Shavuot is a Holiday that commemorates one of the most important events in Jewish history – when the Torah was given to us at Mount Sinai. To learn more about the holiday, check out our Shavuot Survival Guide.

The main traditions of this holiday are eating dairy foods and studying all night in the synagogue.

Shavuot is next Saturday night 19th May. There are lots of pre-Shavuot tasting events next week, and then lots of cool meetups next weekend. Keep scrolling down for the Best Events for Shavuot 2018 in Tel Aviv, or click here for full list of events.


Thursday 17th May – 10am – SHOPPING – Greek Sandals @ Herzl 16

We are beyond excitement to celebrate our newly designed showroom for the Shavouot Holiday יוון בלבן with the opening of the Herzl 16 rooftop gallery Thursday May 17TH | 14:00 -23:00 PM and Friday May 18TH | 10:00 -18:00 PM. Read more

Thursday 17th May – 5pm – FAMILY EVENT – Shavuot Near the House @ Neve Avivim

We invite you to celebrate Shavuot near the house. Thursday, May 17 at 17:00 in the Chess Garden – Tagore 26, Neve Avivim. A children’s show at 17:00. A creative workshop at 18:00: Creating Tene for Shavuot. Read more.

Friday May 18th – 12pm – FAMILY EVENT – Clicking! Celebrating Shavuot @ Independence Park

Celebrate weeks in a huge and joyous happening with amazing water slides in Independence Park, foam cannons, shows, a little children’s playground and lots more fun! Read more.

Friday May 18th – KABALAT SHABBAT – 7pm – Shabbat & Shavuot Weekend of Learning @ TAIS

Join hundreds of young Tel Avivians, Olim & Israelis alike, for our riveting weekend of Torah Learning & Spiritual Experience with Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn, Chazzan Israel Nachman and our A-List of Guest Scholars, Authors, Mystics and Public Figures with presentations in English, Hebrew and French! Read more.


8pm – Lavish Shavuot Dairy Cheesecake Dinner @ Tel Aviv International Synagogue

Join us for a festive evening as we kicks off the holiday of Shavuot with a delicious, mouth watering Dairy and Cheesecake Festival meal! Read more.

8pm – Shavuot Night Meal @ Goren Community  Center

The Goren Community invites you to participate in the festive meal with the participation of the community’s rabbi, Rabbi Chaim Idelis. Read more.

8.30pm – Shavuot Party and TEDTorah @ Chabad on the Coast

Joyous prayer services from 8.30pm, the TEDTorah from 11pm to 2am. Read more.

9.15pm – Sleepless in Tel Aviv and Rooftop Dinner @ Shalom Laam Center

ITV invites Tel Aviv’s Young Professionals 20’s and 30’s to our dairy gourmet rooftop dinner followed by sleepless in Tel Aviv. Read more.

11pm – Torah TED Talks @ Bar Kochva 18

This Shavuot, join us for TEDTorah, a series of talks by different speakers who will discuss ideas that challenge, inspire & uplift! Read more.

11.55pm – Shavuot All Nighter Tikkun Leil Shavuot @ Bar Ilan University

As in years past, members of the community will be giving various shiurium, on a plethora of topics, in tandem. Read more.


11am – Salim Shavuot Festival @ Ein Hod (NOT IN TLV)

The Shavuot Festival in Ein Hod. Live performances, concerts, designer stalls, workshops, art exhibits and more. Read more.

1pm – E-Boded Shavuot Party @ TEDER

We found reason to be excited about Shavuot ~ Teder invited us to do what we love to do! Three broad, both inside and mostly outside, from noon until we see fit. Read more.

1pm – Shavuot Open Air Party @ Tel Aviv Beach 

Its on! Wicked productions together with Beit hapsanter invites you to a Shavuot bonanza like no other! Read more.

1:30PM – Shavuot For Dog Lovers @ Beer Garden

What will be there: Tastes, treats and surprises. Talks and barking with the best veterinarians in the city – Gilad and Daniel Veterinary clinic. Cakes, fish cupcakes, named bones and lots of special pastries for dogs. Bouquets for dogs who love Shavuot. Explanations and conversations about the dog’s health revolution. Barking of happiness and cursing our allies. Read more.

2:00pm – Shavuot Afternoon Party @ Tangier

Clothes, food and especially the atmosphere that heralds the official arrival of the summer. And how we love the summer. So especially for this, we decided to celebrate the holiday at a refreshing summer party, one that will fill the holiday in the right atmosphere. Read more.

2:00pm – Dibur Shavuot Water Park @ Yamit 2000

Shavuot, one of three legs, some will say Harvest Festival, we adopt it to be our holiday. The white sensation, the pursuit of water, the unquestionable time of the summer’s opening, scratched us all over.  Read more.

3:00pm – Anomaly Shavuot White Sessions

After our last glittering sunset event, Anomali is proud to present: Shavuot in Laban, in a green paradise in the heart of Tel Aviv. Read more.

4:00pm – SundayWineday Shavuot Party @ Dizzy Frishdon

What is Tradition – Tradition is a system of culture of customs, rituals, opinions and beliefs, values ​​and rules of conduct handed down from generation to generation in a particular group or society. Read more.

5:00pm – Reggae Dancehall @ Michmoret (30 minutes outside of Tel Aviv)

After the huge magic we all experienced at the start of the season, we return to another festive tour in Shavuot with 4 DJs who will take you on a musical journey from Rottes, Dove, Arly Dancehall, Rab A Dove, Dancehall, Rajampapine and what moves us. Read more.


3pm Be Proud Shavuot @ Drama

We invite you to a folk dance marathon and dance until morning! Read more.

4pm – Shavuot Bustan FFF @ Secret Garden

Shavuot Shirazi and the FFF at an outdoor party in Bustan in the station compound. Let’s burn calories before the pride celebrations and take down all the cheese dishes you stuck during the holiday. Read more.

6pm – Zoti Shavuot @ Lima Lima

A day off during the week is definitely a cause for celebration – Sunday evening, just after you return from the sea, you will spend weeks with a special festive house. Read more.

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