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Menorat HaMa'or St 3

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Escape room on the border of Tel Aviv and Givatayim.

1. Casino Secret – Can you pull of the largest casino robbery in history? 2-6 people.

2. Pirate Cabin – The Cannibal Pirate has you locked up in his cabin, and is going to each you for lunch in 1 hour. Can you escape before you end up on his plate? 2-6 people.

3. Exodus – Can you escape from Egypt?! 2-4 people.

4. RadioActive – You’ve been transported back to Chernobyl, 1 hour before the reactor explodes. Can you prevent the explosion at the atomic reactor?! 2-6 people.

5. The Morgue – you are locked in a morgue, with a dead company as company. Find out how he died before you are the next one on the examination table. 2-6 people.

This is featured in our Guide to Escape Rooms in Tel Aviv.


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