Last updated January 2nd 2019

Dance to keep fit, dance to learn a new skill, dance to make friends… Whatever your reason… Dance Like Nobody’s Watching! Scroll down for the best dance schools, dance fitness classes, and pole dance studios in Tel Aviv. 

Best Dance Schools in Tel Aviv

Dance Tel Aviv

Dizengof 98

Tel Aviv’s premier dance studio, Dance Tel Aviv has group classes and private classes across all levels and lots of different types of dance – including Salsa, Tango, Waltz, Ballet, Lindy Hop and Ballroom. The best way to check them out is attend one of their free monthly Open House evenings. Read more.

Bikurey Ha’Itim Dance School

Heftman 6

Bikurey Ha’Itim is a full dance school and university, with both full-time and part-time courses (full-time for students aged 18-22). Evening classes are open to everyone, and include Zouk Lambada Brazilian Dancing, the awesome Holy Lindy Land Swing Dancing, Argentine Tango, Cuban Salsa, Folk, and ball room dancing. Read more.

BeStreet Hip Hop Studio

Bialik 83, Ramat Gan (Corner Jabotinsky)

Israel’s first exclusive Hip Hop Dance Studio, BeStreet offers classes across all levels and hip-hop dance types – including modern hip hop, breakdance and LA hip hop. Read more. 

Beck Dancing Tap Dance School

Rehov Rockach 118, Ramat Gan

Beck Dancing is run by Yuval and Lisel Beck. Yuval is considered one of the leading tap dancing instructors in Israel, and Lisel is one of the top Jazz instructors in Israel. Classes are taught in Ramat Gan, in an energetic and humorous atmosphere, and various techniques are introduced. Read more.

Dance Fitness in Tel Aviv

Studio Naim

Mendele 9 (corner of Ben Yehuda), Salame 46Rothschild 4, Maze 42, Washington 29 (Jaffa), and Shimon HaTsadik 18 (Jaffa). | Tel Aviv

If you want to dance to get fit, Studio Naim is the perfect place for you. Naim has three locations, nine studios, and over 250 weekly classes, dedicated to different dance and fitness practices, including Gaga Dance, Modern Jazz, African Dance, Ballet Basics, and lots more (most dance classes are out of their Derech Shlomo branch). Many of the classes are taught in English or are bi-lingual. Read more.

Studio B

George Wise 30, Tel Aviv

The place where dance meets fitness. Dance classes include: Jazz, Afro Jazz, Breakdance, Hip Hop, Ballet, Pole Dancing, Salsa and more. Plus they have all the regular fitness classes like yoga, pilates etc. Read more.


Leyzer Dance Studio

Kehilat Venetzia 10

Located in north Tel Aviv, past Tel Aviv University, is the Leyzer Dance Studio. They have top-class teachers and classes for all levels and ages, including salsa and pole dancing. Read more.

Pole Dancing in Tel Aviv

Funky Goddess Pole and Dance Studio

Komfort 4

Israel’s first pole dancing studio, Funky Goddess has pole dancing classes for all levels, plus lots more like twerking and strip dance lessons. Read more.



Carlebach 25, Tel Aviv

Midtown Dance Centre is the flagship branch of the Israeli Center for Dancing on a Pole. The studio is located in the center of Tel Aviv, and offers pole dance plus aerial hoop and TRX. Read more.



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