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When we made our Best Restaurants Guide to Tel Aviv, we realised we were missing a lot of amazing restaurants that didn’t fit into our rigid categories (Best Italian, Best Meat Restaurant, Best Fish Restaurant, etc…)
Here are some of our favourite quintessential Tel Aviv restaurants that embody Tel Aviv the most: traditional Israeli flavours with a modern twist, and sometimes a twist so modern that it is close to a breaking point… Welcome to the culinary wonderland of Tel Aviv, where every bite is a journey through the flavours of the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and beyond! 


Port Said

Central Tel | Aviv Israeli food | Har Sinai 5

If you are looking for a restaurant that encapsulates Tel Aviv, this is it! With its trendy environment and delicious take on middle-eastern food by top Israeli celebrity-chef Eyal Shani, this is the perfect place to chill and meet friends after a hard day at work or on the beach. The menu changes daily and includes sharing portions of freshly-sourced local food, served with spoonfuls of tehina! We recommend their minute steak, Jericho beans with garlic and lemon and chicken liver! It’s not suitable for all kinds of clients, especially parents – there’s a long wait for a table (no reservations), most of the tables are outside where everyone’s smoking, and the food is for eating with your fingers. A meal for two with drinks starts at 250 NIS. Read more.


Central Tel Aviv | Mediterranean food and courtyard | Nahalat Binyamin 29

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 22.01.07

Feel right at home as you are transported into a backyard barbecue. With a young crowd, chill outdoor garden and reasonable prices, this is your go-to spot for day drinking. And if you’re looking for more than a drink or a coffee, Bicicletta is also a restaurant that’s as hip as it is delicious! This gem on one of our favourite streets boasts a playful menu with imaginative dishes like the “Veggie Burger from Mars” and “Eggplant Fries with Chermoula Dip”. But it’s not just the food that’s cool – the space itself is a colourful, quirky ode to bike culture. So grab a seat, snap a pic for the ‘gram, and enjoy a tasty meal shared with loved ones. Read more.

Night Kitchen

Central Tel Aviv | Mediterranean food | Lilienblum 43

Night Kitchen caters to the city’s night owls with a menu that puts a modern twist on classic Israeli cuisine. Their diverse selection of colourful dishes, perfect for sharing dishes like tapas, include some of ours favourites: tomato carpaccio with za’atar leaves or calamari with fennel and spinach. The crème brûlée dessert is unique, shaped like a lollipop, and filled with tonka-bean puree and fruit syrup, a childhood dream for adults. The stylish and trendy atmosphere is perfect for a cozy night out, accompanied by their great cocktail list. We recommend the shared menu, great deal with 3 cocktails and amazing food! Read more.


Levinski Market | Mediterranean food | Matalon 44

Opa! Prepare your taste buds for a Mediterranean party at Ouzeria, the lively and colourful Greek-inspired restaurant in Tel Aviv. From the moment you step in, you’re transported to a lively taverna, complete with Greek music and warm hospitality. The menu boasts a variety of small plates, mezze, and fresh seafood dishes that will make your mouth water. Don’t miss the creamy tzatziki, the crispy fried calamari, and the succulent grilled octopus. And make sure to pair your meal with their signature ouzo or a refreshing glass of Greek wine. At Ouzeria, it’s all about savouring life’s simple pleasures and enjoying good food with good friends. Opa! Read more.


Central Tel Aviv | Israeli food | Ibn Gabirol 26

HaAchim in Tel Aviv is a vibrant and original dining destination, known for its breakfast options. Enjoy a range of fresh dishes, including eggs cooked to order, creamy shakshuka, and an array of pastries, cheeses, and fruits. The restaurant is also one of the best Mediterranean restaurant in Tel Aviv, great for lunch and diner. It is the kind of restaurant that makes you want to stand up and sing “Hava Nagila” at the top of your lungs. This lively spot is a perfect representation of the bustling energy of Tel Aviv, and their menu packs a punch that’ll leave you wanting more. The friendly staff and vibrant atmosphere make HaAchim a must-visit spot for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the vibrant food culture of Israel. Read more.

La Shuk

Central Tel Aviv | Mediterranean food | Dizengoff 92

La Shuk is a must-visit authentic Mediterranean market-style restaurant, offering a fun dining experience with a modern take on traditional tastes. The menu is a fusion of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, with a focus on fresh and high-quality ingredients: the ‘Shuk’ is the market, so everything needs to be fresh from there! The decor is very lively and super colourful, and the staff is friendly and always ready to help. We recommend you sit outside on the charming terrace. Don’t miss the unique cocktail selection, which perfectly complements the flavourful dishes. La Shuk is a great choice for a night out with friends or a special date! Read more.

