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Tel Aviv Port

Performances at Hangar 11 and those in other venues will be completely different – whether in the unique lighting, on the giant stage, in the arrangement of the private hall or in the crazy amplification. The idea is simple, each event is special and each event will be different from the one before it.

Hangar 11 was founded in the 1990’s by Zeev Isaac, after a number of years in Israel, Ze’ev decided that it was time to establish an innovative space in Israel that could host performances on an international level, creating a Hangar 11. The hangar, which was then used as a storage room for ceramics and was wrapped in dangerous buildings to be demolished inside the Tel Aviv Port, Which is today, soon became a central place in the cultural life of Tel Aviv.

A decade ago, the hangar was rebuilt and became the hangar you know – a machine oiled for amazing events.

This venue is included in the ‘Live Music in Tel Aviv‘ guide!


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