Sun 20 May 2018 | 2:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Yamit 2000 - Yamit 2000 Water Park, Holon,

After a series of events that shocked the perception that people saw their way of entertainment, we have become a group of people for a large community that demands and emphasizes new places we have not yet mastered, a contemporary musical statement, content and concept that will touch and thrill at points we have already forgotten. We are a community that comes to be the talk in every conversation and live in anticipation of the next challenge to be expected.

A long brainstorming session led us to one desirable destination, a place most of you recognize as a forgotten summer experience and we saw in it the transition, the belief is to stretch the limit until you reach the desired result. Between slides, tropical trees, and climate designed for such an eventful quality. We went on a journey through the heart of the center, and we made a statement that there is speech and there is no location suitable for the water festival, the first holiday is weeks.

Everything happens-
There is a feeling in the air as if everything is happening all the time, the coming convergence will take us to the tropics, adorn ourselves with festive white clothes and produce every instinct that we have maintained with great restraint until this time. If everything happens all the time, then why not now?

due in-
Shavuot, one of three legs, some will say Harvest Festival, we adopt it to be our holiday. The white sensation, the pursuit of water, the unquestionable time of the summer’s opening, scratched us all over. Some will say the best holiday of the year, we are already wearing the holiday, there is a taste and smell of a new summer and the pursuit of a momentary release.


Sunday, at the point between the first days of harvest and harvest,
When the sun gives its signal 15:00,
The last star goes to sleep at 23:00.

Order received-
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