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Tel Aviv offers a diverse array of seafood restaurants, each with its own unique charm and flavours. From traditional Mediterranean dishes to contemporary seafood creations, there’s something for every palate, the sharpest palates as well as the most novice ones!

Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or a casual lunch, these fish spots offer a unique dining experience with a mix of fresh fish and seafood, often beautiful sea views and a relaxed atmosphere. Let us introduce you to some of the best fish restaurants in Tel Aviv, where you can indulge in delectable seafood dishes and enjoy the laid-back coastal atmosphere of the city.


Manta Ray

Central Tel Aviv | Beach Seafront and Seafood restaurant | Nahum Goldmann 4

Manta Rey is a true beachfront restaurant, located directly on the sands of the beach, just steps away from the crashing waves. The kitchen offers a unique and creative Middle Eastern cuisine, with all fish and seafood dishes prepared with love and passion by acclaimed chef Ronen Skinezis. The menu features a mix of traditional and modern seafood dishes, as well as a selection of local and imported fish. The restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful sea view, making it a perfect spot for a romantic dinner! Read more.


Central Tel Aviv | Fish restaurant in the Shuk | Khayim Khavshush 39

Merloza is a charming fish restaurant in the Shuk, run by a couple, Dor Even and Mor Hazan, who have a rich background in the restaurant industry. With experience in the kitchen and on the floor, they have opened Merloza with the goal of offering a simple and family-oriented dining experience. They have found the perfect spot in the Carmel market, and have been running the restaurant for three years. Their desire to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere shines through the dining experience at Merloza and the succession of delicious dishes. Read more.


Jaffa | Fish shop and Fish restaurant | Carlebach 29

Batshon is a fish and seafood restaurant that brings the freshest catch straight from the sea to the plate. From the fishing boats to the family fish shop and finally to the restaurant, the Batshon family ensures exceptional quality and freshness at an accessible price. The menu features a variety of dishes made with the freshest fish and seafood, and changes daily based on the catch of the day. Batshon opened in 1960, by the grandfather Tawfik Suleiman Betshon, a fisherman from Lod Lipo. The family tradition of fish and seafood has been passed on for generations and Batshon is the perfect spot for a true Jaffa fish restaurant experience.
Read more.


Central Tel Aviv | Fish restaurant | HaCarmel 15

Rumiyah is an amazing find, tucked away in a courtyard off the main street of the Shuk. The courtyard is surprisingly spacious, lush, and inviting. The menu centres around fresh and raw fish, with a mouth-watering grand opening service that includes many shareable plates. The Ceviche and Laboh, a Yemenite pastry served with fish tartar and bread, come highly recommended. In addition to the food, the restaurant offers a great selection of fine wines and doubles as a wine garden. Despite being new, it’s already one of the best dining options in Tel Aviv, and likely to become even more popular this spring. Read more.

Villa Mare

Central Tel Aviv | Meat and Fish seafront restaurant | Retsif Herbert Samuel 88

Villa Mare is a fish and seafood restaurant that offers a winning combination of good food and unique alcohol menu. The menu is inspired by the restaurant chef and offers great breakfast, lunch and dinner. It includes a variety of fish and seafood dishes, Mediterranean meats and Italian dairy, in a great European atmosphere with a turquoise and white decor. You can enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean while dining on delicious food, and cap off the meal with a selection of whiskeys from around the world. We recommend this  high-level culinary experience with a sea view! Read more.


Levinsky Market | Seafood restaurant with Anise selection | Nahalat Binyamin 115

Pimpinella, which means Anise flower in Latin, is a seafood restaurant located in the lively Levinsky Market. The restaurant is known for its extensive Anise drink menu and Mediterranean fusion cuisine. The menu features fresh fish and seafood sourced from the Jaffa port, as well as vegetarian and vegan options, with all vegetables sourced from East-Jerusalem. The restaurant boasts the largest Anise drink selection in Israel, the Middle East, and possibly the world, with over 135 varieties on display. All in all, Pimpinella is a vibrant, colourful spot for seafood lovers and Anise enthusiasts. Read more.


Central Tel Aviv | Seafood restaurant | Dizengoff 171

Goocha is a great seafood spot for both light and decadent dishes. With modern design, central location and a huge selection of fresh seafood and fish, Goocha offers a unique dining experience. The menu includes updated seafood dishes and surprising combinations of sea and land. The restaurant also boasts a world-class alcohol bar with Goocha wine and cocktails at tempting prices. With a trendy interior and outdoor seating, Goocha is a must-visit for seafood lovers. Book in advance as it’s a popular spot and there’s often a long queue for unreserved tables! Read more.

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Jaffa | Fish and Raw Fish restaurant | Shalma 13

Mansura is a fish restaurant which specialises in raw fish cuisine. It is located in the charming Selma Street in Jaffa, offering a great view on the Immanuel Church. The open kitchen and bar give the modernise garage where Mansura settle a very warm setting. The menu emphasises on raw fish, but also features excellent dishes from the Israeli and Mediterranean cuisines like pumpkin risotto, spaghettini with crab meat or even beef tongue terrine to offer a wonderful dining experience! Mansura also has a big coffee shop that makes it perfect for a casual stop! Read more.


 Central Tel Aviv | Grilled fish restaurant | Lincoln 16

Abie, a fish and seafood restaurant in Tel Aviv, is run by talented chef Asaf Doktor and his brother Yotam. Known for their obsession with local Israeli cuisine, the brothers bring fresh Mediterranean flavours to the table in a casual, yet modern atmosphere. The menu at Abie changes seasonally and features daily catches cooked over pomegranate coals in a large wood oven. This is the duo’s second restaurant, following the success of their first, Ha’Achim, which has become a popular spot in Tel Aviv. Read more.

