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Tel Aviv has a diverse array of theaters, ranging from the National Theater (Habima) which stages huge, elaborate productions as well an more intimate ones, to the tiny Tmuna Theater, which focuses on avant garde theater. Although many theaters pride themselves in showing original Israeli productions, most of them also show international hits ranging from classic plays such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream to musicals like Cabaret. Many theaters have English subtitles.

Written by Caitlin  Beckwith-Ferguson. 

Habima Theater

Habima Square, Sderot Tarsat 2


Founded in 1912, Habima – The National Theater of Israel is longest-existing and most well-respected theater in Israel. Habima’s plays have been celebrated at theater festivals around the world; they even performed The Merchant of Venice at the prestigious Globe Theater in London. Habima puts on a wide array of plays; some plays are well-known international hits such as A Streetcar Named Desire and My Fair Lady, and some are original Israeli plays often highlighting national issues such as Rabin’s legacy, Judaism, and the Israel/Palestine conflict. Many famous actors such as Yakov Cohen regularly perform at Habima. Tickets range from 200-300 NIS. Some plays have English or Russian subtitles. Read more

Cameri Theater 

Shaul HaMelech 19

The Cameri Theater is Israel’s other most well-known and respected theater. It is located in central Tel Aviv, close to the Azreili Center. The Cameri was a recipient of the Israel Award for contributing to Israeli society by showing Israeli dramas that highlight important Israeli issues. This theater shows a large amount of Israeli plays, but also shows some classical plays, modern dramas and musicals. The Cameri adds twelve new plays to their season every year, which show at one of their five auditoriums. Tickets range from 130-300 NIS. Some plays have English subtitles. Read more

Beit Lessen 

Three locations in Tel Aviv (Weizmann 60, Eretz Israel Museum, and Zoa Ibn Gvirol)


The Beit Lessin Theater’s plays show at three different venues around Tel Aviv. It shows mostly contemporary European and American plays, as well as some original productions, which reflect Israel’s unique and diverse culture, and some plays for children. The Beit Lessin hosts the Open Stage Festival every year, which features original Israeli plays, and helps to give new playwrights as chance to show their work. The Beit Lessin shows only contemporary plays. Tickets range from 100-300 NIS. Read more

Gesher Theater

Sderot Yerushalaym 7


The Gesher Theater is located in Jaffa on beautiful, old Jerusalem Blvd. It is fairly new; it was established in 1991. Gesher was founded by Israeli-Russian immigrants, and represents a bridge between Israeli and Russian culture. Most of its productions are written by Russian writers (such as Anton Chekhov), but it also shows some international classics such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Tickets range from 100-300 NIS. Its productions alternate between Russian and Hebrew, as well as occasionally having English subtitles. Read more

Jaffa Theatre

Mifrats Shlomo Promenade 10

Arab Hebrew Theater

The Arab-Hebrew Theatre is located in Jaffa. It is a collaboration between two theater companies with Jewish and Arab artists, that work both independently on some productions, and together for others. The plays explore the rich diversity Arab and Jewish culture in Israel. Tickets range from 50-100 NIS.  Plays are in Hebrew and Arabic. Read more

Tmuna Theater

Soncino St 8

Tmuna Theater is a fringe theater that features avant garde theater. It houses all different types of productions including music concerts, dance shows, literature and poetry readings, and fine arts exhibitions. Tickets range from 50-100 NIS. Everything is in Hebrew. Read more

Tzavta Theater

Ibn Gvirol 30


The Tzavta Theater is a small independent theater located in the London Ministore. It hosts productions from private theater groups, for example Tziporela, an English comedy show. Read more

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