Sun 11 March 2018 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
WalkMe - Walter Moses 1, Tel Aviv,

Are you a manager? Is your next career step to be one?
Do you struggle with all the tasks you need to handle as a manager? Aryeh Brickner, a veteran manager, who also coaches managers will be the guests speaker of Women in Digital Israel in our upcoming workshop. In this workshop Aryeh will reveal skills Managers need to possess. The following topics will be discussed:

1.Management as a profession.
2.The difference between a manager and an employee
3.What do managers do?
4.Important Managerial Traits.
5.From Management to Leadership.
6.Leadership and multi-culturalism.
7.Leadership styles and their importance.

About our speaker: Aryeh is a veteran manager of mid-sized to large company’s both private and public. He is passionate about management and leadership and has been lecturing on a range of managerial issues for years. He regularly blogs about the topics, and offers concrete practical suggestions on how to improve people’s management and leadership skills.

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