Milgo & Milbar

 Central Tel Aviv | Seafood restaurant and bar | Rothschild 142

Milgo & Milbar is a must-visit seafood restaurant in Tel Aviv, run by acclaimed Chef Moti Titman. He is dedicated to create modern Israeli cuisine using the highest quality local ingredients and staying ahead of culinary trends. The menu features a variety of fresh fish and seafood dishes with bold Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours, which changes seasonally. The restaurant is located in a Bauhaus-style building in the heart of Tel Aviv and offers a light-hearted dining experience with clean, minimalistic lines. The atmosphere is enhanced by soft jazz music and wine list curated by Nave Solomon. We definitely recommend this location for a special occasion! Read more.


 Central Tel Aviv | Seafood restaurant | Ben Yehuda 256

Shtsupak is a seafood lover’s paradise! It is located close to the Tel-Aviv port where they source a variety of fresh fish directly from local fishermen. The restaurant has been serving seafood for over 27 years, and prides itself on the quality, freshness and authenticity of its ingredients. Sundays are special : the restaurant hosts a seafood festival, where you can enjoy seafood platters and draft beer for a fixed amount! Enjoy a unique culinary experience with a variety of salads, fish carpaccio, ceviche, tempura shrimp, grilled scallops, and much more. Read more.

The Old Man and the Sea

Jaffa Port & Kedem Jaffa | Seafood restaurant 

The Old Man and the Sea Restaurant in Jaffa (two addresses), founded in 1999 by Younes Ali, is a well-known spot that offers fresh Mediterranean food, a captivating sea view, and a unique atmosphere where different cultures come together to enjoy food. The menu includes fresh salads, fish, seafood, meat and a special deal that includes 18 different kinds of salads, warm oven baked pita breads, a lemonade jug, main course and coffee or tea. We recommend you end your meal with traditional desserts like Awameh pellets dipped in sweet syrup or a rich flavoured affogato. Read more.


 Central Tel Aviv | Authentic fish restaurant | Ben Yehuda 163

Barbunia is a hidden gem, known for its delicious seafood dishes, like freshly caught red mullet or fried calamari. Despite its rather unassuming exterior, the restaurant is a favorite among locals and offers great value for its quality food. Be prepared to wait for a table as it is a popular spot, but it’s worth it for the delicious and authentic seafood dishes served here. The restaurant has been in business for over 30 years, started by a couple Ezra Mermelstein and Mazel Cohen, and continues to be a beloved institution in Tel Aviv. Read more.

White Pergola

Old Tel Aviv Port | Fish waterfront restaurant | Yordei Hassira 1

Located at the Old Tel Aviv Port with its waterfront seating area, the White Pergola is an Oriental-style fish restaurant. The menu offers a variety of fresh fish and also meat options, as well as vegetarian dishes and even a kids menu! The menu is quite long. Middle-Eastern style, you can enjoy complimentary salads and bread with all the main courses. The White Pergola is a family-owned business where you will feel the warm and welcoming service, whether you are a regular or a new customer! We recommend strolling around the Old Port after your lunch! Read more.


Jaffa Port | Seafood and Fish restaurant on the port | Nemal Yafo 1

Hadayagim is a fish restaurant on the Jaffa Port. Owned by two professional fishermen, Aharon and Jacob, the restaurant offers a variety of fresh seafood dishes, including whole-baked fish and shellfish. The menu includes both traditional and contemporary dishes, and an extensive wine list. The atmosphere is warm and a bit rustic, decorated like a fish museum, with a romantic setting and amazing view of the port’s boats and fishermen. The prices are bit high, but the quality of the fish, the authenticity and service are worth it. Perfect after a visit of the Jaffa Port! Read more.

Derby Bar Dagim Fish Restaurant

Central Tel Aviv | Fish and Seafood restaurant | Brodetsky 43

The Derby Fish Bar has now two locations and the one in Tel-Aviv is  famous for its rich and excellent fish served with fresh house salads. Experience the world of the sea in all its glory, with a variety of fried, baked or even raw seafood dishes! The restaurant offers a quiet location with a very welcoming feeling, and can accommodate events for up to 80 people. You can find a large selection of pond fish, like mullet, and sea fish, along with sushi and seafood pasta: there is definitely something for everyone. Don’t hesitate to go for the delicious specials! Read more.

HaCarmel 40

Shuk Carmel | Fish Sandwich | HaCarmel 40

Hacarmel 40 is a small, unassuming stand in the Carmel Market, but don’t let that fool you. They serve up some of the most delicious and fresh fish sandwiches you’ll ever taste. The fish is fresh and flaky, the bread is toasted, and the toppings are perfectly balanced. Read More

Joseph ‘N’ Sons

Central Tel Aviv | Fish and Chips specialist | Malkhi Yisrael 10

Joseph ‘N’ Sons is a bar and restaurant near Rabin Square that specialises in fish and chips, but also offers a variety of other delicious fish dishes cooked on the plancha. The menu includes fish burgers, amazing fries, and a selection of tap and bottle beers to pair with your meal. The service is super warm and friendly, and the atmosphere is similar to an English pub. Order through the restaurant’s app for a quick and easy experience when you want to enjoy your Fish and Chips at home. Highly recommended! Read more.

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Carmel Market | Fish and Chips | Hillel ha-Zaken 18

FishAnd is a quick and easy option for a good Fish and Chips at the entrance of the Carmel market. As its name implies, the restaurant’s specialty is in serving the traditional English dish of fish and chips with a fun twist and original options. Choose your fried fish of choice between cod, haddock or plaice, and get your crispy fries and a nice draft beer to complement the experience. The menu also offers salads and yummy desserts. The restaurant’s atmosphere is casual and friendly, a real Carmel market experience! Read more.

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