Last updated March 13th 2016

This week we review two of Tel Aviv’s newest Mexican restaurants…

You may remember Los Burning Tacos from Teder last Summer. This year Michael and Itamar have taken their pop-up success and opened their very own taqueria on Allenby (next to the Deli club).

El Taco is the newest bebito from the Mezcal team. They’ve smuggled their magic recipes across the border from South Tel Aviv (Florentine) to the Old North on Yerimiyahu.

Written by Secret Tel Aviv Content Manager Anna Kernus.

As a native of San Diego, I grew up eating Mexican food all the time and quickly grew into a bit of a Mexican food snob. When my craving for tacos became too much to handle, I decided to venture out to two of the best Mexican food places in Tel Aviv and put them in a face-off. Both restaurants have been rated in a few different categories to help you navigate which one sounds the most appealing to you… but I definitely recommend trying both!


Los Burning Tacos – 8/10 – Attached to the front of the Deli Club, LBT is a cute little cafe with plenty of outside seating. The menu is written on chalkboards up on the wall. Pictured below.


El Taco – 8/10 – A walk-up counter with a few small tables inside and extra seating out on the patio. Decorated like a true Mexican fiesta! Pictured below.



LBT – 5/10 – All of their ingredients are super fresh. They put a more sophisticated twist on traditional Mexican food, so they didn’t have any basic pico de gallo. I was also missing some of the greasy fattiness that makes Mexican food so satisfying.

ET – 7/10 – They stuck to the traditional staples of Mexican cuisine: corn, beans, cheese, meat, chili peppers, and plenty of grease. Yum!

I had to dock a point from each of them for their lack of spiciness! An authentic Mexican restaurant always has a salsa that can make my eyes water.


LBT – 10/10 – They have unique sauces on their dishes that are all very playful and well thought-out.

ET – 6/10 – You can make any burrito into a bowl! Very California.


LBT – 10/10 – Get the pork tacos if you don’t eat kosher! AMAZING. Carne asada, pork, and fish tacos pictured below (going clockwise from the left).


ET – 9/10 – The chicken tacos with pineapple are the best! Chicken, carne asada, and fish pictured below (from left to right).





LBT – 9/10 – They put fresh peppers in it! Pictured below.


ET – 8/10 – Their basic and delicious bean and cheese quesadillas really reminded me of authentic Mexican.


LBT – 5/10 – Their “burning” margarita didn’t have a jalapeño in it and was lacking a bit of kick.

ET – 9/10 – Yummy frozen margarita. They also have horchata and hibiscus tea. Pictured below.



LBT – 8/10 – Cooked with fire and spiced to perfection. Pictured below.


ET – 9/10 – They have delicious esquites or Mexican street corn salad. Smokey, sweet, spicy, and tangy! Pictured below.



LBT – 10/10 – They created the most unique dessert that I’ve ever had at a Mexican restaurant. It’s called La Perversa and it consists of dulche de leche, fresh strawberries, and sweet and spicy caramel popcorn. It is amazing! Pictured below.


ET – 9/10 – Their flan was delicious! Classic Mexican dessert. Also authentic churros.



LBT – 9/10 – Michael is pictured below!


ET – 8/10

Both restaurants had incredibly friendly and attentive staff!


LBT – 8/10

ET – 8/10

You can get a very decent-sized burrito or taco meal with fresh ingredients at both of these spots for around 40 NIS.


LBT – 82/100

ET – 81/100

Los Burning Tacos is the winner! Check out everything they have to offer at Allenby 47.

It was a super close race, so be sure to check out the amazing eats at El Taco at Yermiyahu 17.

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Written by Anna Kernus, Content Manager