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Kfar Vitkin

Category: ActivitiesTags: Wineries

This family owned business boasts some of the finest wine in the country, and claims to be a pioneer in the Mediterranean approach to winemaking. They began in 2002, selling more generic brands, which didn’t gain them much publicity. So, they took their product to the next level. Now, they have four different series of wines: Vitkin, Israel Journey, Dessert Wines, and Shorashim. Each one is unique. For example, Vitkin uses grapes that were brought to Israel by Baron Rothschild himself in the 19th century! The tour allows visitors to see the 75 year-old home where it is based, and then provides a wine tasting in what used to be the living room. Call in advance to get a more in-depth tour of the facility. They also have a special wine club that hosts cool events.


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