Last updated February 9th 2015

unnamed-6 (MY Miki Buganim Make Up Bag)

I started my blog writing about fashion, then dating & love and i found out that even i was posting beauty products and make up, it was not enough for me. I would like to go further in order to give you more tips, that’s why i decided to start the MIKI BUGANIM MAKE UP SCHOOL in Tel Aviv, Israel.

This Make Up School is one of the Best Make up School in Israel. Miki, is the founder of the school and he is one of the most amazing and talented make up artist in Israel but not only that, he is also working in fashion and extremely famous as a hair dresser.

After 6 months you got a International Diploma and you are able to work everywhere. I started 3 weeks ago and i really like it, the atmosphere is relaxing and you are working with guys and girls which i think is challenging and amazing. We got different teachers for every classes and at the end of the 6 months we get a little “exam” with a small shooting in order to show what we can really do or not outside!

You can Always check on the Link i will post below. EnJOY ;)