Last updated November 14th 2022

Apps are an essential part of Israeli life … Keep scrolling to check out what we believe to be the best, necessary phone apps you should seriously consider having on your phone:


Wolt and 10BIS have been around for a while now serving delicious restaurant deliveries directly to your front door. Deli by Yango has recently entered the food delivery market, delivering fresh groceries from some of Tel Aviv’s favoritie food stores to your home within 15 minutes… great if you’re looking for a bottle of milk or delicious home-cooked meal.

Yango Deli

Yango Deli is the perfect service to get anything from a grocery store straight to your door step in 15 minutes or less. With branches where all the freshest and delicious grocery foods are stored, you can easily order milk, eggs, snacks, anything and everything that is considered a grocery. They also partner up with some of Tel Aviv’s favorite shops for some luxury treats!

The deli service is rapidly growing, available in Tel Aviv, Holon, Bat Yam and most recently in Rishon LeTsiyon. It is also available on Saturday!




Wolt has become the fourth emergency service over the last year, their fleet of fearless drivers delivering food from the best restaurants in the city. There are over 100 restaurants and 35,000 options listed (!), anything from street food to fine dining, with most delivering to Tel Aviv in under an hour. They also have cocktails and ice-cream for a romantic night in!

It has real-time tracking status, customer support that usually responds within minutes, and users can pay however you wish (Credit Card, Apple Pay, cash). It’s the perfect food app for Olim, English speakers, and tourists.




10bis started as a corporate solution for office employees, before they opened their app to the public. They have many of the same restaurants as Wolt, but they also have special offers and much greater coverage around Israel – with 7,000 restaurants listed across the country! You can spot their drivers with the distinct orange boxes!







Buses are an essential way of getting around the city, but bus stops can be confusing and things rarely run on time. Moovit will tell you which buses you need to take to get from A to B, give you directions to the bus stop, and with with real time tracking it pretty accurately predicts when the next bus is coming (really clever Israeli technology).

Most buses in Tel Aviv no longer accept cash, but you can pay via the Moovit app – a super useful feature.

All local transit options in one app: buses, trains, bikes, car rentals, and more. Moovit really is the best app for all urban mobility.




Bubble is awesome! Powered by more clever Israeli technology, Bubble Dan is an easy and affordable way to get around the city. The on-demand, shared-ride service picks up multiple passengers heading in the same direction for cheap rides that are only a bit more expensive than taking a bus or sherut.

The Bubble picks you up and drops you off at bus stops. The vans hold up to 10 people, and is available in Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Giv’atayim.




Google Maps

Tel Aviv is a relatively small city, and it’s quite easy to get around by foot. Google Maps will show you the quickest routes to get from A to B, and will show you useful info along the way.

It also incorporates Tel Aviv’s growing bicycle lane infrastructure, and it’s a good alternative app for buses and trains.





Israel Railways

For frequent train riders, this is a must. Israel Railways is a simpe tool to consider which line to take, where, and when for a cost-effective and comfortable experience. The trip planner reminds you when you are arriving to destination and even recommends a variety of sites and activities near train stations.

Some properties of the app: Easy-to-use schedule, trip-fare calculator, Smart Alarm Clock, railways news, and fare/schedule changes.







Gett is Israel’s largest taxi hailing app, and a great tool for getting around. It has strong coverage in most of Israel, especially in the major cities. The app is easy to use, there’s lots of taxis, you can track your driver before and during your journey (and give them a call if they’re struggling to find you), and the customer service is good. You can also hail a taxi off the street and pay via Gett if the driver uses Gett. The fair is calculated during the journey by the driver, make sure you can see the meter before you start.

They also have a courier service for delivering small parcels across the city (and a cool partnership with the post office).




Yango Taxi

New to the market, Yango has done a great job of attracting lots of drivers. They offer riders a fixed price, which is particularly useful in Israel where taxi drivers can sometimes take advantage of English speakers. Prices are good for longer distance rides like the airport or inter-city.

The app is really easy to use, and also incorporates their Deli food delivery services and a courier service.







Always know what’s happening with instant updates on traffic, construction, police and accidents all on Waze. If traffic turns worse on your route, it will change the route to the best alternative.

You can also play your favorite music apps right from Waze or connect to Apple CarPlay through it, the arrival time is based on live traffic data, and it will even help you find the cheapest gas along your route.






This easy, convenient, cost effective way to pay for parking allows users to dodge those overpriced parking lots and fines. With Pango, find out an area’s parking restrictions, when to stop over-paying for your spot, and how to avoid tickets. Also find validated parking from merchants.






Be green and ride green on the Lime shared scooters or bikes. The app’s micro-mobility solutions including dock free rental bikes, e-assist bikes, and electric scooters offers a sustainable way to get from point A to B.

Want to beat traffic, don’t have a car, or just want to the feel the wind on your face? Just look for a mass of lime green on the sidewalk for the fastest scooter of the scooter apps!

Fare: 3 Nis to unlock, 0.5 NIS every minute you ride.

Wear a helmet!



Fly like a bird! These scooters offer a convenient, car-free way to explore and travel throughout your community. The shared electric scooters and personal electric vehicles help you beat traffic in a sustainable manner.

In over 100 locations worldwide, find the locations of available scooters in your area on the app map.

Fare: 3 NIS to unlock, 0.5 NIS every minute you ride.

Wear a helmet!



Wind is a smart, dock-less mobility platform of scooters and bikes. Sturdy and reliable vehicles that are environmentally friendly!

Easy to use, smooth and secure payment, and outstanding hardware quality for the safest experience of the scooter apps at a low cost. But, the slowest scooter of the scooter apps.

Fare: No unlock fee, 1 NIS per minute.

Wear a helmet!


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