Last updated May 7th 2019

Acre is a magical ancient city surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, it’s streets are filled with history and beautiful places, and some of the best food in the country! Head down to the Shuk (market) if you want to try some of the best Knaffeh (a sweet cheese pastry), and if you want delicious food with an inviting atmosphere, keep reading this guide! 

Uri Buri

Fish and Seafood | Acre

This beautiful seafront restaurant in Acre (Akko) makes you feel like you are in an island in the Mediterranean. It was voted the Best Restaurant in North Israel by the Secret Tel Aviv community, and for a good reason! Uri Buri serves excellent fresh food, the staff is friendly and welcoming and the atmosphere is relaxed and inviting. You wont be able to decide which fish/seafood you’ll want to try first, but don’t worry – everything is simple delicious! If you are lucky, you’ll probably meet Uri (the owner) in person. The restaurant is part of the beautiful Efendi HotelRead more.

Hummus Said

Hummus | Acre

Israel is full of hummusiot (or hummus shops), some are ok, some are good, and some are excellent, this is one of the latest. They have everything you want when eating hummus – fresh and warm pita, great toppings, and most importantly, delicious hummus! Don’t worry about the line to get in, the service is super fast. Read more.

Hummus Issa

Hummus | Acre

Another one of the little hidden gems in Akko, this family owned hummusia has been called the best in Israel more than once. They offer delicious and perfectly smooth hummus with fresh toppings and pickles, and warm and soft home made pita, what else can you ask for? Read more.

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