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HaCarmel Street 15, Tel Aviv

Rumiyah is an amazing find, tucked away in a courtyard off the main street of the Shuk. The courtyard is surprisingly spacious, lush, and inviting. The menu centres around fresh and raw fish, with a mouth-watering grand opening service that includes many shareable plates. The Ceviche and Laboh, a Yemenite pastry served with fish tartar and bread, come highly recommended. In addition to the food, the restaurant offers a great selection of fine wines and doubles as a wine garden. Despite being new, it’s already one of the best dining options in Tel Aviv, and likely to become even more popular this spring.

With fresh ingredients from the neighboring market, the menu of bites are very delectable. We highly recommend the Israeli tomato-soft cheese salad that, of course, pairs well with one of their white wine selections. A solid menu, thirst-quenching beverages, cozy atmosphere – say less, we’re in!

Rumiya’s breakfasts are also not the most usual and common, they offer a combination of fresh fruits from the market, artisanal pastries from Urban Bakery, and a “deconstructed” version of the famous “Pita Panda” dish with eggplant, soft-boiled egg, beetroot chutney and salad. For those seeking a more traditional fare, the “Nadav’s tray” offers a classic breakfast experience elevated by unique cheeses and specialty spreads.

The atmosphere in the place is pleasant, the service is excellent, and Rumiya is a highly recommended destination for those seeking an unforgettable breakfast experience.

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