shaded outdoor patio, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the extensive list of breakfast items, sandwiches, salads, and even hot food offerings served out of such a small—some may say tiny!—space. Because Kiosk Est 1920 is, well, a kiosk, you would think they could barely squeeze in all the accoutrements for coffee service. But the actual usable space within this little structure will amaze you. (Shhhh….the secret is that they do have a hidden auxiliary kitchen, avec chef, in the neighboring building.) Do try the deliciously fresh and hearty Salad Nicoise. And a friendly tip: When it comes to sandwiches, focus on those listed as “dark bread” entries—this is actually a wonderfully soft whole wheat, full of texture and crunch—the best sandwich bread I’ve tasted in Israel.

Kiosk Est 1920 contributes a uniquely endearing outdoor cafe experience to an already totally charming neighborhood. You won’t be disappointed by this sophisticated contemporary setting that also meaningfully connects you to a formative era of Tel Aviv history.


Reviewed by guest reviewer Alicia Gansz.

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