They’ve done it… they’ve really done it! Starting this weekend, Tel Aviv is introducing buses on Shabbat! Even better, they’re free, they’re regular (every 30 minutes), and they follow really well thought-out, innovative routes. A big thanks and kol hakavod to Meital Lehavi and everyone else at the Tel Aviv Municipality involved in this initiative!


  • Starts this Friday 22nd November 2019.
  • During winter the buses will run on Fridays between 6pm and 2am, and on Saturdays between 9am and 5pm.
  • There will be six lines and 526 bus stops!
  • The buses will be FREE!


Finally, more routes to Jaffa from Central Tel Aviv. Three of the six lines (705, 706, and 707) will pass through Jaffa, with starting points in Kikar Rabin, Dizengoff Center, Rothschild, Ibn Gvirol, North Tel Aviv, and the Park.


Great news for everyone living around Rothschild and Lev Hair, this is a central area for bus routes, with four of the six lines passing down Rothschild (706) or intersecting with Rothschild (707, 708, 709).

Fun Activities Open on Shabbat

While most shops and businesses close on Shabbat, there are a few areas in Tel Aviv that are bustling with activity on Saturdays, and the new bus routes connect with them all!

There’s obviously the beach (705 and 710 pass down Ben Yehuda, 708 and 709 pass down Dizengoff) and Park HaYarkon (706, 707, and 709), and Jaffa mentioned above.

If you’re looking for restaurants and retail therapy, take a trip to the Namal / Tel Aviv Port (708, 709, 710), Sarona Food Market (709 and 710), and HaTachana (705 annd 706).

Feeling cultured, or just looking for activities to distract the kids? Check out the museums near Tel Aviv University (706) and Cinema City (709).

Visiting Friends Outside the Bubble…

Ramat HaSharon – say hi to your successful friends with the 706 and 707 buses.

Ramat Aviv – say hi to your friends with kids with the 706 and 709 buses.

Ramat HaChayal – say hi to your Tel Aviv wannabe friends with the 708 bus.

Givatayim – say howzit to your South African friends with the 705 bus.

Cool Resources to Read More

The buses, and Tel Aviv Deputy Mayor for Tel Aviv responsible for Transport Meital Lehavi.

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