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In recent years, Israel has become famous for being the ‘Startup Nation’. This is largely because of the amazing entrepreneurial spirit and highly skilled workforce, but also because of some amazing Venture Capital firms who have identified promising startups and ideas, and provided funding, advice, and support. Here is our Guide to some of the Best VCs in Israel…

We have divided this blog post into:

  • 1st Generation VCs – the godfathers of the Israeli VC scene
  • 2nd Generation VCs – newer VCs making an impact
  • Crowdfunding VCs – a powerful new model for VCs
  • International VCs with offices in Israel – some of the world’s best VCs getting in on the act

* Please note, data is correct as of August 2020. 

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First Generation Israeli VCs

Behind many of the most famous Israeli hi-tech companies are some amazing VCs! The Israeli VC market really took off in the 90s, with many of the top VCs still very active!


Founded in 1993 | Last round raised: 2020 (8) $175m | Number of exits: 53

With over $2 billion under management and investments in over 250 companies, Pitango invests in core technology across all stages, via two parallel funds: Pitango VC and Pitango Growth. They believe innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship are means to make the world a better place. Read more.

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Vertex Ventures Israel

Founded in 1997 | Last round raised: 2018 (5) $172M | Number of Exits: 42 

In the last 20 years, with over $1B assets under management across the Vertex funds, we have been privileged to partner with some of Israel’s best entrepreneurs, and joined their journey to success. Our experience, diverse backgrounds and down to earth approach can prove helpful to our founders in their journey to grow their companies and become industry leaders. Investment focus: Cybersecurity, cloud Infrastructure, e-commerce, big data & analytics, ag-tech, robotics, fintech, market places. Read more.

Find Jobs in Vertex Ventures’ Portfolio Companies: 

Dynamic YieldInnovizGuestySpot.ioSolaredgeVerbitZencity

83North (formerly Greylock)

Founded in 2006 | Last round raised: 2019 (7) $101m | Number of exits: 18

83North is a Venture Capital firm with global presence and over $1.2B million under management. They invest across all stages of consumer and enterprise companies and back some of the world fastest growing category leaders. 83North has two main offices in London and Herzliya. Investment focus: Enterprise software, fintech, consumer technology. Read more.

Find Jobs in 83North’s Portfolio Companies: 


Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP)

Founded in 1993 | Last round raised: 2018 (8) $220m | Number of exits: 35

Founded in 1993 under the famed Yozma program by Dr. Erel Margalit, Jerusalem Venture Partners has created and invested in over 120 companies in Israel, the US and Europe. With over $1.2 billion raised across 8 funds, and a rich network of strategic and business partners spanning the world, JVP has led some of the largest and most noteworthy exits out of Israel. Investment focus: Digital Media, Enterprise Software, Semiconductors, Storage and Cyber Security. Read more.

Find Jobs in JVP’s Portfolio Companies: 

CentricalHighconThetarayMore JVP Portfolio Jobs

Viola Ventures

Founded in 2000 | Last round raised: 2017 (5) $223m | Number of exits: 41

Viola Ventures is part of Viola, Israel’s leading tech-focused investment group with over $3B AUM. Founded in 2000, Viola Ventures empowers early stage start-ups to become global leaders. The fund manages over $1B and has backed some of Israel’s unicorns such as Payoneer, Lightricks, Outbrain, Redis Labs and ironSource. Read more.

Find Jobs in Viola’s Portfolio Companies: 

ironSourcePayoneerDynamic YieldSimilarWebVerbitGuestyCyberint

Magma Venture Partners

Founded in 1999 | Last round raised: 2014 (4) $150m | Number of exits: 19

Magma Venture Partners is a leading Israeli venture capital firm, dedicated to investing in Israel’s Information, Communications and Technology space (‘ICT’), including the software, semiconductor and new media spheres. They seek bright ideas at their earliest stages, and serve as a springboard for their entrepreneurs as they develop and evolve into industry leaders. They are committed to working with outstanding entrepreneurs who develop cutting-edge technologies locally, and together, spreading them globally towards becoming category leaders. Investment focus: Information, Communications and Technology (ICT). Read more.

