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Dizengoff St 166

The New Kid on the Hamburger Block! And if the queues are anything to go by, this food kiosk on the corner of Herzl and Rothschild is already an instant success!

We loved their burgers – they are juicy and full of flavor. And spice it up with some exotic toppings like lobster, fried egg, and blue cheese. Also be sure to check out their delicious and unique potato cheese balls – mashed potato balls drowned in melted cheese!

Try and get there during non-peak hours when the queues can reach 40 minutes and the staff can get pretty stressed, and be prepared to pay – the burgers are pretty small and are slightly on the pricey side compared to other burger joints in the city. 

Susu & Sons bas a second branch on Herzl 6

This restaurant is included in the ‘Best Burgers in Tel Aviv’ Secret Tel Aviv Guide.


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