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Derech Salame 19, תל אביב יפו, ישראל

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Been to Rak Basar few times and it’s a pleasure to come there again and again.
The concept of the place is really cool- you get to see the meat and show exactly how you want (by eye) and not only by weight. It’s very useful in case you don’t know how 200 grams steak looks like. You just pick it by yourself and then it served to your table on a hot platter.
The platter made of two part- one is still cooking the meat (some meet takes longer to be ready) and the other part just warms it up, and you can always switch your dish from one part to another.
Of course it served with excellent vegetables, salads and many other good stuff, depends what you like.
There is also a wine you can have in an unlimited karafe. What can be better than good meat with some red wine!?
The ambiance of the place is very relaxed and cool!
It’s always a pleasure to visit.
If you don’t like to eat late at night and have a chance- go there before 7pm for business lunch which gives you 40% off all the meats. Just pay attention, in order to get a discount you should finish the meal by around 19:00.


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