Tel Aviv’s kosher restaurant market is booming! No longer just the standard meat and milk options, there are now great kosher sushi, Asian, Italian, and burger options… Celebrate Pesach with a taste.

So save yourself the trip to Jerusalem to find a top-quality kosher meal… carry on reading for a selection of Secret Tel Aviv’s favourites!


Meatos Grill Bar

Central Tel Aviv | Weizmann 2 | Closed on Friday, 7th April

Meatos is a kosher meat restaurant established in 2004 by chef and owner Kobi Abed, with the goal of providing high-end, kosher-compliant dining options. The restaurant specialises in grilled meats, including big and tasty steaks. Meatos offers a lunch service throughout the day, and transforms into a restaurant bar with an elegant atmosphere in the evening. The restaurant also has an American sister in Queens, New York, for those that would like to visit Meatos in New York. Kobi Abed, the chef and owner of Meatos, is dedicated to proving that quality and kosher food can be served on one plate. Read more


North Tel Aviv | Hatachana 10

Regina is a kosher restaurant set in a breathtaking Mediterranean building, constructed in the 19th century. Heavy iron gates surround a traditional inner courtyard packed with plants and flowers, and the rooms’ design features chandeliers, old-fashioned shutters and lots of marble – just like in the old days. The kitchen is located in one of the rooms, and creates a captivating range of dishes from all corners of the world – Hungarian goulash, Kreplach soup, salmon delicatessen, avocado salad and dishes inspired by the railway station with its Babel of languages and tastes brought by the new immigrants on their way to and fro. Read more

Meat Kitchen

North Tel Aviv | Yosef Yekoutieli 4 | Closed on Friday, 7th April

Meat Kitchen is a top choice for kosher meat lovers seeking high-quality dishes. The restaurant’s menu is focused on beef, lamb, and chicken, with many flavourful and expertly cooked options, created by the two chefs and owners Nadav Natsar and Elad Levi. The modern, chic atmosphere is inviting, and the friendly staff is happy to make recommendations. A highlight of the restaurant is the use of advanced equipment to prepare exceptional meats, including an aging refrigerator and smoker. Visitors can also enjoy fine wines and in-house pastries. Read more



Central Tel Aviv | Italian Restaurant | Gordon 39 | Closed on Friday, 7th April

Opened in 2017 by Italian Olim on the corner of Dizengoff and Gordon, Pankina was created with love and great taste. The food is delicious — the kitchens are managed by two Italian chefs both with over 30 years of experience — you can really taste the passion that goes into preparing every dish. The ingredients are fresh, the atmosphere is very Italian, and the service is great! Tip – make sure you save space for the tiramisu, it is definitely the best in Israel! Read more


Central Tel Aviv | Breakfast & Brunch |Lilienblum 1 | Closed on Saturday, 8th April

The former home of the elite in Petah Tikva is now on Neve Tzedek, which has turned its skin and is now kosher! Make sure to book a Rendez-Vous in this charming restaurant living up to its name. On Fridays a buffet meal will be served between 10:00 and 14:00 at a price of NIS 85 per person. Eat as much as you can along with a drink of coffee and a cup of coffee. The new menu includes hand-made pastas, homemade pizzas, fresh fish and appetizers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to rendezvous with Rendez-vous – it’s an appointment you won’t regret! Read more

La Lasagna

North Tel Aviv | Italian cuisine | Dizengoff 177

Indulge in authentic Italian cuisine at La Lasagna, a family-run kosher restaurant on Dizengoff Street. Hear the chef announce in Italian when the dish is ready and see the waitress as she serves it up with an Italian accent. Order from a range of classic Italian dishes, including lasagnas, pastas, pizzas, fettuccine, ravioli, and more. With options for gluten-free, vegan, and business meals, there’s something for everyone. During the winter, make sure to try out special menu items like the Burrata pizza or the smoked salmon risotto. Read more


Nini Hachi

Central Tel Aviv | Sushi Restaurant | Meat| Ben Yehuda 228 | Closed on Friday, 7th April

Nini Hachi is a Kosher Japanese meat restaurant in the centre of Tel Aviv near the beach. It is a must-visit for foodies looking for a unique dining experience, with a menu that blends traditional Japanese and Israeli flavours, the restaurant’s dishes are bursting with flavour and creativity. Sushi, fish, ramen, teppanyaki and authentic noodle dishes make for rich and diverse options. We recommend the sushi rolls and the crispy cauliflower. They also deliver, and have great options for pregnant women. Don’t miss out on this culinary-fusion gem! Read more

