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We first heard about SC Architecture Studio here at Secret Tel Aviv through our partnership with Bank Hapoalim’s new Digital Branch on Ibn Gvirol 161 in Tel Aviv… the design of the branch is incredible and we wanted to know who was behind it.


SC Architecture was founded by Sharon Cheshnovsky in 2013. The firm specializes in architecture and interior design for commercial, digital retail and office spaces. Clients include Bank Hapoalim, the Azrieli Group, the Israel Museum and many more.

Guiding Principles:

1. Functionality – Sharon Cheshnovsky’s projects are designed to generate the most value from the design. The firm uses advanced research and works directly with their clients to achieve maximum usage of space, customer flow and design branding.

2. Beautiful Innovative Design Solutions – High-end meticulous design is among the firm’s top priorities, which includes creative use of materials and custom building details.

3. Technology Integration – The firm specializes in the use of digital media incorporated into interior design elements to create cutting-edge spaces for an omnichannel commerce.

Sharon currently has a team of six architects and designers – including Esther Hershcovich, an Olah Chadashah from Canada – you can read her story here. The firm functions like a start-up, with quick turn-around and team collaboration on all levels of the project.


Spotlight on Bank Hapoalim’s Digital Branch

In 2014 Sharon entered a competition to design a new concept bank branch for Bank Hapoalim. The goal of the concept was to reach out to the younger generation of bank customers by reducing queueing time in the branch, improving in-branch customer support, and making the bank services accessible at a time that suits you. Bank Hapoalim wanted to build Israel’s first completely digital branch and their vision perfectly paired up with Sharon’s designs.

Sharon’s entry was chosen because her designs encapsulated:

  • Dynamic – bankers walk around the branch servicing the clients
  • Concept Store – fresh design that is everything but a traditional bank
  • Exhibiting – demonstrating new digital services
  • Appeal to a millennial generation

Poalim Digital

You can read more about Secret Tel Aviv’s partnership with Bank Hapoalim here.

We look forward to seeing more exciting designs from Sharon and her team!


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