Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends! Carry on reading for tips on where to buy your turkeys and where to find fun Thanksgiving events in Tel Aviv! 🇺🇲 🦃 🇮🇱 🏈 🥳


Thanksgiving Day, annual national holiday in the United States and Canada celebrating the harvest and other blessings of the past year. Americans generally believe that their Thanksgiving is modeled on a 1621 harvest feast shared by the English colonists (Pilgrims) of Plymouth and the Wampanoag people. Courtesy of Kerem House – check out their dinner on Thursday night.


Turkeys, Cranberry Sauce, and Canned Pumpkin

Most of the large supermarkets (with a butcher inside) can order you a Turkey – but get there quickly, it usually takes a few days to arrive! Click here for our Guide to Butchers in Tel Aviv.

Apparently a good bet for canned pumpkin is the Asian shop ‘East West Store’ – with branches in Shuk HaCarmel, Sarona Market, and Ramat HaChayal.

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It’s very difficult to get fresh cranberries now, but most supermarkets stock frozen cranberries.

For those up for a trip to Raanana, Meatland is usually stocked with Cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie filling, stuffing, and turkeys. 

Pumpkin Pie Kit by Israeli Delicious

Founded by American Olah Chadasha Kayla Berman, On The Rack by Israelidelicious recreates the American spice blends that we know and love for the Israeli market! Crowd favorites include Everything Bagel, Taco Seasoning, and The Everyday. This Thanksgiving be sure to check out the Pumpkin Pie Kit which includes a coveted can of Pumpkin puree, hard to find Graham Cracker Crust, and the perfect jar of Pumpkin Spice Seasoning! Check out their website for more details.


Wednesday 24/11 – Nefesh BNefesh Thanksgiving Dinner 30-50

Join us for a classic Thanksgiving dinner and a great chance to spend time with new and old friends! Ages 30-50. Read more.

Thursday 25/11 – Mike’s Place Thanksgiving Dinner, Party and Football

Just like every year, (we don’t count 2020) Mike’s Place is hosting our awesome Thanksgiving Dinner & Party. At 19:00 we sit down for our traditional 3 course thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. Service for Thanksgiving dinner begins at 19:00. Please come a little bit early to get seated before service begins. Tables are by reservation only. After Dinner it’s Party Time! Starting at 22:30 we will be hosting a special “holiday edition” Rockeoke Night. Thanksgiving isn’t complete without live NFL action! The games will be screened live!! Read more.

Thursday 25/11 – Thanksgiving Dinner with Kerem House

Join us for a Thanksgiving night of Turkey, Cornbread, Pumpkin Pie and more good old American feasting with the Kerem House! Register here for our all American multi-course meal with lots of turkey, pumpkin pie and drinks! Read more.

Friday 26/11 –  Tel Aviv International Synagogue Traditional Thanksgiving Shabbat Dinner

Join us for our Annual TAIS Elegant Thanksgiving Shabbat Dinner co-sponsored by JIC Israel! Enjoy a full traditional Thanksgiving feast! Read more.

Friday 26/11 – Nefesh BNefesh Thanksgiving Dinner 20-30

Join us at the NBN TLV Hub for a delicious Shabbat meal, for new Olim! Friday night, great food and great people! (for 20 and 35 year old’s). Read more.

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