If you know any Moroccans you will know they love their cakes! So Pesach is an especially difficult holiday for Moroccans… some say it is even harder than Yom Kippur! It therefore comes as no surprise that when Pesach is finished it is the Moroccans who party the hardest!!!



6pm – After years of trying and daydreaming at last, the Teder and Fortuna bring to fruition the living legend, the diva, the real Moroccan queen – Raymonde. FREE. Read More.

HIPSTER MOROCCAN MUSIC – Riff Cohen Concert and Party @ Zappa Tel Aviv

10pm – Riff Cohen Band Performance – Mimouna Celebration. Accompanied by Hagai Fershtman-Drums // Atar Meiner- Computer & Keyboards // Omri Stand-Guitar. 100 NIS. Read More.

LIVE FUNK – Kulululi Mimouna with Yossi Fine & Ben Aylon feat. Shiran @ Kuli Alma

9pm – Mimouna at the Kuli Alma, with muffulettas, and tons of additions to define its taste! Celebrating the end of Passover with top musicians Yossi Fine & Ben Aylon hosting Shiran. Happy Passover! FREE. Read More.

TRADITIONAL MOROCCAN PARTY – Moroccan Street Party @ Tangier

4pm – Moroccan bracelet bar Tangier are back with their annual Mimouna Street Party – complete with Mufleta, alcohol and top DJs. Read More.

COOL CROWD – Mimouna @ Herzl Street 16

8pm – After a hard week without bread, Herzl 16 cooks you a sweet mimouna with lots of joyful music and soul. Read More.


RAVE – Rabbits In The Sand – Hafla @ HaOman 17

1pm – The Rabbits in the Sand Midburn crew are bringing out all their top DJs for this afternoon rave to celebrate Mimouna. 30 NIS. Read More.

ROOFTOP PARTY – Mimouna DAY Party @ Drama

12pm – A spacious balcony, incredible dancefloor, beautiful people, warm hearts & cold beers…just the recipe for a good time! Raising funds for Baobab Midburn camp! Read More.

CIRCUS – Mimouna in the Park – Cirque du Shlapy @ Park Hayarkon

2pm – We’ll chill on the lawn at Park Ha’yarkon, while enjoying circus shows, practicing Acro-yoga, eating moufletot, and posting lovely tarbush pic’s on instush. We’re raising money for our Art-Cart, and circus construction for Midburn. Read More.

FUN – Mimuna Party @ Lima Day

4pm – Tinto De Verano & Crystal Gray, two camps known for their fab parties, are bringing the desert party to YOU. Come shake and bake to hip hop, oriental, techno, house, and let us entertain you with live performances and spectacles. 50 NIS. Read More.


2pm – Pancake Empire Rooftop Party @ Derech Menachem Begin 29
Pancake Empire Mufletut rooftop party! Read More.

6pm – Minuna @ Phi
Mimouna with Moshe Abutbul. Read More.

7pm – Mimoona @ Beit Kandinof
Tradition continues: Mitzromona // 2 // Egypt and Morocco meet for one evening. Read More.

7pm – The Mimouna of Jericho @ Jericho
Our first Mimouna sure will not be forgotten! Jericho presents: “Mimouna Style”, in the plaza of the main square in the Greek market! Read More.

8pm – Mimouna / A Festival @ Abraham Hostel
Abraham Bar invite you to a one-of-a-kind Mimouna celebration We’ll host two amazing Djs. 30 NIS. Read More.

9pm – Mimouna @ Pasaz
Mimouna has already become a national holiday, and non-binding hospitality in Pasaz has become a tradition that has grown from year to year. 50 NIS. Read More.

9pm – Mimoodna! Amy McKnight & Shipyard 7.4 @ Hoodna Bar
It’s my first time ever playing the hoodna and it will also be my first real mimuna! Come for a unique mimoodna experience on the 7/4. 30 NIS. Read More.

9:00 pm – Moroccan Nights Mimouna @ Noor Jaffa
Rezort and Noor Jaffa presents: Moroccan Nights Mimouna – Come and join us in a Moroccan authentic celebration filled with color, sound, food and spring energies! Read More.

9pm – One-time Saturday @ Otsar
A party in Otsar goes through for a one-time Shabbat! Mimuna Vibes! Read More.

10:00 pm – GGOY // Omri Cohen // Daklis @ Anna Loulou Bar
Saturday night! Shells of Cleopatra. On our way to redemption we make a quick pit stop for a Maimouna party at the Anna Loulou. Let’s get ourselves ready for the world to come with lots of funk, a little disco from around the world, and a whole lot of house music. Read More.

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