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King George St 25

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Good Pharm is the new businesses everyone is talking about, it is a small pharmacy with a big competitive advantage – they sell your usual drug store products for 10 NIS or less! They sell a wide range of products, mostly healthcare, of both low cost and popular brands and smaller size products of more expensive products.

Here’s some of the cool things we found…

10 NIS Sunscreen!

Good Pharm

10 NIS Tampons!

2016-08-21 13.39.44

10 NIS Deodorant!


2 diapers for 1.90 NIS!


With a $10 million investment, they opened their first store in King George 25 and they are expecting to open another 24 stores in the next year. They are also planning on selling over the counter medicine, all for up to 10 NIS.

Lowering their HQ and Marketing costs, they have a large margin over sales to be competitive to the biggest players in the market.

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