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Mazeltov on your engagement!!!

Now that you’re engaged, where do you start? Starting the exciting process of organizing your wedding is a very exciting time, but it can also be a rather stressful time for couples when deciding on a venue, setting a date (which season and day of the week will suit the couple, with regards to religious aspects and budgeting), finding the right service providers for your tailor made occasion, your guests… so many details to consider, the list seems to be never ending… where do you start!!! This guide will help point you in the right direction for answering all those questions.

So then what are your options when planning your dream wedding? Where do you start? What is the first step in starting the ball rolling when it comes to planning your wedding and who do you contact in this process?

There are 2 options in Israel – use one of the many amazing boutique wedding planners, or Do It Yourself.

At the bottom of this page we also have our very own directory of wedding vendors and Jonny gives some lessons from planning his wedding.

1. Boutique Wedding Planners in Israel

A wedding planner is a fantastic option as they will start by meeting up with the bridal couple and discuss all the details in organizing your magical day. They will literally plan everything for you, from photographer to venue, from wedding cake to DJ… they will also assist you and guide you with regards to your budget, guests, family (we all have that one family member, let’s be honest!) and assist with putting together a package that will tailor suit the bridal couple.

After getting to know the couple they will then propose how they might be helpful and present the couple with a contract for the wedding planners’ services. Typically they will be a combination of services, depending on your needs and according to your budget.

Here are a few who have been recommended in the Secret Tel Aviv Facebook Group:

2. Do It Yourself Wedding

When in doubt, Google!

Whilst this is possibly the most cost effective and can be loads of fun, it can also be rather challenging and stressful.

This method requires creative input from both partners and family or friends you have decided to include in the planning of your wedding day and requires plenty of time in organizing the finer details from start to finish – be assured that things may not go according to plan, but this is definitely the way to save costs and puts loads more fun into the planning process, with a close and personal touch from all loved ones – sentiment at it’s best!

Another great idea is to check out DIY websites for wedding ideas and to create table décor from scratch for instance. There are endless ideas according to colour and style for your day and will give you great ideas that are simple yet beautiful, guaranteed to impress your guests and copy write of Your’s Truly!

My Day blog (part of YNet)


A beautifully presented blog page filled with lots of creative and beautiful ideas, including breath taking pictures of recent weddings and occasions. My Day Blog is available in Hebrew and English. The Blog page consists of breaking down styles of weddings, recent weddings or occasions, DIY ideas, lists of amazing vendors

It also breaks down the different styles of weddings for instance Rustic weddings, Beach weddings and so on, enabling you to cut straight to your style of choice, instead of sifting through styles that do not interest you.

It’s jam packed with beautiful pictures and amazing DIY ideas that is bound to get your mind racing with hours of throwing ideas around, whether it be for your table decor or ideas to keep your guests entertained.


Website |  Facebook 

Mitchatnim is a fantastic wedding directory and a very well organized one indeed! It includes loads of contacts and very organized ensuring you find your vendor of choice, whether it be the venue, photographer, DJ, florist…. the only problem, it is only in Hebrew!

It also offers valuable information regarding Rabbinate, how to get registered, Kama Kesef (a wedding calculator), valuable information of management of your guests and guidance on setting a date, to name a few.

I real must in checking out!


Website | Facebook

Hatankala is an event portal with a wide collection of information and tools to use when browsing for your special occasion whether it be planning the event from start to finish or even if you are just looking for a vendor for your special occasion. It may not be the prettiest of directories but it has valuable information and tools to use in finding vendors, tips on how to save and budget finances for the event, steps in planning your wedding and loads more… they even offer a free wedding consultant that you can send any questions you may have regarding your event, You can send her questions about quotes, recommendations on suppliers and many more.

Smashing The Glass

Website | Facebook

An absolutely wonderful Blog that you can choose weddings by country, find vendors, get great and insightful advise and planning tips and information, even regarding converting to Judaism,  cool jewish music for your wedding, jewish wedding traditions explained – overall a very informative blog page, beautifully presented and extremely helpful.

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Fernanda and Jonny September 18th 2014

Our very own Jonny got married in September last year. Here are some of the things he learnt during the whole process.

” We had an amazing rural rustic wedding in September 2014… we spoke to a few wedding planners but in the end we opted for a DIY Wedding…


Location: Ohel Yael (North Israel) – I had been to a wedding here a few years earlier and it had been one of my favourite weddings ever. When Fernanda saw the place she also fell in love with it. Located on the side of a mountain overlooking Yodfat, Ohel Yael can fit 250 people and also has room for people to camp over (which 50 of us did!).

Caterer: The Giraffe and the Crocodile – Fernanda had been to a wedding in the North and remembered how amazing the food was – one quick call later and we found out they are one of the main caterers for Ohel Yael. It was that easy! The food was amazing (barbecue and salad), and they also helped us organise the bar, midnight pizzas, and the florist.

Bar: Shotei HKfar – Tal was an absolute pleasure to work with. Again, this was a vendor that was connected to the venue, and they were amazing! It was a set fee per person, plus additional costs for barmen and a little bit extra every hour after our allotted time – and worth every shekel. Nobody was without a drink and they even made delicious custom caipirinhas.

Flowers and Design: Shani Kombelis – One word for Shani: Amazing. She was so relaxed during the whole process, and her flower designs were truly beautiful. We also knew we wanted some lanterns and ribbons – so Fernanda and I took a trip to South Tel Aviv and bought a load of stuff, and Shani set it all up beautifully.

Photographer: Liron Erel – we were recommended a few photographers, but Liron’s photos really stood out as everyone is smiling in them. We had to fight hard to get him (he’s a busy guy), but his photos from the day were incredible. Also super-chilled to be around on the day!

Videographer: Hen Makhluf – close friend of Liron, Hen studied film at University and you can really tell by the amazing composition of his videos. One of the highlights of the day was his parter Guy, who filmed Fernanda throughout the day, and even gave her a ride to the wedding!

Rabbi: Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn – Rabbi Ariel is the Rabbi from my local synagogue the Tel Aviv International Synagogue on Frishman. He is from the US, but moved to Israel a few years ago and is now building a beautiful community here. We met him twice before the wedding – the first time to plan the ceremony, and the second time so he could learn more about us. On the day he was super relaxed and officiated an amazing ceremony – and also made a lovely speech about the two of us.

DJ: Aviv Doron, DJ Fresh – a recommendation from a friend who manages a few bars, Aviv was awesome. He played a huge variety of music, from the golden oldies all the way to today’s club tunes, with a bit of Brazilian music in between. Top DJ and top guy!

Dance: Lee from Dance Tel Aviv – kicking and screaming Fernanda dragged me to dance classes for our first dance. We opted for a swing version of Rock Around the Clock. Lee made the lessons a lot of fun and the final routine was great! ”

Written by Nicole Armitage. Nicole is a new Olah from South Africa, where she worked as a wedding planner. “I had the privilege of working at a beautiful wedding venue in my hometown of Durban, South Africa, with the most incredible team! With my valuable experience in weddings, and coordinating hundreds of weddings, from planning the wedding till the very end, I have learnt weddings are definitely a celebration of so many emotions – and wow, there is definitely so many emotions flying around on the day, each and every bridal couple I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with has left a foot print on my heart. Favourite Moments Coordinating a Wedding? Has to be the first time the groom sees his bride, the expression on his face is so special and their first dance officially as Mr & Mrs always got me good!”