Last updated October 31st 2019

It’s never too late to learn a new skill… and in Israel one of the most useful skills you can learn is how to code! If you are looking to learn fast and in English, this post is for you. Scroll down for the Best Coding Schools in English in Tel Aviv.

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Israel Tech Challenge (ITC)

Shoken 18, Tel Aviv | 2-10 month courses

Founded in 2014, Israel Tech Challenge (ITC) is dedicated to tackling the shortage of qualified high tech engineers in Israel. Sourcing highly talented young professionals from around the world, ITC provides intensive and elite training programs inspired by the IDF’s 8200 Intelligence Unit, followed by incredible placement opportunities in the top hi-tech companies in Israel.

The programs range from 2 months to 10 months and cover practical and employable technology training, from software development to data science and chip design verification. All programs are developed in close collaboration with industry partners including Intel, Apple, Samsung, Dell, MobilEye, HP, Mellanox, Checkpoint, Taboola, Outbrain, Intuit, Innoviz.

ITC offers the following programs:

  • Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Hardware Engineering – Chip Design Verification
  • Cyber Security and Advanced Programming
  • Software Development Summer Internship

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Ahad Haam 35, Tel Aviv | 12 week courses

Developers.Institute is a selective & intensive coding bootcamp, dedicated to educating the next generation of tech talent in Israel. We offer cutting-edge mentored courses in Web and mobile Development, working with the industry’s best professionals to create the most that promise to take you from beginner to job-ready developer in 3 months.

Uniquely positioned at the center of tech ecosystems in Tel Aviv, Developers.Institute is designed to open new doors for everyone who wants to learn code. Our learning methodology doesn’t just teach you tactical skills, but shows you how to learn and think as a developer by doing hands-on project from our partners. In addition to our expert training in the most in-demand skills, we also offer personalized career mentorship and connections to companies .

Developers Institute offers the following programs :

  • Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp (Python)
  • Full Stack Bootcamp (Javascript, React, NodeJS)
  • Summer Camp
  • Gaming Summer Camp
  • Intro to Coding
  • Free coding course for everyone

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You can meet ITC and Developers.Institute at our next Secret Tel Aviv Jobs + Education Fair on November 1st @ Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv. Register here and hit attending on Facebook for regular updates

Elevation Academy

WeWork Hazerem | Courses between 3 days – 14 weeks

Elevation Academy is a contemporary industry-based educational ecosystem. They believe that continuous learning is the key to professional and personal growth in the dynamic, highly demanding 21st century job market. They offer practical, cutting-edge training for today’s most in-demand skills. Their courses include Web Development, Product Management, Data Analyst and more. All of their courses take place at WeWork Hazerem – the heart of the Startup Nation’s innovation community. Read more.

Le Wagon

Ben Yehuda 32 | 9 week courses

Le Wagon promises you will learn to code (even if you are a beginner) in 9 weeks. They are constantly adapting the syllabus as coding languages advance, giving students the most relevant and cutting-edge training possible, while teaching them the best approach to problem solving. Their coding bootcamp is very intense and covers a wide range of coding topics. This can be intimidating if you’re a newbie coder, but remember: their full-stack bootcamp is also made for absolute beginners. Read more.

You can meet ITC and Developers.Institute at our next Secret Tel Aviv Jobs + Education Fair on November 1st @ Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv. Register here and hit attending on Facebook for regular updates

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