Find Jobs in Magma’s Portfolio Companies: 


Gemini Israel Ventures – no longer investing

Founded in 1993 | Last round raised: 2008 (5) $150m | Number of exits: 34

A pioneer in Israel’s venture capital industry, Gemini Israel Ventures is a leading early and seed stage investor in the information technology arena. Gemini was the first venture capital fund that emerged from the Israeli government’s Yozma program in 1993. Gemini is a leading Israeli venture firm specializing in early and seed stage investments in technology companies. Investment Focus: Mobile, digital media, enterprise software, online services and semiconductors. Read more.

Find Jobs in Gemini’s Portfolio Companies: 


Genesis Partners – no longer investing

Founded in 1996 | Last round raised: 2008 (4) $85m | Number of exits: 32

Genesis Partners is a leading early stage venture capital firm that partners with exceptional entrepreneurs to build successful, fast-growing companies. Genesis believes technological innovation creates tremendous business opportunity, and shares this vision and passion with all of the entrepreneurs in which it invests. Investment Focus: Information and communication technology (ICT). Read more.

Feb 2019: sold all its holdings to Insight Venture Partners (US) except Riskified, Innovid, and Valens

Find Jobs in Genesis’s Portfolio Companies:

Giza Venture Capital – no longer investing

Founded in 1992 | Last round raised: 2008 (5) $100m | Number of exits: 47

Giza was founded by Mr. Zeev Holtzman and has been at the forefront of Israel’s venture capital industry for more than 20 years, supporting innovative entrepreneurs and helping them build great businesses. Since 1992, Giza has formed five venture capital funds and invested approximately $600 million in more than 100 start-ups and has achieved over 40 successful exits. Read more.

Find Jobs in Giza’s Portfolio Companies: 


Second Generation Israeli VCs

Following the huge success of the first generation VCs, there’s been loads of new players entering the VC market in the last 10-15 years, bring new ideas and approaches, and new investment focuses.

Aleph VC

Founded in 2013 | Last round raised: 2019 (3) $200m (additional smaller fund in 2020) | Number of exits: 3

Aleph is a venture capital fund focused on partnering with great Israeli entrepreneurs to build large, meaningful companies and impactful global brands. The firm that focuses on early stage companies from around the world. Read more.

Find Jobs in Aleph VC’s Portfolio Companies: 


lool Ventures

Founded in 2013 | Last round raised: 2017 (2) undisclosed | Number of exits: 3

lool Ventures is an early stage, value-add venture capital firm based in Israel. They invest in (or even start) young companies that create powerful consumer experiences, unique technologies or effective business models , to create high growth business opportunities in web applications and services. Read more.

Find Jobs in lool Venture’s Portfolio Companies: 



Founded in 2009 | Investment Focus: Advertising, social, mobile, impact, e-commerce and other technologies | Number of exits: 7

Rhodium invests in early-stage ventures in Israel, New York, and Silicon Valley. We focus on identifying and partnering with the very best and most promising entrepreneurs and innovators with a view to building disruptive, world-changing companies. Founded by Daniel Recanati, Rhodium works closely with passionate founders, first-timers as well as serial entrepreneurs in the fields of advertising, social, mobile, e-commerce and other exceptional technologies. Read more.

Grove Ventures

Founded in 2016 | Last round raised: 2020 ($123m) | Number of exits: 2

Grove Ventures is an early stage venture capital investment firm which places significant emphasis on deep technology and partners with exceptional Israeli entrepreneurs. With a quarter-billion dollars under management, Grove invests in leading startups developing hard-to-replicate solutions at the intersection of technology, science and applicable market needs. Its investment thesis is based on the premise that IoT, AI and Cloud Computing create a new set of investment opportunities in multiple sectors, including semiconductors, Industry 4.0, digital health and cloud infrastructure, among others. The fund’s core principles of putting people first, close cooperation and value-creation. Grove’s team, built of experienced investors, veteran entrepreneurs, and company builders, provides startups with the needed support to become great companies. Read more.

