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Bread is making a resurgence in Tel Aviv… as more luxury bakeries open selling unique challot, sophisticated baguettes, and delicious healthy speciality loaves. Here are some of our favourites…

Written by guest writer Zo Flamenbaum from Women’s Community School of Shine. If you’re passionate about cakes and would like to help us update this post, please send us an email (last updated 2017).


6 branches in Tel Aviv (+3 in New York): Hashmonaim 103, Ibn Gvirol 125, Shuk HaCarmel (HaCarmel 11), Sarona Food Market, Tel Aviv Nemal Food Market, and Azrieli Mall | KOSHER


One of my favourite places in Tel Aviv! Lehamim is a chain of kosher bakeries across Tel Aviv, with many kinds of breads inspired by bakeries from all over the world – be sure to check out their Round Challah! They have amazing cakes, burekas, sandwiches, pies, and cookies. In their sit-down branches (Hashmonaim 103 and Ibn Gvirol 125) they also have one of the best breakfasts in Tel Aviv – order your breakfast tray before they run out, with loads of cheeses, fruits, cakes, smoked salmon and tuna, and of course loads of different kinds of bread!

Lechamim is included in Secret Tel Aviv’s ‘Guide to the Best Breakfasts in Tel Aviv‘.


2 branches in Tel Aviv (+1 in Holon): Kremenetski St 4 and Marmorek 4 (opposite Habima)


Famous for the uber-healthy Nelson bread, Lachmanina has amazing treats for everyone! Some of our favourites include their Shakshuka sandwich, their delicious little sandwiches, and their chocolate and salty caramel pie. The Habima branch is a great place to sit down and catch up with friends (open till 11pm), and after 8pm all the leftover breads are half price. They also have tasty nibbles to try for free every time you go in.


5 branches in Tel Aviv – Yad Haruzim 13 (next to Coffee Bar), Ibn Gvirol 72 (next to The Brasserie), Weizmann 67 (Kikar HaMedina), Dizengoff 260, and Yehuda HaLevi 79 (inside the Delicatessen)


A truly French-inspired bakery. The hand of perfection is apparent in every detail of the Bakery’s design, service, pastries, breads and cakes. Berry-filled pastries, flaky croissants, golden muffins, tartes tatins, yeast cakes and buttery cookies seduce the eye, while the primordial odor of baking bread conquers the olfactory sense.

The Bakery is part of the R2M Group, the same owners as The Brasserie and The Coffee Bar. Initially the idea of The Bakery was conceived with the idea of enabling customers to take home all the baked goods from both restaurants, as well as from the Hotel Montefiore, Rothschild 12 and The Delicatessen.

Cafe XoHo

Gordon 17


Taking a bite of anything Cafe XoHo is like stepping into a warm embrace full of calm, love and sweetness. With their special homemade dishes and baked goodies made with love, Cafe XoHo not only warms up your appetite, but deeply dives into your soul to nourish, nurture, and comfort every single one of your taste buddies. Be sure to check out their amazing NY-style bagels, and of course the best cookies in Tel Aviv!

Cafe XoHo is also included in Secret Tel Aviv’s Guide to the ‘Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv’, ‘Best Breakfasts in Tel Aviv’, and ‘Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Tel Aviv’. It is also part of the Exclusive Secret Tel Aviv VIP Card Program, get a free delicious cookie with your meal, and collect your VIP Card from Cafe XoHo.

Lechem VShut (Bread and Co)

Ben Yehuda 128

Ain’t no carb like an Israeli carb. Lechem vShut is hands down one of the best bakeries in Tel Aviv. For the early risers who pass by their doors, the frosted aromas begin wafting in the early hours, and are countered by the lines out the door every evening thanks to their half off specials after 19:00. From pizza to blueberry muffins to shakshuka-stuffed bread bowls, Lechem VShut is an ever-inviting place with kind people, good music, great vibes, and the best baked goodies on the block.

Bread Story

Dizengoff 88


A cafe situated in the bustling center of Dizengof Street, Bread Story tells its tale through its scrumptious bread and bakery menu, kind service, and chill vibes. With daily specials, funky flavors and a commitment to customizing the bread to each dish, the end result is a story you won’t be able to stop biting into. An upgrade from your typical café menu, Bread Story will fulfill every one of your carb-y cravings, and yes, gluten free options are available too.

I Love Cupcakes

Dizengoff 300 | KOSHER


OMG, we do too! There is no denying the love affair of ‘I Love Cupcakes’ with everyone in Tel Aviv who, well, loves cupcakes. From small to large, from custom designs to the simply sweet, these cupcakes are just the few bites needed to brighten up any day. Their shop is filled with color and the aromas swiveling around the block are all thanks to this little corner shop which shares a whole lot of love, and of course, even more scrum-didly-umptious kinds of cupcakes.

Melibees Bakery 



Run by a Belgian Olah whose fallen in love with Israel and with baking simultaneously, Melibees Bakery is a rising star amongst many other small baking business. Melissa Fischler, owner of Melibees, made Aliyah four years ago. As of two years ago, she chose to follow her passion and has since been creating bundles of love in the form of macaroons, muffins, and all kinds of cakes, plus more. With a unique flavor, both in heart and oven, Melibees is the perfect place to get custom made orders for any special occasion, or just to simply treat yourself.

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