Address: Shemalah Street 10
Tel Aviv-Yafo
MOLET is an eco-social, modular furniture system made from upcycled wood pallets.

It comes from nature, just like us. When wood is turned into pallets, those pallets have a very specific purpose. The problem is once that purpose is served, it’s all over for them. So rather than letting them go to waste, we thought, why not expand the cycle? So now these ex-pallets have become MOLET, short for MOdulate your palLET. They have a whole new purpose, serving as your new furniture – the best retirement plan a pallet can have, really.

It’s built for change, just like us. The cycle doesn’t end there; your modular MOLET will keep changing according to your needs. You can alter your MOLET’s composition: rearrange bars, shelves and pins and constantly change it just as your own life changes. Your MOLET will fit perfectly in your kitchen, in the living room, in your working space and anywhere else.

It’s one of a kind, just like us, and that’s because YOU make it. You can order one of our kits to assemble at home, or you can stop by our workshop and make your MOLET from scratch with us – you’ll get all the tools and instructions you need and even your own serial number. If you have your own workshop and the tools needed, great! You can download our instruction sheet for free and build your MOLET all on your own.

It’s tailor-made, just like us. Mass production hides flaws well. But we love our MOLET just as they are, handmade and carrying their own story in every scratch. We believe in local production and in being part of the community – In Tel Aviv, in Buenos Aires or anywhere else in the world.

It’s made of unique parts, just like us. We’re an interdisciplinary team consisting of architects, industrial designers, graphic designers and other creatives. Each of us brings their own point of view, making MOLET that much more interesting.

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