You’ve barely finished and we’re already missing your 1-minute videos! Here’s a list of 10 of our favorite Nas Daily posts and videos in Secret Tel Aviv…

1. Day 58: Jerusalem – Don’t die before visiting

Where it all started…first post about Nas Daily in Secret Tel Aviv! This is raw Nas Daily videoing without the drones or the slick scripts… and it’s pretty damn funny!

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2. Day 206: A Muslim and a Jew

“Only good things have come out of Secret Tel Aviv”… thanks Nas!

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3. Day 268: Israel in Thailand

“In some ways this place feels like back at home in Israel, except a little bit cheaper.”

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4. Day 324: How Expensive is Israel

We think this is the most shared video ever in Secret Tel Aviv!

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5. Somewhere between day 324 and day 433

Alyne is trying to make things more professional and find a decent hairdresser. Get a room guys!

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6. Day 433: Come visit my home

Nas opens his home up for one of his legendary meetups!

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7. Somewhere between Day 433 and Day 629

Finding love in a hopeless place!

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8. Day 629: Let’s Fix the Dead Sea

This is still relevant today.

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9. Somewhere between day 629 and 820

We just thought this was a cute picture!

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10. Day 820: The Most Lovable Country

Shout out to our Filipino contingent in Secret Tel Aviv… these guys are even more crazy for Nas than the Israelis!

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11. Day 936: The World’s Vegan City

The video contains zero meat.

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Check out our Guide to Tel Aviv’s Best vegan restaurants.

12. Day 941: How he built the Fastest Ambulance

Saving lives matters and if you live in Israel the Fast Response Emergency Dial # for Hatzalah is 1221!!!!!!! To Donate please visit their website – ANY AMOUNT GOES TOWARDS SAVING SOMEONE’S LIFE!!!!!!

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13. Day 998: The Truth about Jews and Arabs

“Don’t let a few bad apples ruin it for everybody on both sides. When Israelis and Palestinians make peace, I am confident the entire world’s happiness levels will rise by 10%. It’s a global issue. It’s so important. I hope this video helps shed light on these relationships”. Thanks for the hope Nas!

Check out the video.

Nas, from the bottom of our heart, thank you for sharing, inspiring, educating, and giving us hope. We’re really proud that you (and Alyne) are members of Secret Tel Aviv, and look forward to what you do next!

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