Last updated April 4th 2024

Ariba! Are you looking for delicious Mexican food in Tel Aviv? You are in the right place! Mexican food is making a resurgence in Tel Aviv, with two amazing new street food restaurants opening up in the shuk – HaTaco and Los Gringos!

We’ve split this guide into Street Food and Restaurants – there are some really decent restaurants too! Enjoy!



Best Mexican Street Food


HaShomer 1 | Shuk HaCarmel

HaTaco is just one of those places where if you know, you know. The food-truck like atmosphere is a true gem inside of Shuk HaCarmel! Even though the menu solely consists of two tacos, they are made to perfection each and every time we return to this popular culinary joint. No matter whether we get the flavorful, mouth-watering beef or the fresh and tasteful bean option, we always leave with a very content stomach. Read More.

Los Gringos

Haim Havshush 35 | Shuk HaCarmel | Los Angeles style taqueria

Los Gringos is Tel-Aviv’s first Los Angeles style taqueria. Menu features tacos, burritos and quesadillas, which blend Mexican and Asian ingredients to create that unique West Coast experience. Their kitchen makes our soft corn tortillas fresh every day, as well as signature salsas and house pickles. Read More.


Rabbi Frenkel 7 | Florentin

We are pleased to introduce you all to the authentic yumminess that is Carnal! If you haven’t already discovered this gem of a Mexican Fast Food establishment, you’re really missing out. Grab some grub in the heart of Florentin… tacos, burritos, quesadillas; they have it ALL! Read More.

La Catrina

Nahalat Itzak 4 | Central Tel Aviv | New Mexican food

La Catrina offers a fusion of inventive concepts and authentic Mexican cuisine. Enjoy the homemade salsas, guacamole, spice blends, and delicious margaritas throughout the whole week. Who said margaritas were only for the week-ends? The restaurant offers hearty recipes meant to be shared among loved ones and provide a handcrafted, culinary experience for all. From fundidos, quesadillas, tacos, and enchiladas to an extensive assortment of margaritas, indulge in the Mexican way of life! Read More.

Best Mexican Restaurants


Vital 2 | Florentin | Mexican food

Mezcal is probably the most authentic Mexican food you’ll get in Tel Aviv (trust this statement, it comes from a Mexican). Their food is delicious, their salsas are what you want in a salsa, portions are big and price is reasonable. We know how tempted you’ll be to order the tacos, but trust us, try some more exotic dishes, you will love them! The restaurant prides itself on using high-quality ingredients and incorporating traditional Mexican techniques into its dishes and you can feel it. They also have an extensive mezcal and tequila selection – a particular highlight, making it a great spot for a night out with friends. Read More.

Le Mala

Shvil ha-Merets 5 | South-East Tel Aviv | Mexican food

Enter an old industrial complex in the Southeast of the city and discover the modern and innovative Mexican cuisine offered by Mala. The restaurant is a unique Mexican fusion of traditional and contemporary flavours. The menu features a variety of original and creative dishes, such as the grilled octopus with jalapeno aioli, the roasted beet salad with avocado creme, and the queso fundido with chorizo. The ambiance is super trendy, with artist workshops and galleries, and a lively bar scene hosting regular DJ nights, known as “Discotaco” which are incredibly popular! Read More.

La Otra

Hayarkon 66 | Central Tel Aviv | Mexican-Caribbean food

La Otra is a gorgeous gourmet place with fantastic Latin and Caribbean influenced Mexican food.  The chef here does fantastic work in mixing flavours, with exotic dishes and great local favourites – the grilled fish tacos are phenomenal! We also recommend you try the ceviche, empanadas, and grilled meats. In addition, this place shares the floor with the world renown Imperial bar, and the cocktails here carry that worldly fame justifiably. The restaurant also hosts regular salsa nights and other latino events, making it a popular spot for a fun night out with friends! Read More.


Yehuda ha-Levi 52 | Central Tel Aviv | Caribean food

Authentic Caribbean flavours, great mojito and great music, what more could you desire? Flatbush is a new Afro-Latin restaurant in Tel Aviv named after the neighbourhood in New York where Afro-American cuisine fused with Central American raw materials. The menu features plantain chips, spicy salsas, and grilled chicken with a unique marinade. Owner and chef Yigil Kadosh, who was born in New York to Israeli parents, has extensive experience with Mediterranean cuisine but decided to bring Afro-Latin cuisine to Tel Aviv. Flatbush offers a light and rhythmic atmosphere, exotic flavours, and affordable prices, making it a great spot to try something new in Tel Aviv. Read More.


Levontin 28 | Central Tel Aviv | Traditional Mexican food

Located directly across from Abraham Hotel, Taqueria offers a pleasant ambiance, delicious Mexican food and a killer margarita. For reasonable prices, Taqueria has a range of menu options featuring tacos, burritos and quesadillas made from fresh ingredients that you will enjoy in a very comfortable setting. The nachos are also excellent! We recommend you try a few starters before attacking the rest. Make sure to try the margarita flavour of the day — you can’t go wrong when they have strawberry. With such a convenient location, you can’t miss stopping by for some authentic food and a great place to reenergise! Read More.

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Bograshov 7 and Sarona Market | Mexican food

¡Ay caramba! Still looking for a new place to spice up your dinner plans? This tasty restaurant never lets you leave hungry. Their menu provides options for everyone — the vegetarian, the meat lover, those who don’t enjoy spicy, and those who think the hotter the better. It’s a great place to share with such large, and not to mention pricey, portions, however, with such a satisfying meal you might just want it all to yourself. Once you hit this delicious spot in Tel Aviv, you’ll never want to say adiós again. Read More.

This restaurant is available for delivery on 10bis. Download the app now and get 30 NIS off your first THREE orders with our special code SECRET30X3

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