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Locked has two locations in Tel Aviv… Tchernikovsky 26 (near the Shuk) and HaPelech 3 (in Jaffa):

HaPelech 3 Jaffa:

1. TESYS 2.0 (HaPelech 3) – Artificial Intelligence has taken over the lab. You have 60 minutes to shut it down before it finds you out! 3-6 people.

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Tchernikovsky 26:

1. The Secret Lab – Lab-66 is a secret R&D Center in Tel-Aviv that develops new types of weapons. One day Dr. Alexander Kogan, one of the leading scientists in the Lab, suddenly disappears. Probably something went really wrong there. Your team needs to enter the Lab and check it out… 2-6 people.

2. The Crime – The worst-case scenario happened. Dr. Kogan was found dead at his apartment. You are the main suspect! Therefore, you are requested to proceed to the Locked Security Department! 2-5 people.

Locked is featured in Secret Tel Aviv’s Guide to the Best Escape Rooms in Tel Aviv.


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