This article was written by guest blogger Tania Bird from Straw Free Israel, a great initiative helping reduce plastic waste.

A little about the author… “I’m an Olah from the UK, I spent 9 years in Africa working on wildlife conservation; now I’ve been 10 years in Israel, doing my PhD in conservation of coastal dune biodiversity at Ben Gurion University. I see the plastic pollution in the dunes all the time. I started the campaign because I saw the viral video of the turtle with a straw removed from his nostril, and then I read about the campaign The Last Straw in the UK, and the same day I went to a coffee shop and they gave me two straws in my water. And I had enough. I started just with Cafe Xoho, now we have about 50 businesses involved! The campaign is: a) To get people to tell their waiter they want to #GoStrawFree, and, b) To get businesses to only provide straws on request (or use reusable non-plastic alternatives).”

These places have all joined the Straw Free Israel campaign. Joining means they are no longer providing plastic straws in their drinks, unless requested by you! The top three places are going a step further by eliminating straws completely or are using non-plastic, reusable straws.

1. Cafe Xoho

Gordon Street 17

The hippest straw-free vibe in town! They were the first member of the straw free campaign in Israel! They even switched out their jars to glasses to make it easier for your lips to sip – not suck! Smoothie too thick? It comes with a spoon :D. Read more.

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2. Cafe Hamanya

Basel 37

This fab new coffee shop just opened this month! Its vegan and 100% eco-friendly! No plastic in sight! They use metal and bamboo straws for their cocktails, and they even have paper straws and paper boxes and wooden forks for your takeaway lunch. Plus the food is amazing too! Read more.

3. Golden Sun Kombucha

Allenby 87a

This mini café is our cutest Straw Free venue! Freshly brewed Kombucha (brewed tea) made on site with herbs picked fresh from the garden, and served with Straw Free Israel’s exclusive #PlasticSucks metals straws! You can even buy these metal straws from them to take with you wherever you go. Read more.

4. Loveat

Nahalat Binyamin 3/ Dizengoff 232/ Barzilai 1/ Tarsat Av. 4

The newest member of our family and its gonna be huge! Rolling out to all their branches across Tel Aviv this is the first restaurant chain to take on the plastic crisis and go straw free in Israel! Their delicious Cold Brew is even tastier direct from the bottle! Straws are still available on request. Read more.

5. Nanuchka

Lilienblum 30

We love Nanuchka! This fabulously fun Georgian restaurant is already a pioneer in exceptional vegan food. Now they’ve gone one step further and are helping to fight plastic one straw at a time with delicious straw free cocktails. Read more.

Nanuchka is one of Secret Tel Aviv’s Best Vegan Restaurants in Tel Aviv!

6. Mexicana

Bograshov 7

Tequila Tequila! Mexicana make the best Margarita in town! Served authentically, as it was originally designed; in a Margarita glass without a straw! Join them for Happy hour to sip as much as you like! Read more.

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7. HaShoftim

Ibn Gabirol 39

HaShoftim is the first pub in Tel Aviv to join the straw free movement! They make great cocktails, although their specialty is delicious craft beers – the great thing is you don’t need a straw for either! Straws here are only given on request. Read more.

8. Paspartu

Rabi Khanina 7, Jaffa

This welcoming, neighborhood pub is a great local hangout offering a variety games to play with friends. Sundays is whisky night and Mondays is wine and jazz -and you definitely don’t need a straw with either! If its cocktails you prefer, they will come straw- free unless requested. Read more.

9. Bucke Cafe

Yehuda HaMaccabi 40


Bucke Café is our trendiest straw-free venue. Serving fresh juices with their eclectic street-corner vibes. You can still get a plastic straw but only if you ask –they are considering switching to alternative straws, so if you like that idea – tell them! Read more.

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10. Rega Cafe

Shenkein 57

Delicious drinks deserve to be savoured – and sipped slowly! At Rega Café life slows to a relaxed pace, and you will have plenty of time to enjoy your drink on their cozy sofas. You can still get a straw here too but only if you ask – as with other places, tell them how much you support their straw-free mission! Read more.

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