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Heihal HaTalmud St 3

 Shraddha is a Sanskrit word which quite simply can be defined as having a deep trust in the unknown.

It can also be viewed as a firmly held conviction in the life path that a person has chosen. Shraddha is present in the deepest emotions that we feel. It reflects our inner self, intuition and our virtues. The term can also be translated into taking a leap of faith.

​For me, opening this studio is an act of Shraddha. It was only when I moved to Tel Aviv four years ago that I noticed it was difficult for me to “find” my teacher and studio. It occurred to me that perhaps others felt the same way. This is why I took the dive and became a certified trained yoga instructor in the Embodied Flow Yoga Method. Currently the only instructor in Israel trained in Embodied Flow Yoga, my classes aim to encourage students to connect authentically to themselves through the practice of yoga. With a philosophy that exploring the body-mind on the yoga mat has benefits that can carry into other aspects of our lives.

​At Shraddha Yoga Studio, our intention is to create a laboratory of sorts where individuals can come as they are and explore their body, mind and spirit through different outlets and experiences. Through our diverse range of classes rooted in Eastern philosophy and traditional practices, we intend to build a studio and ultimately a community where likeminded people can connect.

Shraddha Yoga Studio has 3 core values that we incorporate into all of our classes, workshops and events. Yoga, Community, & Creativity Why? Because, Yoga heals. Community supports. Creativity liberates.

We look forward to connecting with you soon. Please check out our website to learn more about our classes and workshops and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.