Find Jobs in Grove Portfolio Companies:


Glilot Capital

Founded in 2011 | Last round raised: 2018 (3) $110m | Number of Exits: 9

Glilot Capital Partners is an Israeli seed and early-stage VC, investing in the brightest and most extraordinary entrepreneurs in Israel. Their entrepreneur-centric mentality, including being one of the few VCs in the world that share revenue with the entrepreneurs they back, coupled with their experience in finding the right business opportunities, has positioned them in the top 5  best-performing Venture Capital Funds in the world (Vintage years: 2010-2014). Investment Focus: AI and Big Data.  Read more.

F2 Capital

Founded in 2003 | Last round raised: 2019 (2) $75m | Number of exits: 4

F2 is a specialized seed-stage VC fund for deep tech companies in Israel. At F2, we believe that the most scalable and impactful venture investments are software-enabled businesses that harness big data, AI, and Connectivity. Investment Focus: Big Data, AI, and Connectivity.  Read more.

Find Jobs in lool Venture’s Portfolio Companies: 



Founded in 2010 | Last round raised: undisclosed | Number of exits: 16

AltaIR is a VC fund with a portfolio of over 15o companies. They have managed to have over 20 successful exits. They manage funds that invest in the world’s most promising companies with disruptive ideas and great return potential. They invest in early and growth stage startup companies in various sectors. Their portfolio companies represent key players of the startup industry, top incubator graduates and promising teams. Investment focus: Fintech, insurtech, blockchain, SaaS, medtech, artificial intelligence, cyber, consumer and internet. Read more.

Find Jobs in AtaIR’s Portfolio Companies: 

Openweb (formerly, GuestySplitit

Maniv Mobility

Founded in 2017 | Last round raised: 2019 (2) $100m | Number of exits: 1

Driven by a commitment to a new mobility future, Maniv Mobility invest in and support the growth of early-stage startups from Israel and around the world. They focus on Autonomous Vehicles and Transportation companies. Maniv Mobility is enabling a new era of safer, greener, more accessible, less expensive and ultimately autonomous mobility by investing in cutting edge technology in Israel as well as the US. Investment Focus: Autonomous Vehicles, Transportation.  Read more.

Find Jobs in Maniv Mobility’s Portfolio Companies: 

Intuition RoboticsNexarOtonomo

Team 8

Founded in 2014 | Last round raised: 2016 (3) $16m

Team8 invest in companies and lead seed, A and B rounds, offering added-value beyond capital including domain expertise, deep operational and company building experience, an in-house team of go-to-market and talent hiring specialists and deep relationships with hundreds of enterprises through our village community. They go all-in with much more than capital, bringing unparalleled domain expertise and company-building experience, an in-house team of research, growth and talent acquisition specialists as well as deep relationships with hundreds of c-level executives of enterprises around the world.Investment Focus: Computer, Cyber Security, Network Security. Read more.

Find Jobs in Team 8’s Portfolio Companies: 

ClarotyIllusiveMore Team8 Portfolio Jobs

StageOne Ventures

Founded in 2001 | Last round raised: 2017 (3) $110M | Number of exits: 8

StageOne Ventures invests in exceptional founders of Early-Stage B2B Deep Tech start-ups in the Israel-Related Ecosystem. They build powerful partnerships that propel seed-stage entrepreneurs forward, from the initial innovation concept through additional quality rounds of funding to market leadership and impact. Their approach is beyond just funding, they create market access that young companies need, connecting them with technical expertise and honing their business skills with impactful insights. Read more.

Find Jobs in StageOne’s Portfolio Companies: 

Silverfort, Otonomo

Top Crowdfunding VCs


Founded in 2012 | Number of exits: 30

OurCrowd is a leading venture capital crowdfunding platform, founded in 2012 in Israel. OurCrowd’s experienced investment team identifies and conducts rigorous research on thousands of companies and venture funds to tap into cutting-edge opportunities across sectors and stages. Investment focus: Consumer products, energy, healthcare, information technology, software as a service, mobile, manufacturing, security, life sciences, clean-tech and e-commerce sectors. Read more.

