2020 is about halfway through, but you wouldn’t be alone in feeling like a couple of decades have passed since January. There are so many changes happening in the world right now, and so many ripple effects from those changes, that it’s hard to believe we’re only 6 months into this year.

Coronavirus brought on many of those changes on a global scale, and it has of course affected us here in Israel as well. Over one million people found themselves out of work or on unpaid leave, and many of them are still not working.

Understandably, a lot of us are thinking about ways to make ourselves stand out from the crowd of job seekers, or how to make ourselves indispensable to our current employer. We all want to feel secure. No-one wants to be uncertain about their financial future.

Coding: A must-have skill for the future

One skill folks are keen on adding to their tool kit is coding. It might be that they want to change careers and become Software Engineers or Developers, which are regarded as highly desirable jobs with high pay and an in-demand status. But there are many more types of jobs that use coding – Data Scientists, Front End Web Developers, Back End Web Developers and Full Stack Developers, to name a few.

There are also positions where coding isn’t usually a main part of their requisites, but where knowing how to code would be a huge advantage such as UX/UI Designers and Product Managers.

Since Israel is the Startup Nation, Israelis love the idea of working in the hi-tech industry. Now that businesses are learning how to work in this new normal, many are resuming hiring processes that had previously been on hold. Having coding skills that can help you better understand a company’s product or service could earn you major bonus points, no matter what role you’d be applying for.

One of Israel’s top coding bootcamps is Developers.Institute, which has helped over 450 people learn to code and further their careers. One example is Bar Gross who was hired by eBay as  Data Manager after completing his course. He says Developers Institute is the “right place to change your career.” About his experience at the bootcamp, he says: “I attended the web development bootcamp with no coding experience at all and the thought that I am not a technical person. During the bootcamp I found my passion for working with data and got amazing learning and career support from the staff. Megane and her team were incredibly supportive with everything and helped me a lot to actually figure out what I want. I was taught not only about coding and data analytics, but also the mindset needed in order to work in the high-tech industry. Developers Institute is highly recommended to make a change in your career and life.”

Raziel Diaz, who moved to Israel from Argentina in 2019 also tells about how the bootcamp helped him: “Two weeks before the end of the bootcamp I got an interview at a start-up (Developers Institute helps students with their CVs, and then they try to get them an interview for an internship). So I went to the interview, after which I was asked to go back for a technical test, and I passed! So now I’m working at BeamUP in Tel Aviv as a junior frontend developer (my first developer job, I still can’t believe it!).”

Developers.Institute’s courses have become so successful that two new international branches – in Mexico and in Cameroon – have recently opened. It seems that the demand for good coding courses are on the rise, with people in many countries seeing their value.

So if you’re thinking about a career change and want a significant skill to help you enter the  hi-tech world, get in touch with Developers.Institute to discuss your options.

The next upcoming full time bootcamps start in October, with part time and online options starting in August.

Contact Developers.Institute :

Developers Institute, TLV Coding Bootcamp

Tel Aviv – Yaounde – México


Contact : Mégane Dreyfuss – megane@developers.institute – +972 54-5787802‬

This is a sponsored post by Developers.Institute. Developers.Institute are one of Secret Tel Aviv’s Best Coding and Tech Schools in English in Tel Aviv, read more here

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