Café Noir

Central Tel Aviv | Schnitzel specialist | Ahad HaAm 43

With its elegant setting behind the Rothschild Boulevard and thin tasty brasserie-style shnitzels, you could easily mistake Ahad Haam for Rue de Vienna!  Café Noir is reminiscent of the great French brasseries and is a long-established bistro in the heart of Tel Aviv’s city.  It’s considered an institution by Tel Avivians, and our regular customers are business and media people, artists and in fact anyone who appreciates a terrific atmosphere and good food. The music is soft, the decor is well thought out, the atmosphere is warm and the food is hearty. The place is suitable for a drink at the bar as well as for romantic dinners with friends or family. It is very famous for its schnitzel and there is a great selection of wines from France, Italy and Israel. Read more.

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Cafe Puaa

Jaffa | Mediterranean food | Rabbi Yohanan 8

At the heart of the flea market lies Puaa, a distinctive cafe-restaurant that opened at the end of 1998. It offers a charming and beloved respite from the fast-paced life of Tel Aviv, where love, customer service, and collaboration allow individuals to shine. The restaurant is adorned with vintage trinkets and nostalgic pieces that emit authenticity. Puaa was a pioneer for the gentrification of Jaffa, paving the way for other bars to follow. The food is simple yet exceptional, we recommend the popular mansaf dish featuring ground meat and pine nuts. On weekends, getting a table can be difficult, stick to your plan and you’ll make it! You can buy the flea-market-sourced decor, including very cool mismatched crockery and retro teapots. Read more.


Central Tel Aviv | Iraqi cuisine | Mikve Israel 1

Azura’s little sister in Tel Aviv is a must-try for lovers of Middle Eastern cuisine. The Tel Aviv branch has nothing to envy to its older sister in Jerusalem! For anyone craving delicious Iraqi and Kosher cuisine, Azura is the place to go. From stuffed vegetables to hearty stews and grilled meats, to shakshuka or hummus, the menu is as mouth-watering as the food is amazing. The dishes are prepared to the highest standards, and the flavours are out of this world. Don’t forget to try their famous maqluba! Highly recommended for a delicious and authentic meal in Tel Aviv.
Read more.

Itzik HaGadol

Jaffa | Middle-Eastern Meat Restaurant | David Razi’el 3

Get ready to indulge in mouthwatering, hearty meat dishes at the popular and well-known Itzik Hagadol restaurant! Satisfying carnivores since 1995, this meaty haven offers a wide array of grilled meats, including juicy steaks, delicious burgers, succulent skewers, and a variety of side dishes and salads. You’ll love the warm and inviting atmosphere, friendly and attentive service, and family-friendly vibe. It’s the perfect place to take your out-of-town guests for an authentic Israeli barbecue experience. Pair your meal with fine Israeli wines and you’re in for a treat! But be warned, Itzik Hagadol is always in high demand, so don’t forget to reserve your spot in advance! Read more.

Abraxas North

Central Tel Aviv | Israeli food | Lilienblum 40

Abraxas North is a rockstar of a restaurant that will leave your taste buds singing! The menu is full of creative twists on classic dishes, like their heavenly truffle pizza and their mouth-watering pork belly. The cocktails are absolutely killer, and the laid-back atmosphere is perfect for a night out with friends. If you’re looking for a dining experience that’s equal parts hip and delicious, Abraxas North is a must-try. Be sure to stop at the amazing location before heading to their bar and dance-floor! It offers a unique atmosphere with dim lighting and cozy seating. Whether you’re looking to dance or just hang out and enjoy a drink, Abraxas is also great destination for a night out in Tel Aviv. Read more.


Central Tel Aviv | Mediterranean food | HaCarmel 15

Rumiyah is an amazing find, tucked away in a courtyard off the main street of the Shuk. The courtyard is surprisingly spacious, lush, and inviting. The menu centres around fresh and raw fish, with a mouth-watering grand opening service that includes many shareable plates. The Ceviche and Laboh, a Yemenite pastry served with fish tartar and bread, come highly recommended. In addition to the food, the restaurant offers a great selection of fine wines and doubles as a wine garden. Despite being new, it’s already one of the best dining options in Tel Aviv, and likely to become even more popular this spring. Read more.

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