If you don’t own a pet in Tel Aviv, you are not a proper Tel Avivi! We know how important your furry fiend is for you, and how you want to give him the best care possible. To make life easier for you, we made guides for everything you might need for your little one, from adoption shelters to the best vets, pet shops, pet washes and even the best dog beaches!

Adoption Shelters in Tel Aviv

Adopting a rescued animal is one of the greatest feelings there is, the little ones feel grateful and their way of saying thank you is with their unconditional love, if you are thinking on having a pet, you should consider adopting first! Click here for the best Adoption Shelters in Tel Aviv

 Vets in Tel Aviv 

Give your pet the best care possible, whether it is for a regular vaccination or a check up, it is important to have a Vet you can trust, there are loads of great vets and clinics across Tel Aviv, even if they are not open 24/7, most of them offer an emergency phone number. Click here for a list of Top Vets in Tel Aviv

Dog Parks and Beaches

Name another city in the world with four dedicated dog beaches and over 50 dogs parks? Take your four pawed friend to play in one of this awesome spots and meet some fellow dog lovers while you are there! Click here for our favorite Dog Parks and Beaches in Tel Aviv

Dog Washes

Keep your dog clean and refreshed at all times! Most vet clinics offer the service to wash your dog, but there are some cool shops where you can go and wash your dog yourself any time of the day, a cheap and easy alternative to your vet! Click here for a list of Dog Washes in Tel Aviv

 Pet Shops in Tel Aviv

There are many great pet shops in Tel Aviv to pamper your little friends with the best food, treats and toys, or just to stock up on some pet goodies. Some of them also have other services like dog washes and day care. Click here to see a list of some cool pet shops in Tel Aviv 

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