Volunteering is one of the best ways to give back to the community, plus it is fun and you get to meet awesome people in the process! There are loads of great organizations and charities that need your help in Tel Aviv. Scroll down for a list of some of the best ways to volunteer in Tel Aviv.

OneDay Social Volunteering


OneDay Social Volunteering is an awesome organization that organizes one-day volunteering events. Their goal is to enable young adults ages 18-35 to socialize with other people their age while volunteering in a way that fits into their day-to-day schedule. Some of their events include volunteering in Youth organizations, shelters, elderly homes, beach cleaning, food packaging for the needy, building homes and more! More info


Aluma assists young men and women who are at the crossroads of key decision-making – towards entering the circle of meaningful army service, higher education and employment. More info

Arab Jewish Community Center in Jaffa

The Arab-Jewish Community Center in Jaffa, Israel is a unique meeting ground that caters to more than 3,000 Jewish, Muslim and Christian members. Located in the marginalized neighborhood of Ajami, the AJCC constitutes an extraordinary model for coexistence activities between Jews and Arabs. More info

La Escuelita en Israel

La Escuelita is an education and community organization that works alongside the community of Latin workers in Israel. The goal is to preserve Latin culture and aid their integration into Israeli society. At the same time La Escuelita offers a homework help center and a interaction space for children and youths of the community. The organization is formed by Latin and Israeli volunteers. More info

Save a Child’s Heart

Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) mends hearts regardless of race, religion, gender or nationality. Every 29 hours one of their doctors save the life of a child with a heartdefect from a developing country at the Wolfson Medical Center in Israel. Thousands of children are alive today because of a small group of medical professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to perform life-saving cardiac surgery and train local medical personnel. More info

SPCA Animal Shelter

SPCA Israel takes in abandoned animals and tries to find adopting homes for them. They provide various services to the community: a veterinary clinic with subsidized prices, a boarding facility for pets, rescue and collection of animals in trouble and a department of education and guidance. More info


Elifelet’s vision is to save the refugee children from the cycle of suffering in which they are entrapped, by ensuring their physical and emotional well-being, advancing their development and facilitating their adjustment to the Israel school system. More info

African Refugee Development Centre (ARDC)

The African Refugee Development Center is a grassroots, community-based, non-profit organization that was founded in 2004 by African asylum seekers and Israeli citizens, in order to assist, protect and empower African refugees and asylum seekers in Israel. More info

Eritrean Community Women’s Center

The Eritrean Women’s Community Center (EWCC) is a grassroots initiative in Tel Aviv set up to support and empower Eritrean refugee women living in Israel. It is the only one of its kind in Israel, developed and run independently by asylum seeking women from Eritrea. They aim to provide Eritrean women with a safe environment where they can access support and information in their own language. More info

Fidel Association

Association for Education and Social Integration of Ethiopian Jews in Israel. Their aim is to identify and prevent the dropout of Ethiopian youth in the education system. Fighting the phenomenon of violence and addictions of Ethiopian youth. Developing and implementing social programs to promote the integration of Ethiopian-Israeli youth into Israeli society. Strengthening the connection between children and their parents within the family and encouraging parents to participate in their children’s education. More info


Hiddush is an advocacy and public education organization that works to strengthen Israel as a Jewish and democratic state and to realize the promise of Israel’s Declaration of Independence, so that the State of Israel… will uphold freedom of religion and conscience and ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion. More info


The Lasova Association cares for the basic needs of every person. Through their three restaurants, they provide a hot lunch for more than 2000 people, caring for more than 100 homeless people through their six roof shelters, and caring for about 1,000 children through 19 youth homes spread between Kiryat Shmona and Arad. More info


LATET – Israeli Humanitarian Aid (Hebrew for “to give”), was established in order to reduce poverty, for the sake of creating a just and better society by: providing assistance to needy populations on a universal basis, mobilizing the civil society towards acts of giving kindness and mutual responsibility and leading change in the national priorities. More info

Magen David Adom

Magen David Adom, in conjunction with the Israel Experience, has the perfect program for you. Come make a difference in Israel! Be trained as an ambulance first responder (EMS) or senior first responder. Volunteer on ambulances throughout Israel. Where else in the world can you do this? Be on the forefront of emergencies in Israel! More info

Mothers Make a Difference

Mothers Make a Difference has a goal to receive donations to help provide the necessary care for babies and children living below Israel’s poverty line. Mothers Make a Difference primarily acts as an umbrella organization, redistributing donations of new and used baby equipment and supplies. More info


A shared organization of Jewish and Arab citizens, working to implement full equality on all levels between the Arab Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel. The organization’s agenda and activities are derived from a regular and open dialogue between Arabs and Jews. More info

Volunteer in Jaffa, Israel

The Jaffa Institute English tutoring program operates each afternoon at a different government primary school in Jaffa. Program volunteers work once or more times each week for an hour and a half with the same one to three children aged 9 to 11. The objective of the program is to use your natural ability as English speakers to give the pupils exposure to and practice in speaking and understanding the English language. Teaching materials and guidance are provided by the program. For volunteering, contact Marc at 054-7552014. More info

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