Kanki Sushi

Central Tel Aviv | Japanese Fusion | Milk | Bograshov 23 | Closed on Friday, 7th April

Kanki is one of the best kosher sushi places in Tel Aviv, a must-try for any sushi lover! The menu includes many different Japanese and Mediterranean fusion dishes, not only sushis, and amazing rolls!  It’s usually crowded but a great place for a night out for dinner and drinks in the modern decor of the restaurant. So, whether you’re in the mood for classic or creative sushi, Kanki is definitely worth a visit! Read more

The Chinese Wall

South Tel Aviv | Authentic Chinese Restaurant | Meat| Mikveh Yisrael 26 | Closed on Saturday, 8th April

Do we still have to present the Chinese Wall? Tel Aviv’s best kosher Chinese restaurant. It looks great from the outside, and tastes great inside. The menu offers everything you could dream of when you think of delicious Chinese food. Prices are affordable and every dish is tasteful, from the starters to the amazing deep-fried fruit deserts. This is the closest you could get to China from Tel Aviv for sure! Read more


Saluf and sons

South Tel Aviv | Yemenite cuisine | Meat | Nahalat Binyamin 80 | Closed on Saturday, 8th April

Enjoy a true culinary journey at Saluf and Sons! The tastes, smells and sounds transport you very far from the centre of Tel-Aviv. Delicious and pampering homemade yemenite and kosher food awaits you, as if your Grandma had just prepared a whole meal for you. Different stews, soups, Yemenite dishes, fresh chickpeas, mazets and more will comfort and fulfil you in the best of ways. There is attention to detail in every dish, the flavours are bold and the presentation is artful: what more could we wish for? Read more


South Tel Aviv | Persian cuisine | Meat | Nahalat Binyamin 99 | Closed on Saturday, 8th April

Shamshiri  offers authentic Persian food, a healthy cuisine full of natural ingredients. The restaurant has been around for more than 20 years. The legend says its founder used to hunt wild animals and roasted them on a shamshir, and over time the smells and flavours of the food spread far and wide, attracting customers. The team boast themselves because of the visit of Shah Raja Pahlavi himself. The menu includes Persian traditional food, usually explained by Chef Molk himself. Read more


Dosa Bar

North Tel Aviv | Vegan Indian | Ben Yehuda 188

South Indian Street Food joint on Ben Yehuda near Jabotinski. Full of flavours, happy, delicious, healthy, VEGAN and GLUTEN-FREE. Chef Chen Weinstein spent two years in South India learning local cooking, and has been perfecting her skills in pop-ups and cooking from home since returning to Tel Aviv. Read More



Central Tel Aviv | Falafel and Shawarma | Meat | Dizengoff 105 | 5th April — 11-15, 6th April — Closed, 7th April — 11-15, 8 April — Closed, 11 April — 11-15

Relaxed ambiance and tasty food, with a view on the bustling Tel Aviv, this little temple of shawarma is a true gem. The restaurant offers a Kosher version of our adored shawarma: traditional kebab of the Levantine and Turkish kitchens, with beef, lamb or chicken meat, salted and marinated and roasted on a grill for hours, nicely condimented and set into a fresh pita or Lafah bread. You can also try the hummus, tehina, aubergine caviar, falafel and other Israeli street-food delights. You can enjoy it all on the terrace, at the corner of the busy Frischman and Dizengoff streets. Read more

Cafe Shaked

Jaffa | Coffee, pastries, ice cream and great pizza | Milk | Dizengoff 105

Cafe Shaked was established in 1993 in Ramat Chen as a cozy family cafe for Ramat Gan locals, but eventually became a popular spot with a high-quality culinary menu. Its warm and welcoming atmosphere created a loyal following and led to the opening of a second branch, Cafe Shaked Express, in Jaffa. Shaked Coffee is famous for its exceptional ice creams with unique flavours, fine Italian pizzas, various pastas, and rich menus that change seasonally. They also offer customer activities and experiences, such as Boki Naa tours, and serve delicious coffee. Read more

Zota Pizza

North Tel Aviv | Pizza | Milk | Dizengoff 177

Zota Pizza is an Italian-style pizza restaurant that opened its first branch in 2010 on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv. The pizza recipe is a well-kept secret originating from a long-standing tradition in Rome. The restaurant strives for simplicity and quality, with great attention to detail in pursuit of the perfect taste. Zota uses only the finest, fresh ingredients imported from Italy, and the pizza is prepared in the traditional Al Taglio style in an open kitchen. The Pizzetaio carefully selects daily additions based on fresh market supplies. Highly recommended! Read more

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