Find Jobs in OurCrowd’s Portfolio Companies: 

Kryon SystemRewire, EdgybeesIntuition RoboticsInnovizFreightosUbimo


Founded in 2013 | Number of exits: 5

iAngels, one of Israel’s top-tier startup investment companies, is a next-generation venture capital firm. Powered by an online investment platform and actively managed funds, iAngels allows investors worldwide to gain access to the most exclusive early-stage technology companies based in Israel, focusing on four spaces of innovation: Enterprise Software, Frontier Technology, FinTech and Environmental Technologies.  Investment focus: Enterprise Software, Frontier Technology, FinTech and Environmental Technologies. Read more.

Find Jobs in iAngels Portfolio Companies: 


Top International VCs with offices in Israel

Battery Ventures Israel

Opened in Israel 2006 | Founded in 1983 | American

Battery Ventures is a global, technology-focused investment firm pursuing the most prominent companies and ideas. Founded in 1983, our firm makes venture-capital and private equity investments from six offices around the world. We work hard, but humbly, and are guided by data-driven processes. We seek out extraordinary business leaders who operate the same way. Read more.

Find Jobs in Battery’s Portfolio Companies: 

Minute MediaSisense

Bessemer Venture Partners Israel

Opened in Israel 2007 | Founded in 1911 | American

Bessemer Venture Partners is one of the oldest venture capital firms, tracing their roots back to the Carnegie Steel empire. It was born from innovations in steel that literally forged modern building and manufacturing. Today, they work with people who want to create revolutions of their own. Their partners help founders lay enduring foundations to create companies that matter, starting with seed and Series A investments and sticking with their companies at every stage of their growth. Investment Focus: Consumer, enterprise and healthcare. Read more.

Find Jobs in Bessemer Venture’s Portfolio Companies: 

CloudinaryCTERADriveNetsDynamic YieldFiverrIllusive NetworksOtonomoSisense

Blumberg Capital Israel

Opened in Israel 2012 | Founded in 1991 | American

Early-stage venture capital firm that partners with passionate entrepreneurs to innovate and build successful technology companies. They specialize in leading Seed and Series A rounds collaborating with angel investors, other venture capital firms and strategic partners. They are active investors and board members – operating as an extension of the entrepreneurs’ network. Read more.

Find Jobs in Blumberg Capital’s Portfolio Companies: 


Canaan Partners Israel

Opened in Israel 2014 | Founded 1987 | American

Canaan is an early stage venture capital firm that invests in entrepreneurs with visionary ideas. With $5B under management, a diversified fund and over 190 exits to date, Canaan has invested in some of the world’s leading technology and healthcare companies over the past 30 years. Investment Focus: Fintech, enterprise/cloud, marketplaces, frontier tech, biopharma, digital health and medtech.  Read more.

Find Jobs in Canaan Partners Israel’s Portfolio Companies: 


Innovation Endeavors Israel

Opened in Israel 2011 | Founded 2010 | American

Innovation Endeavors was founded in 2010 by Eric Schmidt and Dror Berman. They partner with “Agents of Change”— teams of hard-core technologists who are reimagining the largest industries in order to bring their visions to life. Dive deep into large, slow-to-move industries and rethinking previous assumptions about how individual companies and the systems around them behave. And support our founders by proactively creating new industry ecosystems that include Fortune 500 companies, academics, entrepreneurs and other industry leaders in order to make change happen faster. Investment Focus: Data, leading-edge computation and advanced engineering. Read more.

Find Jobs in Innovation Endeavors Israel’s Portfolio Companies: 

FabricKeyweeOwnbackupDynamic Yield

Insight Partners Israel

Opened in Israel 2019 | Founded 1995 | American

Insight Partners is a leading global private equity & venture capital firm investing in high-growth software and Internet-enabled Businesses. They are software experts who invest in ScaleUp companies. Every day Insight Partners works with exceptional founders and CEOs to help their companies grow and scale. They support companies in good times, as well as challenging ones. Read more.

Find Jobs in Insight Partners Israel’s Portfolio Companies: 


Sequoia Capital Israel

Founded in 1972 | American

Sequoia is a venture capital focused on energy, financial, enterprise, healthcare, internet, and mobile startups. The firm helps a small number of daring founders build legendary companies. Its spurs them to push the boundaries of what’s possible. The company was founded by Don Valentine in November 1972 and is based on Menlo Park, California. Read more.

Find Jobs in Sequoia Capital’s Portfolio Companies: 


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